Picking blueberries for Martha

Posted by Sharkey

Martha's been blogging and tweeting about how gorgeous her blueberries are doing this year.  Franny and I agree that it is a bumper crop of great tasting berries.  We like them for breakfast, but maybe we should make a new recipe for blueberry dog muffins.

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Martha sent Franny and me down to the blueberry patch to gather some berries for our breakfast.

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  • Hi girlfriends,

    You gals will end up with very stained berry pickin' paws! Bark that ten times as fast as you can LOL!

    I want some blueberries too, my Mama sometimes gives me a bite of her blueberry muffins yummers.
    It appears you had a fun time and again you are working so hard for your Mama I hope she appreciates you two~

    Until next time.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    Blueberry picking looks like fun. Sharkey - cook trick :) I'm glad to see Sharkey is helping out Franny, seems like you always get stuck doing all the work.

    My dad has Rasberries growing in our yard. He LOVES Rasberries. I don't get real close because they have prickly branches. I'm not fond of either berry, I like apples and peaches.

    Franny I'm glad to see you are out and about - is your bout with Limes Disease all cleared up?


  • Oh Sharkey!

    You crack me up with your blueberry flipping trick! You are such a clown-dog! And I always love the close up shots of the paws. You could be featured in a nail commercial! You know, like a hand model! Ha!

    Franny you seem to be the one doing all of the work! The dependable pick of the bunch, you are. But can't trust those green ones...it had you singing the blues, yeah? Bet you come up with a good dog muffin recipe before too long, though! Can't wait for that one!

    Wonder if the berry-flipping Sharkey's got blueprints!?! Ha! :)

    PS. About the recipe; surely if should have some kind of 'vanilla French swirl' associated with it, Oui?

  • Hi Sweeties,
    Animals are the best thing in the world and you two take the adorable prize. I never thought I could laugh so much at a doggy blog but I can't help it with you gals. Sharkey, you are always fooling around and Franny, that close-up of you peeking out from those bushes and eating that tart blueberry was too precious! I just wish I could kiss your cute little faces! You are a great help to Martha too; keep up the good work.

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Sharkeybarkey, you is a cwaziedoggie!...how'd you fwip dat wittle buberry up on top yer wittle head?! Are you gonna make yer doggiemuffins in yer wittle easybake oven? - pwobwy so! You know, da more we git to know you two, the more we see how bofe of you is diffwent - you know, wike me 'n my sisfur Mandy. We is diffwent as dogs-n-cats, and we can pwainwy see dat Fwanniefwenchie is the more wefined one of the two of you. But dats okay - mommie says we hafta embwace our diffwences-n-all. Mrrrow, go git busy...hop up on mommieMartha's marble-topped iwand 'n start mixin' yer ingwedients. Wet us know how the wittle muffins turn out, otay? (Couldja add some fishies er tuna for us wittle kc's, mebbe?...) Oh, and mrrrowy Purrsday! Yer fewine fwiend, Edgar =^..^=

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: YUMMY!! Blueberries in a muffin or maybe in a cake or maybe just plain. I think as long as you don’t step in them and stain the carpet when you walk into the house it’s okay. I’ll ask my mom to bake something just for me this weekend. Maybe we will have blueberry pancakes, but I can’t have any butter or syrup. Momma said it would be very bad for my teeth. What about her teeth!!! Oh well….. Time for a before-snack nap. Take care and don’t forget to dance, dance, dance. Love, Gracyn.

  • hey you pups, so did ya get a blue tounge? seems this year the blueberries are huge...I tried them, but don't think us kitties like them.

  • My birthday is coming up in November and I want my mom to make me a cake. She makes us cookies, but hasn't made a doggie cake. Does Martha have a recipe for a doggie birthday cake with icing?

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