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You know how much Franny and I love to look at books and I found a great one in Martha's library the other day.  It's simply called dogs, and it is a collection of anonymous snap shots and family photos compiled by Catherine Johnson.  Each of these pictures show the love shared by man and his best friend.  It was a good read on a hot and sultry summer day.

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He's kind of a handsome Frenchie and I really like his studded harness.

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  • Hi Franny & Sharkey,

    Books are fun to read and look at we learn so much. Right now I am reading Jack & Jill By Jill Rappaport It's about a miracle dog with a happy tail to tell! My Mama recently received it for her birthday and she read it to me! I am glad you like books too.

    To Basil- I hope you are doing better today after being in the animal hospital for two days. Please feel better, my Mama and I we are praying for you and for your immune system to settle down and work properly for you again.

    Until next time,

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning F & S

    It sure was a hot one here yesterday, I stayed indoors -too hot for me. Mom had to play in a golf tournament, she didn't look to good when she got home - I think the heat got to her also.

    I myself am not a reader, I prefer to chew the books. Sharkey, if you need glasses you need Martha to pick up some designer frames, those aren't too stylish.

    We were reading Martha's blog this morning, we are having the same trouble with our tomatoes this year. Mom was able to buy some plum tomatoes at the farm market this weekend and canned 45 quarts plus we got to make 55 quarts of pickles. Mom's niece Abbie LOVES pickles so we made extra. Abbie came over and played with me all day while mom and her sister were in the kitchen. I just love Abbie - she gives me lots of hugs and kisses.

    Stay cool :)

    ***Basil I hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi Ladies,I am up and around a bit better today. Just had breakfast, which I ate with all those meds. They are making me better however. Before I went back to resting I thought I would check in and get the scoop of the day. Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow how nice of you and your Mama to think of me. Those prayers are what really helps. Some doctors had given up on me a long time ago, but I am a strong guy.

    As for the books, you two sure do get around. I love that library of your's. Sharkey, I must say that I am not too sick to notice how attractive your look in those glasses. Beauuuutiful!!!!! Maybe your can get Martha to get you a studded leash like the Frenchie in the book!!!
    Love & licks,

  • what a great book!!! mommie delia collects books and she just showed me one of Kitti Kat art!
    I love your glasses Sharkey, you look very studious...and Francey Pants you turning a page is very impressive.

    a note for Basil, we prayed this morning that you regain your health...

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I’m not much into reading but I do look at some pictures. When we travel, daddy uses a thing called GPS on the computer and I sometimes watch it for a long time as the map changes. Speaking of pictures, just get your camera and I’ll pose for you. I like having my picture taken. Sometimes I meet strangers with small children. I will sit and let the child put their arms around me while their parent’s take the picture. One little boy thought that I was a bear and wouldn’t get near me. Daddy didn’t help maters at all when he told the little boy that my name was Kirby Bear.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: My oh my Sharkey. You sure look distinguished with your reading glasses on. Mom and I sure hope you and Francesca enjoyed the book you were reading.

    Basil - Please feel better soon. Being sick is just not good for us. We should be too busy having fun. Make sure you get to take lots of naps and eat really good food.

    Well, I thought I would tell you how much I enjoyed my beauty spa treatment at PetSmart. The ladies were real nice to me and when I was ready to go, I was all dry and smelled really nice and my nails were clipped and my ears were cleaned. They did a wonderful job and I met alot of pup friends there too. Mom said if I liked it and they were nice to me, I could have a spa treatment once a month. I love being spoiled. Well, gotta go have a sun bath before it gets too hot here in NC. Take care and have a fun day. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi F&S!

    I'm back! Had a nice week off form the norm. How's everything with the two of you?

    Sharkey? When did you become far-sighted? You look very umm, well, like a professor or something! Cute, though!

    Franny? You thinkin' kinky? I suppose we'll see you in a studded collar at some point, hummm?

    Glad you found a good book! Funny, too! Just yesterday mom and I saw a woman with a baby stroller pushing her little dog in it! I wanted to tell you all about it. Life has so many coincidences!

  • Sharkey, when and where did you get those hot eyeglasses? You look sharp and cute! Mom told me that reading glasses are used when someone is far-sighted, or can't see things that are close. Now I know why you mashed my nose with your chin and stepped on my feet when we were tiptoeing through the hydrangeas recently! (You weren't too dainty, but I didn't mind). Wish I could read your cool book! Bye

  • It WAS a near/record-breaking hot day yesterday for many of us, and I'm glad you girls opted to stay indoors a spell and read your little books. You looked so studious in your glasses, Sharkeybarkey, and Franniebrindle, you are just the prettiest little thing! Now Sharkey, you're pretty too...Frannie's just a little more lady-like, that's all...

    Little Basilhonnie, I prayed for you this morning, the very minute I read your mommie's update on yesterday's post. I'm glad to hear from you today - God bless you, little one! May He strengthen your little body each day - more and more!

    (Mandy, did you say something?!...what, honey? Oh, okay, I'll tell them...)

    Mandy wanted me to wish everyone a happy Tuna Tuesday...even if most of you are puppiedoggies.


  • Hello Friends,

    What a great way to spend a hot Summer day and what an interesting book about our fellow canines!

    Reading is fun and I am frequently called upon to sit beside by brother and sister while they read and do their homework. Then, Mom makes us all take about thirty minutes out of our evening and read. We each take turns reading a book together. Right now, my brother is obsessed with anything having to do with our former presidents, so we are reading about Thomas Jefferson. What an interesting guy he was.

    I think it's great that you both are not only promoting the importance of the animal-human connection, but our letting all your readers know the importance of reading as well. You two are such wonderful writers because you read. Not only does reading transport you to places you have never imagined, it helps your writing skills too.

    I think I'll spend this afternoon reading. I can't wait to see what you two are up to tomorrow.


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Gee, must be nice to be literate, unfortunately my mom did not teach me to read. Probably because she thought that I may be able to read the labels of all of the tasty treats in the kitchen and have a go at them. Guess I will have to continue to 'read' with my nose.

    So, do dogs read from left to right? Or Right to left?

    Just curious.


  • Hi Sweeties,
    My, my Sharkey, you look so studious with those glasses on - they look almost like a pair of mine although I don't think I look quite as good in mine as you do in yours! That's a real pretty book you have there, it looks rather vintage too. I'm glad you didn't get the urge to chew one of the corners like my dogs used to do, or did you? You two are so smart and getting smarter and now I know why. Keep reading and by the way, how are the geese?

    P.S. Basil, I'm so glad you're feeling better today. Keep strong!

  • Sharkey, you look adorable in your reading glasses!

  • Hi-I'm Frasier. I'm new to this blog. I have enjoyed reading about Martha's dogs and wish I could come over and play. I enjoy reading the newspaper with my mommy and eating the tomatoes and cherries she grows in our backyard. Basil, I hope you are feeling better-I was also under the weather and have to take medicine for my skin allergies. Love ya, Frasier.

  • Hi Girl Friends, I love the book you are enjoying today. Great looking dogs in it. Sharkey, you look soooo cute in those glasses. Do you wear them very often? I love all of the things you share with us. It just adds to things that I can learn every day by looking at your delightful blog. Keep it up. Basil, I'm glad you are feeling better. Stay strong. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

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