The scent of a Lily

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While Francesca is still resting up from the Lyme disease, I decided to go outdoors and look for some pretty smelling flowers to bring indoors to cheer her up.  Right now, Martha's lilies are in bloom so I headed out to the lily garden.  I learned something interesting.  Although lilies are gorgeous flowers, not all of them have an aroma.

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Martha told me not to get too close to the stamen because the pollen will stain my fur. And besides, it doesn't smell, anyway.

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  • Sharkey
    You are so sweet to take Franny flowers. Mom's lilies are starting to bloom also. Her favorite is the Stargazer Lilly, it is really pretty.

    I'm not looking forward to this weekend, FIREWORKS :(
    You can see the fireworks from our house since they shoot them off across the lake, the next block over. I hate all that noise it scares me. My brother T-Bone and I can't get close enough to mom and we just sit and shake. Precious and Sophie don't seem to mind the noise.

    What I am looking forward to is the party at our house on Saturday night. There will be lots of people, especially kids and they always seem to drop their food. Everyone gives me a little taste of something under the table, I just sit and wait with my feel sorry for me face - works every time. I heard mom going over the menu with the caterer, sounds yummy.

    Well give Franny a kiss from her friend Zoe - hope she feels better.


  • what perddy lilies!!!when mommie delia and I went through the yard this morning, she was really ticked off, the deer had eaten all the hosta buds and hydrangeas, and the lilies are she is sad cause she waited all year after feeding them for lots of flowers to show. Hope Francesca is getting better from the Lyme/Lime(sp?) lick the top of her head for me and tell her, all will be ok.

  • Hi Sharkey!

    You're such a sweet sister! I'm sure Franny will enjoy some lovely flowers...and the lily is a great pick! And you look so lovely, too, among them all!

    My best to sister! :)

    PS. Tell her one of the flowers are from me, Shoeboy! Thanks, Sharkey!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Now that’s really nice of you to take flowers to a sick one. I would be real careful in the garden if there are “tigers” in there. If I remember correctly, a “tiger” is a large cat or something like that. Wouldn’t want you to tangle with that kind of big cat. Ok, daddy just informed me that a “tiger lily” is a kind of flower. Just delete all I have said about “tigers.”
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Sharkey: Francesca, I hope you are feeling better. Those darned old ticks will try and get you every time. My mom uses that stuff on my back and I don't like it but she said it would be worse. I like to smell flowers too. When momma used to garden (long before I came into the picture)she said she always brought flowers into the housse and to work too. Cool! Are you two going any place special for the holiday? We are just going to the Wal-Mart. It is too hot for my parents to be out and about and it is too hot for me too. It is going to be in the 90's here on the coast of NC. Well, time for a sun bath and a short nap. Take care everyone and have a safe holiday. Love, Gracyn.

  • You're a sweetie Sharkey. Maybe Francesca would like one of those good doggie cakes you had made previously? I'm sure Franny will be feeling better soon. The other dogs in my home have had lyme too, & they are doing good now.
    Take care,

  • Sharkey, vous êtes très photogénique!
    vous êtes si jolie
    Hope that Frencesca is feeling better.
    Take care

  • Hi Girl Friends, Hope you are feeling better, my dear Franny. How thoughtful of you, Sharkey, to give your sister those beautiful lilys. I love the ones without a scent, because they don't make my mom sneeze. If I had known about them earlier, I would have ordered a bunch for her birthday on Friday. Will anxiously be waiting to hear that you are all better, Franny. Love Dudley Do Right xoxo

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