Workin' At The Car Wash

Posted by Francesca

We were told that Uncle Carlos was coming to visit us and we wanted to give him a little surprise. One of the things he does is to wash the cars. We decided that we would wash the Kawasaki so that he would have more time to spend with us. It was a big job but kind of fun.

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Sharkey, since you don't like water very much, I'll hose down the Kawasaki.

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  • F & S - washing the Kawasaki looks fun. Franny are you up to manual labor yet??? I hope you are feeling better.

    Your Uncle Carlos looks like a happy man, you are very lucky to have him in your life. We have a happy man in our life as well, my dad. He is retired so we get to spend lots of time with him. He tells mom that we drive him nuts but I know he loves all 4 of us dearly.

    I spent the day yesterday with dad, we watered all of the flower pots on the deck and around the pool it was fun. Mom had to leave for work early and didn't have time - dad gets what's called a "Honey Do List" and that was one of the things on our list. I guess you can say he has to water me also, I get a cold mist every now and then to keep me cool. I think it also helps my complexion, from what I've read a cold spritz on the face does wonders for the skin. Maybe that's why I'm so darn cute :)


  • good pups! always something to do helping Uncle Carlos...take care... and WE will be back when the computer comes back!

  • You girls look mighty happy with Uncle Carlos. I know he must have really appreciated all your hard work!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Do you do windows too? The only thing I do to windows is get them dirty with my nose prints all over them. Whenever daddy and I get near the water hose, one of us gets wet and you can bet that it’s not him. He’s really a good sport though. He sprays the water just behind me as I run to get away from it. Just the tail gets a little water on it if I don’t keep it up. Anyway, daddy says that a little sunshine, fresh air and hard work never hurt anyone.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Didn't get much of a chance to tell you about myself last week, as I was very worried about Franny. I still am worried Franny, just don't overdue--take lots of naps and eat lots also. I have been following you ladies since the beginning of your blog, but have been too nervous to comment. Franny's illness prompted me to put my nerves aside so I could let her know she was in my thoughts and prayers. I am Basil, an 8 year old Tiger Brindle French Bulldog. I have great empathy for those who are ill as I suffer from an immune disorder due to a reaction to a distemper shot when I was a year old. I am on daily meds, but receive great care from my family and doctors. I read the blog every day, and in fact my day can't officially start until I read the latest from everyone. So I am now past my case of emotionitis and will be looking forward to communicating on a regular basis with all of you.I think it is great that you ladies have so much to do and talk about. Uncle Carlos is a really neat guy, and of course living with the one and only Martha Stewart sounds wonderful. Well, I am off to my morning sunbath and hope Franny gets to feeling better and Sharkey has a great day also.
    Love and Licks,

  • Hey F&S!

    Franny feeling better? Must be, to be handling the hose... :) '...keep those rags and machines, comin' the Car Wash! woah, woah, woah!' Now, get some more rest! Maybe a little nap in the back seat while Uncle Carlos does his thing...'Driving Miss F&S'!

    Great job!, BTW! :)

  • Basil - so sorry to hear of your illness. It breaks my little heart when I hear of fellow pups or kitties (have to make sure we include Edgar) who are sick. It sounds like your medication is keeping you well now.

    Don't you just love the Daily Wag!! I sit on my mom's lap every morning and we read it together. She drinks coffee and I give her lots of kisses. Of course we read Martha's as well. My mom laughs at me every morning because when I hear the introduction to the Daily Wag and hear the dogs barking I look at the screen and bark.

    Be well....


  • Franny, it looks like you're getting your "spark" back! I certainly hope so. Keep up the good work,

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie was on vacation 'n I wasn't able to keep up on my own, Fwanniefwenchie...what's this I hear about you bein' sick-n-all?! Mommie's gonna hafta help me pway catch-up! PweasepweasePWEASE feel better, otay?!! You're my wittle fwiend! I care about you! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Zoe, t'anks for incwuding me in your well-wishes/laps/licks for wittle tiger-bwindle Basil. Awww! It was mrrrowy kind of you!

    Let's give all paws up to prrrty wittle Basil, too! Welcome aboard TheDailyWaggin' twain! When you can, w'ite us a wine 'er two!

    Wots of wuv,


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