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Posted by Sharkey

When Francesca and I pledged earlier this month to do everything possible to raise awareness about animal adoption through shelters, we weren't just talking! Last week, we at MSLO launched our Pet Adoption Center, where you can actually find a shelter pet in your area, available for adoption. And starting on Monday, our new friend Dr. Pia Salk will be joining us on The Daily Wag each week to explain more about all the great benefits of adopting a shelter pet.

Pia Salk, with Pickles

Dr. Pia Salk and Pickles

We're told that Dr. Pia is a psychologist who specializes in the human-animal bond. That's the kind of bond that Franny and I have with Martha and just what our shelter friends are hoping for! She's also the spokesperson for our partner,, who helps us bring you all those lovable pets. As a volunteer following Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Pia helped rescue lots of animals, who were separated from their families, and she even uses her own rescued animals - who she calls 'the real therapists' - in her therapy work. We hope you enjoy reading her posts!

And remember that you can help, too! Just pledge to help out at a local animal shelter or help create awareness of shelter pets at When you do, Purina ONE will make a donation of $5 up to $500,000 towards pets in need. Martha, Francesca and I have already pledged!

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  • I'm so glad your doing this. I adopted "Gizmo" from "Wonderdog Rescue" in San Francisco on 4th of July and its one of the best things i've Ever done. I haven't had a dog in 20 years and now I don't know what I did without one. Do yourself a favor and open your heart, open your home and adopt an animal in need. Its one of the Most special relationships you'll Ever have in your life.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Glad to have Dr. Pia aboard. She seems like she does alot to help all our friends who need homes, get them. My sister, Tasha is from a rescue. She is mostly a Black Lab and very smart. She lets me do most of the comments, as she is usually busy catching balls and toys. She gives me courage every day and we all love her heaps in our home. Thanks Dr. Pia for helping others like our Tasha get homes. Have a great day all.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I wasn’t adopted from a shelter or anything like that. I was borne to a family who raised Chow Chows. When my mommy and daddy took me home to be with them, I was the happiest little puppy around. Most of my brothers and sisters are not around now because they were not cared for like I am cared for. I agree ladies, if people would just open their hearts just a little, that small spot can be filled with a wonderful pet. Daddy says that the cost of vets and food is well worth it for me just to lay at his feet and watch over him and mommy.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • WELCOME Dr. Pia!
    This is one of my passions and something that is on my mind almost daily...I ask WHY do we have so many animals in shelters? why so many abandoned, including horses? yes it's about the economy right now, it became worse because human beings chose their priorities, of course some pets where not it! So I ask, where do all these animals come from?? the human beings that "Breed for Greed" and those that breed irresponsibly, indiscriminately, they cause overpopulation of unwanted pets, they end up being dumped in shelters or the wayside.
    I don't understand why there is not a MANDATORY Law when you own a cat, dog or horse, that you are not allowed to breed unless registered & quality(in Europe an animal must pass tests to be able to breed on) it's good to have some mixed breeds and that will always be there. I know that having a pet fixed is expensive and that is a problem, however local Human Societies offer discount spaying/neutering (I paid $26 to fix my feral cat, including shots and a dip at the Dane County WI. Humane So.) I remember in California we had a weekend at the park where Veterinarians offered discount shots, and discount sprayings...does that still happen?
    If you CAN'T afford or take care of an animal DON'T get one!
    I am not able to withstand the pain I endure going to the Shelters, it is too heart wrenching for me and makes me physically ill, so I donate money and my artwork for auctions....I wish I was not like that, but all my life I have not been able to see animals suffer, as a child I'd cry over road kill, even now seeing a calf accidently separated by a fence and it couldn't get to the other side almost ruined my vacation, there was no ranch, it was too far out...I just prayed and had to distract myself to get the image out of my head.
    I wish I knew how to start a movement to stop indiscriminate breeding, this would solve so many issues, taxing and making well kept indoor cats pay for a licenses is not a way to go...there is so much to do.
    Well mommie delia took over for Kitty this morning voicing her thoughts, sorry for the length...(Kitty is feral, but in a responsible home)ok, now to lick mommie delia's tears and make her feel better.

  • F&S,

    Hi Sweetie Girls!, and thanks for the reminder! We will pledge our bit as soon as possible...promise!

    Purina and their checkerboard square has always been a familiar and well trusted product since long before even Mom was born! We sing and dance their praises, too!

    And while we're honoring those well deserving folk, Dr. Pia Salk has me and mom twisting and shouting, too! We well remember Katrina and all of the heartbreak associated with that horror. We should never forget! And with good Docs like Pia Salk and her rescue mission we'll be better prepared to handle our homeless and displaced pet population. Thank you, Dr Salk! (any relation to the doctor who invented the Salk vaccine? When I was a pup I thought it was called the "Salt" vaccine invented by Dr. Salt...I always wondered what Dr. Pepper invented besides SODA POP! :) )

    All jokes aside, this is real work for people with real hearts who understand the gift nature has given us in it's animal kingdom. Thank doG for those humans who care and protect us.

