Buckets of flowers in Maine

Posted by Francesca

When we were at Skylands in Maine recently, we were so surprised to look out the front door and find buckets and buckets of beautiful flowers. You know how much we Frenchies love flowers, so naturally, we pushed open the screen door to have a little look.

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You know what I think is going on here? I think that these flowers were picked to decorate the house for tonight's dinner party. Those arrangements will be spectacular!

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  • F & S
    I'm glad to see you did no harm to those beautiful flowers, your mama would not have been happy. Your place in Maine looks pretty cool, maybe we can have a play date there - I'm up for hiking.

    Busy weekend down here in South Jersey. Saturday we cooked lots of crabs. I had to sit on the stool because every time mom opened the basket they were running all over the place. Lots of people were at the house and lots of play time with the kids - very fun. Mom's sister had her wine glass on the side of the pool so I got to sneak lots of sips. I'm getting very good at this, I don't even tip the glass. Mom caught me a few times but didn't tell her sister or she would want a new glass.

    Sunday was a relaxing pool day. I floated on the raft with Abbie and watched her play in the water all day, she sure does love to swim.

    I get to spend today with mom she is taking a vacation day :)

    Would you two be interested in joining me for a day lounging by my pool? I have a water bottle that stays in the refrigerator outside so I can get nice cold spritzes on my face if it gets too hot - I've got the life :)

  • Hello Ladies,
    It sure does sound beautiful in Maine. All those flowers look so pretty. I saw a photo on your Mom's site of the yummy salad. Boy oh boy, that garden must be spectacular. I hope you girls got some of that good looking salad. A lot of people along with us in Colorado got everything destroyed by hail storms this year, so it is wonderful to see the bounties of you girls. I have another check up day at the vet's. They think I am a really handsome dude, so it isn't so bad to have to get checked. Have a great day all.
    Love & licks,

  • what awesome flowers! I can see why you pups like them...I love sleeping under flowers, but this was a bad year for mommie delia's flowers, the hydrangeas have been eaten by the deer, there are none, nada, zilch, nichts(get the picture?)...can't wait to see your adventure at the dinner party tonight.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: My goodness, what beautiful flowers. I would just like to go over there and have a sniff of each of them. It would be really nice to have them in my house all around me, ummmmm.

    Hi Basil, hope you are so much better these days. I forgot to say hello to Mandy, Edgar's sister. Welcome Mandy to the blog. How are you today? It's really nice outside until noon time, then it gets so boiling hot. I think I'll have a snack so if you will excuse me. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Maine must be a very beautiful place form the looks of all those flowers at your door. It’s hard for momma to raise flowers where we live. There are so many bugs that they are eaten almost as fast as they are planted. Mamma doesn’t spray the plants with chemicals; says that it’s not a good thing. Maybe some day we will visit Maine and I can see those beautiful flowers too.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Friends,

    The flowers are beautiful and so are you two! How fun to be able to stop and smell the flowers.

    I love flowers too. Mom is always telling me how helpful I am in the garden. With all my digging, I am always looking for new places to plant flowers.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Dear Miss Franny & Ms. Sharkey gals

    It is grand you have the time to stop and smell the flowers you lead such busy celeb lives LOL! I think it is wonderful that you love flowers I do too. I love to stop and smell everything around me, good that we doggies can appreciate the fine things in our doggie lives.

    Have a fantastic woof Wednesday.

    Until next time - chow.

    for Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Bpppupmrrrow. Those fwower awwangements DID end up wooking prrrty nice, Fwannie...mommie saw dem on mommieMartha's bwog earlwier today. Dose PeeGee hydwangea bouquets was absowutewy spectacuwar dat yer wittle fwiend and namesake (Kevin Sharkey) cweated! Mommie just wuuuvs fwowers, 'n I watch her thwu da back door in de evenings - just wike you, Sharkeybarkey. I'm actualwy helping when I do dis - you know, wending a helping paw-n-all. I know dat's what you's doing, too. I is a mrrrowy good helper awound de house - my brofur Edgar was always s'eepin' most of da time, but I know his intentions was good-n-all. Edgar was always da 'king' of de household, but since he is gone now (God, pwease west his wittle soul!), I has taken his wittle pwace and is nrrrow de QUEEN! Now mrrrow you, I've always been de queen, but I also mew where ta dwaw de wine. I've been 'specialwy wookin' after mommie since Edgar went to Heaven, to make sure she's alwight-n-all.

    Is you two in Montana, er didja hafta stay behind? Bpppupmrrrow, it makes no nevermind...you is in goodgood hands back home too!

    Mrrrowy Woof Wednesday to all you puppiedoggie fwiends! (Mrrrow, I can't fergit Kitty, too!)

    Your new spotted furrwy fewine fwiend,


    (pee-ess: Mommie WEALLY wikes da Boxerdoggie on MS.com/pets' wittle home page dat is featured wight now!)

  • Mrrrow, Gwacyn...t'anks fer bein so kind to say hi to me today! I is doin' otay - God is good and has given me-n-mommie anover day togever. I's been a little more towerant of all of mommie's 'wuvs' watewy (you know, cuz of Edgar-n-all). I been twyin' ta be a wittle better kittiekittie for her - more patient, more wuving...

    It's mrrrowy hot in Marywand, too, but mommie, just wike yer mommie, makes sure I'm cared for pwoperwy.

    'tay cool, Gwacyn. T'anks fer bein' so fwiendly!


  • Hi Girl Friends, Sure looks like you two had a great time up in Maine at Skylands. Those flowers that you were showing us, sure do look lovely and will be beautiful decorations for the dinner party. Do you get to go?! Sure hope so! Keep having fun and share more with all of us. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • F&S! (And Hi to Edgar's sister Mandy.)

    'Buckets', you say? Flowers in 'buckets'? I've never heard of that. Thought flowers went into vases! But I read the blog and now I understand...they are just resting in buckets to be arranged into vases for the dinner party. Oh! I suppose you two will help with the arranging. You know the French have a knack for those kind of things.

    Anyway, they are very beautiful (the flowers) and if possible I'd like to pick out a few myself and hand them, or 'paw' them out to everyone who needs a smile or something nice to sniff. [Imagine me pawing over the flora and blooms flying through mid air with dogs and cats running with smiles on to have an arm-load of the sweet smelling beauties...] Just like you, F&S, .....sweet.....smelling......beauties!

  • Oh, Shoeboy! Well said! Well said!..."doggies and kitties running with smiles on"...I can envision the up-dumped-bucket-scenario in your every word!

    It's good to hear from you - I've been missing you! I'll tell my Mandy you said hello!


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