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If you've been reading Martha's blog, you know that she went exploring for plants on the North Fork of Long Island in New York State. Of course, we went along for the ride, in search of adventure. There are lots of farm stands out in the country and we spotted one that looked especially fun. Uncle Carlos stopped the car so that we could take a look. Seeing such a great farm stand really got our Frenchie creative entrepreneurial juices flowing.

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The farm stand was sure colorful and the people were so friendly.

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  • Oh gals what a kick! You crack me up.

    I love the photos of you as farmers a new career move? Old MacDonald had a farm and on his farm he has some bull dogs .... Sing it gals~
    What a hoot kiddos you are fun.

    Makes me smile(woofers) after a long hot day here of 106. Did you get to eat any of the goodies listed on the menu yummers?

    Happy weekend to you, I hope you get to go to Maine with Mama!

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    I saw on the sign that they had wine tasting the day you were there - did you do any tasting?

    I love Pino Grigio. If mom or a guest leaves their glass unattended and I can get to it look out. I just help myself to a few sips and hope they don't catch me. I do much better in the summer because mom uses those plastic wine glasses out by the pool and they don't tip as easy. In the house I seem to knock over the glass unless they are using a stemless wine glass. The other problem I have is that I can't get my face down into the glass so I like the wider wine glasses. I just love my wine :)

    I'm glad it's Friday I know mom will be home all weekend, I heard her say she isn't playing golf. I did hear her say she is getting a bushell of hardshell crabs so that means her nieces and nephews will be here and they just love me and I love to play with them as well. I must say I'm glad when they leave they tire me out.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    You two really do have some good adventures. When the two of you sat in the hay wagon, I’ll bet that the reason it didn’t move was because no one was driving the tractor. I’ll bet that if one of you drove the tractor, you could have made it into the fields. It would be worth the try the next time you visit that farm.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Looks like you two had a fun time on your road trip!
    Cute pictures :)

    Hope everyone has a good week-end!

  • Well, you two silly girls. We French are known for our love of food and its preparation, but I have to admire you wanting to become farmers. I think if you really spent a day out working on the farm, you soon would realize it is more fun to eat the farm than weed the farm. Plus, all that heat. I am all for a little sun bath, but hours in it are not for me. Our garden got hit by hail and ruined this year, but usually Mom and Dad work hard in it. Tasha and I really like cucumbers and tomatoes. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully I will stay away from the vets.
    Love & licks,

  • you pups look soooo cute in those farmer cut-outs! what a cute idea...and the wagon is darling...oh what fun you girls have with Uncle Carlos. You should see some of the awesome Farm Stands here in Wisconsin!
    I wish mommie delia could take me with her on her adventures...but hey, I'm just a kitty kat!
    Can't wait to see your next adventure...have a great weekend*X*

  • Bpppup. Cwazy girls...what yer missin' is da Kasawaki ta git da wagon movin'! More dan wikewy, Uncle Carwos didn't cart dat t'ing awong - not fer dis kinda wittle twip!

    Mommie did dis kinda yellin', sayin' 'DIS IS ADORWABLE!'. Mrrrow, here I t'ought she meant MRRREE, but no, she meant you two, wif yer wittle faces stickin' thwu dat wittle dummyboard! Edgar was de adorwable one, AND I IS TOO! Bpppup. I would wike to continue witing here on yer wittle bwog as wong as evwybunnie under'tands dat I is as coot and adorwable as you two puppiedoggies!

    We can ALL be coot togever!



  • Hello Friends,

    That's it....I told Mom this morning we are tacking a road trip back your way. I can't believe how cute you two girls are in those cutouts. I'm truly beginning to think living in Southern California is a drag!

    You are so lucky Martha lets you both have such escapades. Uncle Carlos sounds really fun too. Life is never boring when you are a canine of impeccable journalistic integrity. More advetures means more columns for puppy-people like myself to read.

    Keep up the good reporting. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you next week.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Sweeties,
    I think that woman recognized you two the minute you arrived. After all, you are big stars now! Anyway, you both look so cute in red checks and hats and I think the sunflower, corn and chicken all agree. But Franny, I almost didn’t see your cute little face even with that light colored hat on! Check out the patriotic pets on this page and see the little kitty smiling – maybe you could learn how to do that when you are posing! It would be so cool and then maybe we could see you better when someone takes your picture. You showed up real good on the hay wagon though which I think doubles as a slide. Did you slide down it or was it too hot for your little buns? Have a nice weekend!

  • Local farms stands are a lot of fun, wish I could have joined. I think in another life I may have been a farmer. I love digging in the dirt, I am always 'watering' plants, and come to think of it - I look pretty darn cute in a pair of overalls.

    Bark out to Uncle Carlos!


  • Mandy, I think you and Martha's Frenchies should have a play date together!!

  • Hi Girl Friends, Boy, you girls sure get to go to fun places and do fun things. I sure wish I could go with you to that wonderful family farm. We have a much smaller Farmer's Market down by the Marina by Puget Sound. I love going there because I get to meet all kinds of new friends and get to go for an extra long walk. Have a great weekend. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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