Feeding our friends, the donkeys

Posted by Francesca

Martha asked us to do a chore at the farm the other day. She told us to feed Clive, Rufus, and Billie some nice apples and carrots.
I don't mind doing chores, but it would be nice if Sharkey did some of the work, as well. It seems that she always manages to shirk responsibility.

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We collected an assortment of apples and carrots to feed to the donkeys.

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  • You gals are very brave to get in the corral with those mini donkeys. Nice of you to help Martha out with feeding your buddies.

    I hope you were rewarded with some treats of your own.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Sharkey - you better watch out where you stand when the donkey is eating - under the tail is not such a good spot. Next thing you know a big old poop will be crashing down on your head.

    Francesca don't you just love carrots? We get those as treats some times, we all love them.

    It's raining here in South Jersey this morning really hard, I hate the rain. The Labs will go out themselves but mom has to carry me out. I just ate my breakfast and I REALLY have to go out- I wish it would stop :(


  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Oh wow! We used to have two mini-donkeys who lived down the road from our house at the farm. They were really cute. Don't know where they are now, but the owners have horses there. One time, mom and dad and me were in the car riding home and the two donkeys were doing something. I asked mom what they were doing and she said to nevermind it, so I just kept staring and then went on to look at other things on the road home. Feeding them must be fun. I hope you two had a great time. Did they chase you all over the place or did you chase them??? Well, must go and have a sun bath and a long nap. Take care. Love Gracyn.

  • Hi Francesca!

    How about that! We both like carrots! I especially love them with peanut butter. Ever try it?

    And once again, I see Sharkey is leaving you holding the bucket, huh? I wonder why she wants to be such an ass! Hee hee! Well, when in Rome...

    But all in all, it looks as though everyone had a good treat! And you're a real good donkey-feeder! Good of you to help Martha with the chores!

    PS. Her birthday is coming up, have you and Sharkey made any special plans? I know she doesn't like surprises...hmmm, wonder what she'd like?

  • Say, why don't you borrow Martha's Vespa scooter and chase the donkeys around the corral? You'd have a lot of fun! Sharkey, standing behind a donkey is a sure way to either be dumped on (if you know what I mean) or kicked like a football (like Charlie Brown). Get on the scooter and make the donkeys run in circles! Whee!
    Franny, you can throw carrots and apples at them! Uh-oh, I think my Mom is frowning at me...Bye

  • Hello Friends,

    Francesca, it sure was nice of you to help feed the donkeys. It looks like you had a good time doing it. I'm sure Clive, Rufus, and Billie enjoyed your company and the treats.

    Sharkey, you should have helped your sister out. It did look like fun to run around, but it is important to remember to do your chores first, and then have fun.

    I help me kitty sister, Princess Harry, out all the time. She is continually concerned about her weight, so I help her by eating her food. That way she doesn't have to spend so much of her day counting calories.

    Talk to you tomorrow.


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Sweeties,
    Franny, I notice you are usually real helpful while Sharkey likes to fool around a lot but that is what makes your blog so much fun. Both of you really crack me up with your comments and I love your camera poses, so professional but then you have a great teacher don’t you? Yep, I think Martha knows how to get the best pictures.

  • Us pugs love to catch our mini-carrots! What a treat! Just one more note on hooves, it only takes one kick in the face to scare your momma to death, so keep staying careful... we lost our little mini-dachshund friend that way. Love from Texas. Sadie and Missy and Truman too. PS we got our px done on the beach last week and we turned out so cute! Later.

  • Mrrrow. Wook at chou, Fwanniefwenchie!...crunchiemunchin' on dat wittle carrwot! We can tell dat you DID wike it! Billwy wikes it, too! It's mrrrowy nice to help awound da house and be a good doo-bee, even if it's just fer moral support-n-all... Don't worrwy 'bout Sharkeybarkey!...if she stays behind dat donkey wong enough, sumpm'll happen dats not too awfullwy pweasant (and you'll git yer wevenge). Prrr. =^..^=

  • hey Clive, Rufus, and Billie! what nice apples and carrots...there are donkeys around the corner from us, they are Mini's...what nice pups you are to share with the equine.

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