Sharkey's first swim

Posted by Sharkey

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of water. I don't know why, but I just don't like getting my hair wet. I even start to shake if I see that I am about to be given a bath. So how on earth did Sienna convince me to take the plunge? It must be her sweet and charming nature. Francesca may have enjoyed herself, but pools are just not my thing.

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What beautiful form - see how nice and straight my back legs are?

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  • The pool looks very inviting Sharkey even a chow like me might have a thought to jump in one weak moment, but nope not even your beautiful pool or the young lady could get me in there~

    You look FAB though.
    Happy weekend.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow cHOW

  • Well girls I have to say I am a much better swimmer than both of you. I am not fond of the pool but when mom takes me in I can make it to the steps on my own. It's amazing how fast us Frenchie's sink. And how come our butts won't stay up in the water, all you see is our head. It's tough work but is refreshing. I'd much rather be spritzed with the water bottle than in the pool. Francesca your form was much better than Sharkey's but from the sounds of it she doesn't like water at all.

    And the other question is why do people take us in the pool when they know we don't like to swim??? I don't see anyone at my house carrying those big labs in the pool, they don't like to swim. Only me, poor little Zoe. I'll have to start peeing on them when we close to the pool, I'll fix them.

    I hope you girls have a nice weekend. I plan on relaxing since my little tumor on my paw is still healing. It's doing much better since I've been taking the medication for the infection. I did get lots of sick presents. Mom stopped at Jakes Dog House and got me venison treats, a new ball and picked up a new fancy pink collar not to mention all the hugs and kisses, they are the best :)

    Have a great weekend.


  • Hello. Jennifer the Beagle here. You know Sharkey, I start to shake when it's bath time too. In fact, my Dad was complaining about the way I smell just this morning and I felt a little tremble coming on. We live near a big, beautiful lake, but do I go in? NOOOOOOO!!! Now, I'll roll in the dirt all day, but that's another story for another day. Ya'll have fun.

  • Hi Ladies,
    What happened to Sharkey is what I know would happen to me if I was to try and swim. The doctor says no, so I am sticking to the bubbles in the tub. You girls are both soooo brave. It looks refreshing, but a spritzer is just as good, I agree. I am planning on resting over the weekend, as my allergies are the worst here in Colorado this summer. Have a good weekend all!!!
    Love & licks,

  • Sha sha sha sha Sharkey?

    Are you still sha sha shaking your boootttiiiee???

    Hope you got a nice warm towel after all of that! You did good, honey...but I think Franny came home with the gold on this adventure.

    How 'bout some sunbathing?

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Now that I have seen both of you in the water and how you don’t swim very well, I suggest that you stay out of the water. I’m a good swimmer but I still don’t like to get wet. I guess all Chows are like that. Some may call it vanity but I call it just wanting to look good. As you know, my paws don’t work so well on the keyboard, so daddy types my replies to you for me. He has to have the lower half of his colon removed, so I will be away for a while.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Friends,

    Sharkey, I could not agree with you more! I'm not a fan of water either. It messes my hair up, too. When Mom tells me it's bath time, I just cringe. She tries to make it a fun experience, telling me how beautiful I look and nice it is to smell good. After every bath she walks me to my Nana and Papa's house to show them how clean and good smelling I am. Even with all this fuss, I still don't speak to my Mom for a few hours after my bath.

    The only positive thing about bath time is sometimes Mom takes me out for a cheeseburger after Nana and Papa's house. Maybe you should request Martha or Uncle Carlos do the same. That way, Sharkey, you get a delicious treat after the whole ordeal.

    Have a great weekend! Talk to you later.


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Poor wittle Sharkeybarkey! You-n-Fwannie just DON'T do well in the water, do you?! You wook as forlorn as wittle Fwannie did, but I can tell you're weally twyin' to concentwate and at weast twy! Mrrrow, who am I to judge you?! - I'm a kc, for cats' sake, and us kc's DO NOT wike to git pwob'wy alweady know dat by now! Well, if ya' ask me, I give you an 'A' for yer wittle efforts. Go git dwy, 'n I'll mrrrow atcha next week, otay? Prrr. =^..^=

  • We Frenchies are not made for swimming - sink like stones, we do. I'm so impressed that you got into the pool! When our mom even says the word "water" we start shaking and looking quite pitiful. One time I jumped into a creek because my long-legged Vizsla friend, Riley, did it and I thought that looked pretty fun too. Bad idea! I disappeared right away and if it were not for Riley's dad jumping into the creek, scooping me off the bottom and saving me, I would not be writing this note to you. He's my hero. My little brother, Mingus, aka The Ming Man, was oblivious to it all (he's cute, but not the sharpest pencil in the box) and just looked at me like, "Hey - you know you're all wet?" Mom bought life-jackets for us and any future adventures that involve w..w..w..water. Stay dry my friends! Love, Miles

  • ahhh Sharkey I feel for you, not only am I afraid of water(being a cat) but mommie delia can't swim and has a fear of water (and she is a Pisces)
    Sharkey, I'm happy you had a great time in the pool.

  • Love your dogs.. we have a Frenchie named Lily that would love to live on your farm. These photos concern me though as Frenchies really can't swim well.. they're so front (chest) heavy, they can drown easily..

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