    We animals can protect them, too!...I'd take a bite outta of bad guy any day to protect a good guy. It's just in my blood...A little "Dirty-Dog Dancin", if you know what I mean... Hee hee! ;)

  • Welcome aboard Dr. Pia! The human-animal bond?...there's nothing like it! What wonderful enhancements and enrichment to our lives! May God richly bless you for your compassion and endeavours, and yes, our animals ARE the true therapists!


  • Hello Friends,

    Welcome, Dr. Pia! As I mentioned on a previous blog, I am a rescue pet. I am thrilled you all are raising awareness of the importance of animal adoption and rescue.

    There is a special bond that all animals have with their family. I know my family loves me and I am included in all activities, including travel. There are so many wonderful pets just waiting to be taken home to share their love with special people.

    I'm very excited about this new adventure. My Mom volunteers to rescue and care for pets in need. I urge all who can to do the same. There is nothing more gratifying than when an adoptive pet comes to stay with me for awhile and we find him or her a family to love them.

    I look forward to reading Dr. Pia's thoughts. Francesca, Sharkey, and Martha--great work!


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome!
    It's great to hear from so many adopters and adoptees.
    I'm looking forward to being part of the Daily Wag community!

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thanks you so much for introducing us to your new partner, Dr. Pia Salk. I know she is a good person because she cares about all of us animals. My Mom rescued me before I had to go to a rescue center and I love her so much for that. I think she is going to find me a new friend pretty soon. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

  • Hello & Welcome to Dr. Pia Salk,

    The world could use another 100,000 of you to help our animal companion population around the world, but so glad you are here for The Daily Wag.

    I was lucky enough to have been saved by my Mama, I didn't come from a shelter but from a family who raised Chow Chows who had a very cruel little boy who broke my sister's leg. My human Mama rescued me and then she couldn't sleep thinking about my sister that was left behind, she went back to get her and the family had moved and we never found out what happened to her. I might have ended up the same way, so we try to help here with our local rescue groups and shelters. It's nice to give back and even the smallest gesture means the world to an animal who is scared, hungry, abused, neglected and alone.
    Thank you for working with Martha and for caring about the animals.

    I am sorry I couldn't welcome you sooner I was at the groomers all day and we just got home.

    I was also very sorry to hear about Cindy Becker's cat Edgar he was older and wiser then I, but he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge I am sure of it. God Bless your little kitty soul Edgar.

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hi again F&S!

    Just checked out your adventure at Hitchcock County's fundraiser for the SPCA on your mom's blog. There was no shortage of new friends to met, huh? You looked lovely among the crowd of proud dogs. Any cats around that day? (Hi Edgar, dear.)

    Anyway, I'm writing again because I feel terrible - although I do work at my manners - that I completely left out a mention of "Pickles", Dr. Salk's lovely little friend! Hi! Pickles! :) I love small dogs, really, just ask F&S. I also love pickles...I commented relentlessly about them on The Daily Wag's earlier blog entries.

    Got me wondering though...why are you named 'Pickles'? There must be a good reason. Would you mind if I nick-named you "Soda Pop"? - as I have also commented over-the-top about my true love for the bubbling brew...shhhhh! :)

    Have a great grass-rolling weekend everybody! No, not *that* kind of grass! Tee hee! :)

  • (Hi Pickles! Shoeboy, here. I'm a little bit full of know, 'me, me, me ,me ,me'? I keep working at it though, and catch myself in over-wag more often than not, now-a-days.

    And that's why I'm sending you this little note complete with an appropriate apology - or aPOPlogy, as I like to slurp it - because I simple overlooked you on the blog! Not one mention did I make to your sweet face or that fact that you're the bright companion of the wonderful Dr. Pia Salk!

    I'm sorry, Pickles. The truth is, I unconsciously avoid the cute little white pups. Has to do with triggering flash the therapist tells me. See, I'm a big sized dog with a big sized head and one time at a dog park where there were lots and lots of dogs around, I was showing off a bit and trying to impress this really nice looking Dobie mix, when all of a sudden, a little white fluff of anger came at me biting my legs off, and I ran!, Tail tucked! All the dogs started laughing at me. Since then, I've never been back to the dog park and avoid little white dogs when ever possible.

    However, I can see where life has met me at the door. I know your are a nice dog and since your mom is a Doc you probably understand dogs like me so thanks in advance for accepting my apologies. So from me to you, Pickles, WELCOME! :)

    PS. I love to give nick names to all the dogs and cats - whether they know it or not - so would you mind if I called you Baby Gherkin? I love pickles, too, so that will help out with my fear of the white fluff. Hey BG, you like soda pop? :)

  • (Pickles, Decided since I'm trying to over come my addiction to soda pop, that "Baby Gherkin" would be a better nick name than "Soda Pop". But if you prefer "Soda Pop", I'll call you that. Could just call you Pick-a-pop-a-doctor-pepper! Ha! Naw, I like BG. But I'll call you just plain ol' "Pickles" if you like. You can call me a nick name if you want, too. O'Kay? Bye! :) )

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