Hydrangea Blooms

Posted by Francesca

Did you know that you can change the color of hydrangea blooms? Martha tells us that it has to do with soil pH, or how acidic or alkaline the soil is. If the soil is acidic, the blossoms will be blue. In alkaline soil, the flowers will be pink. Walking through the garden the other day, she explained that to get blue hydrangeas, you should scratch one to two pounds of aluminum sulfate into the soil in November. To turn a blue hydrangea pink, scratch in two ounces of ground limestone per square yard. Who knew so much chemistry was involved!

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Sharkey - this flower is pink like my tongue. I guess the soil is alkaline over here.

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  • Hi gals,

    Franny in photo #2 you have only a face your "Mama" could love LOL!

    Chemistry + flowers + bull dogs = doggie love !!!

    Doggie humor for you two to share with your Mama .

    Missing husband & dog: Reward for dog $2500.00

    Happy woof Wednesday.

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning Girls

    Francesca why did Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow say only a Mama could love your face??? I think that is a beatful picture of you. People tell that to my mom all the time about me. Is it something about us Frenchie's???

    My mom tells me I'm so cute and her friend calls me the fat bat, I don't like her much. In fact I think I'll pee on her the next time she comes over.

    French Bulldogs have so much character and class I think the rest of the dog world is just jealous of us (especially those big fur ball chows)

    Anyway my two gorgeous buddies have a wonderful day.


  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: Boy! Those blue flowers sure are pretty. I wish we had some in our yard. Hmmmmmmm, maybe I should tell mom. They look so good against your color Sharkey.

    By the way Kirby Bear - So glad to hear that your daddy is back. I bet you sure did miss him while he was in the hospital. There is nothing like having the whole family back in place. It makes me nervous when mom or dad are away longer than normal. Make sure he follows your instructions!

    Well, it is still very hot here in NC. Got to go have a nap. I guess I sleep alot these days. See ya later. Love Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    No I didn’t know that you could change the color of the hydrangea blooms. You ladies are so smart when it comes to things like this. All I know about plants is how to make the tree bark yellow; but that’s another story we’ll not get into.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    What great floral portraits of you both. You are both the most beautiful parts of the photos and then the flowers come second. I agree with Zoe that we Frenchies have to stick together on our beautiful looks. Some of my mom's friends say stuff like, "he is so ugly, he is cute." Or that old standby of only a mother could love him. Well, I have been raised to ignore some of those comments and in fact at the vet's, they call me "one handsome dude." Glad we Frenchies have proper upbringing to have high self esteem. Once again I loooove those floral portraits of you both. Maybe use one for your Christmas card of you both in it??!! Have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • Sharkey, I think you are really cute. I have a huge crush on you, although I think if you were to sit on me, I'd be crushed (I weigh 8 pounds). Do you think we could tiptoe through the hydrangeas some evening? You're my flower girl. Bye.

  • yes, mommie delia knew you could change the colors of Hydrangea's but the secret she really wants to know, HOW TO STOP DEER from making a meal out of the bushes...I liked sleeping under the pretty flowers but there are none or nearly any leaves...not a good year for the yard.(our neighbors feed grain to the deer and it's illegal to do, we can't say anything not to upset them...but we are upset that the deer come and eat OUR hostas and other plants.
    Although I'm just a Feral Kitty Kat, I try to chase the deer away, not very successful...see my try here...not a well rated video, but you get the idea...

  • Sharkey, Darling!

    You are SO photogenic! I'm thinking that your career as a 'paw' model might be keeping you from your real calling...a flower & garden runway Diva-Dog!

    And Franny Pinky Tongue,

    I bet Uncle Carlos just gave you pill and snapped your picture! Oh, the life of a celebrity!

    But whatever you're taking for that old nasty lime disease (Is that what made you stick out you flapper? Another run-in with lime? The word itself must be a worry to you but lime is good, too...like lime soda! My mom uses it in the chicken coop for 'de chicken poops! Ha!:)) must be doing it's job 'cause you look divine under the pink hydrangeas, my dear.

  • Hello Friends,

    You both look so beautiful and so do the hydrangeas. My Mom loves hydrangeas and tried to plant some in our gargen. However, they died like all of her other flowers. I'm going to print this post out so maybe she can try again. Thanks for all the helpful hints.

    You two look like you are having a wonderful summer. I am as well. It is especially fun to read the Daily Wag every morning with my biscuit. I'm looking forward to your autumn and winter adventures.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hiya Honeys,

    Those are some beauty shots - love the flowers and the faces.

    We have blue and purple hydrangeas in our yard. I think I may have something to do with the color as the bushes are right near my favorite outdoor commode. Must have a lot of acid in my diet.

    Sharkey, looks like you are putting on a little weight. Better be careful or Us Weekly could start pointing out a baby bump soon!

    Later Gators,


  • Hi Sweeties,
    Darn, I was typing away and then I accidentally erased my message, (I think.) What the heck was I saying....Oh yah, thanks for the lesson on hydrangeas and I hope I remember it 'case I want to plant some next year or one year anyway. I never knew much about Frenchies until Martha introduced you two to us and now I really like Frenchies and you have adorable little faces. Everytime I see you up close, I just want to plant a big one on you both! Smack! I don't know how to spell a kissing sound. Maybe I should ask Edgar or Edgar's mom. C'ya.

  • My little Edgar is a bit under the weather today and is unable to post any tho'ts or observations. He sends his regrets, tho', and hopes he's feeling better tomorrow. Mommie hopes so too, as frankly, I'm a little worried about my little boy! (Shhh! I've made a doctor's appointment for him a little later this week, and if you happen to live nearby, you'll be able to hear him a block away.)

    Frannie and Sharkey, thank you soooo much for this valuable gardening lesson! I knew about the changeability of the blossom colors and how to achieve either, but how, pray tell, can one plant produce BOTH colors?! I'm really stumped on that one! Please ask mommieMartha about that and report back to us, okay? (And) Frannie, yes, your pretty little pink tongue DOES practically match the flower! Blue becomes Sharkey, too! Edgar would concur that this is 'mrrrowy good'!

    Well, Edgar and I send our love to you both. To you and our other puppiedoggie friends, Edgar did want me to wish you all happy Woof Wednesday!


  • Trish, kisses are simply spelled 'muah', okay? You could r-e-a-l-l-y exaggerate a little, and use 3 u's, like, muuuah, to make it looong-n-drawn out, 'kay? [giggle] (I AM crazy, but it's all good - really!)

    Now. To my fellow-Frenchie posters, you ALL are beautiful little boys-n-girls! I know you've heard my story over-n-over, how I grew up with Boxerdoggies. Well, little ones, you are just miniature versions of my beloved childhood 4-legged family members. (And) I'm sure if each one of you, including Sharkeybarkey and Franniefrenchie, were lined up side-by-side, each of you would have unique characteristics but (and) beautiful ones, each in their own right. You're a beautiful little breed!

    I admit somewhat partial-ship.

    I will end with a big 'muuuah' to all of your furry little cheeks or that flat place on top of your head - you know, between your little ears.


    (Oh, KirbyBearhonnie, I'm glad your daddy's back home with his family. God bless him as he gets better!...tell him for me, okay?)

  • Hi Girl Friends, You sure look beautiful standing under those lovely hydrangeas. The flowers almost look like hats on your cute heads. I love flowers and anything outside. It was way too hot to go outside much today since is was 103 degrees and very dry. Supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow maybe about 99. It's 8 o'clock here so it should be a little cooler,I hope. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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