Meeting new friends at the dog park

Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I heard about a canine park near our home in Katonah called Beaver Dam Park. We wanted to find out what it was like so we went there for a little visit. It is really quite a nice place and I can see why dogs like to go there. There is plenty of space to run around in and there is the whole social aspect, as well. Franny and I had a nice visit with some fellow pups and we can't wait to go back and meet more new friends.

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Wait, I'm coming too.

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  • F & S

    What a nice place to go play. The dog park near our house doesn't have areas for small dogs so mom won't let me go, everyone plays together. Mom says I don't realize I'm only 20 pounds, I think I'm 100 and if I started to play rough with one of those big dogs they would eat me up. She tells me I have 3 Labs to play with I don't need to go to the dog park. I guess she is right - I love my brother and sisters, especially Precious. She plays with me all the time.

    I'm so happy the weekend is here, mom will be home all weekend to spend time with us. I heard her telling dad she wasn't playing golf so we'll have her all to ourselves. Fun in the sun with mom :)

    Well have a nice weekend Franny and Sharkey. I hope you get to spend some time with your mom, I know she is a busy lady.


  • Hello Ladies,
    A dog park, huh? That sounds so much fun. Looks like you made some new friends. Franny, are you feeling lots better? I can never go to a dog park because of my immune disorder. I might catch some germs. At least I can learn about these places from you both. I hope you and Martha have some big plans for the weekend and have fun. Keep up the good work getting well Franny. Love & licks, Basil

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    That dog park looks so nice and clean. We have one near here but daddy won’t take me. He says that they don’t keep it clean. It’s a shame that just one or two people can ruin things for everyone else. Have a good weekend; I’ll catch you on Monday.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F&S!

    That's a great park! Max and Sophie seems like terrific 'gremlins' (hee hee) don't you go giving all my kisses away! :)

    I'm happy you're making nice friends in the 'thirty pound and under section'. I'm afraid I'd be placed among the big working dogs! We seem to be forever apart my dear gentille chien...and Sharkey, I think you may have been hit-on just a bit by that handsome Max...or was that Sophie? :) ...and not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Next adventure!?! I can hardly wait!

    Franny, you getting your mojo back, Darling? I hope so...what's a 'mojo', by the way?

    Have a good weekend, you two!

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: WOW! A dog park where you can make new friends and smell new smells and play all day if you want to. We don't have one where I live. Hope your dog park is really clean and the pups are friendly. If I was in charge, I would have a really, really large park and have people serve us pups some lunch and plenty of water so we would have bunches of energy to walk and play all day. What a trip that would be, huh?? Well, it is time once again for a snack and a sun bath. That's right, it is sunny here in NC. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • ahhhhhh but can YOU post pics of yourself up side down?????

    I think we should all share our upside down photos!


  • Glad you met some new friends on your adventure out - looks like you got along pretty well. So well, you guys took your harnesses off and got naked!

    Well, you know what they say...what happens at the dog park, stays at the dog park..



  • We don't have a dog park anywhere near our house, but do have a big back yard to play in. It has been being over 100 degrees lately though, so we like it better to stay inside most of the time so we don't get too hot. We can look out the window at the front street and make sure no strangers go down it--if they do we bark at them. We have dogs on both sides of our yard, and can talk back and forth to them, too. Hope you can stay cool.

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey,

    My mom comes home every night and tells me about your adventures, but until today I have not been able to view your escapades on the computer. I must say, you are two of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

    I would love to go to the park and play with you two girls sometime. Whenever your out my way, which is California, please feel free to stop by.

    I would love to play scrabble, too. I haven't completed college yet, but my mom says I'm pretty smart and will be graduating soon.

    Now that my mom will let me read your column, I can't wait for the next one.

    Talk to you later,

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Wook how nice evwybunnie's gittin' awong! Wook, too, at the prrrty smiles on yer wittle faces! Awww. You two are so nice 'n fwiendly to make fwiends evwywhere you go! Mommie says you all wook so coot, sittin' up on dat bench-n-all...she says she bets you was people-watchin' - that's what our purrsons wike to do, ya' know... Fwannie, hope you're feelwing mrrrowy better, so you-n-Sharkeybarkey can wun, and pway, and sniff de air, and enjoy God's gween earth dis weekend! Your wittle fwiend, Edgar =^..^=

  • Sharkey,I think Max fell for my puggy grin.
    Think I'd like to write a silly poem for him.
    O.K. Franny,but be careful what you say,
    The wrong words can lead a guy astray.
    O.K. Sharkey,here's goes nothing,short n sweet.
    You check it over,to make sure it's complete.
    Dear Max, when we met you at the park,
    On the bench with you was such a lark.
    When Sophie and Sharkey came running over
    To join us,as we tumbled in the clover.
    You have such an air of pure perfection
    We must meet again,in the under 30 section.
    We can run a mile with lots of funny woofs,
    Watch the world go by,while making up spoofs.
    Oh Franny,you're so New York,I'm proud of you.
    Just go for it,after all,what's a girl to do.

  • F&S: I hope you won't mind having a message from 3
    cats. We have several dog friends including a Scottish Terrier and a Jack Russell terrier, as well as Pixie, an English Spaniel. Franny we hope you are getting well fast. Our mommy had a tick and had to take lots of antibiotics which made her feel very tired. We think you both look so appealing. C.C., Kirby and Tabitha

  • My mom just told me about your Skunk adventures and I wanted her to tell you what happened to US about a month or so ago. Kelly (my owner/mom) took me out for my evening stroll. It was a lovely evening. We walked up this hill by our house to look for deer and whatever else we could see. We got back home and we were walking up the driveway. I was playing with "Cat" he is the "outside" cat and we are pals, we like to chase and wrestle. My mom was looking at the bird feeders, and watching me and Cat and as we came around the corner of the house to go up the steps....there it was!!!! a baby skunk, ON the steps. We were ALL caught off guard and startled. Well, you guessed it, that skunk sprayed me and mom from tip to toes, BAD. LONG story, but it was not any fun at all. I have to admit though...I am so glad my mom did NOT use tomato juice!! She heard that did not really work and it was like putting a mess on top of a mess. She used 1qt peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1tsp Dawn dish soap, So at least I got a nice warm bath, 3 warm baths. Well the stuff really worked and I did not stink anymore, well except for my head. I have a short face like you and it is kind of hard to get clean. But that is ok, It is a lot better. Mom had to pretty much throw out her clothes and did not go to church the next day because she was afraid of how she smelled... we all smell better now...

  • great dog park! wish kitties had that, but they are too independent and don't stay around...I have my woods I go into and visit with other cats, to my mommies delia's horror...mommie said she saw two doggies just like F&S visiting in the Grand Canyon.

  • Try this again. My heart, Max, passed away July 19 last year. His little body (7 yrs) went to UConn for research. Even in blindness, he counted steps and kissed and hung in for us. Going to UConn hope will save one pup from from any illness. He was off the puppy train and I'm glad he picked our family to bless. Our first "doggie college grad". He was the kindest, sweetest pup and adored by all. Not going to get into details. But wait and meet Sophie's new baby brother, Teddy Roth, from The Little Farm in Ohio, He's little, bright and adogable. A contribution was made the A Project from the Heart (CT) for our soldiers in Afganistan for Max. We miss his little braveness every day and did a garden for him on the side of the house. The joy of having a dog is only the sad of losing a dog. Thank you, all, for your kindness. He had a great day. Love, Sophie and Nancy Roth and family. Hope you can meet Ted but you gotta wanna play.

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