Dinner Party Etiquette

Posted by Francesca

Martha really enjoys having dinner parties and Sharkey and I asked if it would be all right if we could sit at the formal table and take part in the festivities. Of course we reviewed all the rules of etiquette, as Martha likes us to be very polite. I think you can see from these photos that Sharkey and I were complete angels.

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Sharkey, you know you have to wait for all the guests to be seated. It's only polite.

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  • Good morning girls. You both look so lovely waiting for your dinner guests. Those little biscuts sure did look yummy.

    Did you have a nice weekend? The weather here in NJ was beautiful. I spent lots of time with mom in the yard. We gardened, floated in the pool and relaxed. I sit on the raft and she spritzes me with water, I'm not fond of swimming. When I get warm I go find shade under the umbrella. I love laying by the pool.

    I have a boo-boo on my front paw. I was limping a bit yesterday and mom said I have a small cut or bite on the pad on my front paw. Dad is taking me to see Dr. Keefe today to make sure it's nothing serious. I also have to have my nails done, I hate that.

    I submitted my picture on your 4th of July contest, check me out - I look cute :)


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I’m just like you two. I just love to share a good meal with friends. Every evening mommy and daddy sit down at the dinning room table to eat and I lay on the floor. They give me my meal in a bowl, and I don’t even get up. I just spread my front paws and they place the bowl between them. I eat this way every night. I then go into the kitchen where my dry food is kept and finish off my meal. I keep telling them, by standing with my rear feet in the dinning room and reaching into the kitchen, that I want to be in the dinning room with them but somehow they don’t move my dry food into the dinning room. Well, I do have to admit that I am, sometimes, a messy eater when it comes to the dry food.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • If you invite me to your next dinner party, I promise I won't be dull. As Mom says whenever I bark, "Never a dull moment!" I promise I will bone up on etiquette and be a gracious dinner partner. Mom said she will send pup tarts for dessert as a special treat. So, is it a date?

  • Hello Ladies,
    Looks like you had a great weekend with that lovely dinner party. I often sit at a chair at the dining room table. However, I very rarely get to join the party. I usually get in the chairs when the clean up time occurs. Hope you are feeling up to yourself Franny. Update us please!!!
    Love & licks,

  • Mrrrow. Exactwy!...before mommie even got to de end of de wast photo, I t'ought to my wittle self dat it'd be best if ALL PAWS be kept off the table! 'N if ya do happen to git a wittle t'irsty, pwease make sure dat someone pwaces yer wittle gwasses on da floor, 'cause you don't wanna git mommieMartha's bootiful table cwoth all wet-n-swobbery...dats just NOT good manners attall! Don't fergit to use yer wittle napkins, too, 'cause you know how stuff can hang off yer wittle flews, and fer cats' sake, DON'T BE SHAKIN' YER WITTLE HEADS at the dinner table! You two do wook verwy angelwic, tho' - I twust dat you'll do otay if you fowwow dese diwections. Meant in a fwiendly fashion, your good fwiend, Edgar. =^..^=

  • Hello my well-mannered and eloquently educated in etiquette Frenchys!

    Shoeboy here! I learned a lot from your blog entry today. I have pretty good manners but my mom could use a few pointers... I've heard of that Emily Post...I pee-pee'd on her once! Hee hee ! :)

  • Wow! Its hard when you are a French Bulldog to be polite. I try as best as I can but smells and sounds are always coming out of me... and always at the wrong time. My mom always tells a story about when she was interviewing a new nanny for my brother and sister. While I was secretly taking a nap underneath the table, my mom was asking all sorts of serious childcare questions to the candidate. Well, my tummy must have been a bit upset because I could not help but let out stinky smells, one after the other.
    The nanny, not knowing I was under the table, tried to console my mom and ask her if she needed to be excused. After turning a little red, my mom did get up and carried me into the next room to continiue my festivities by myself. They both had a good laugh.

  • Hi Gals,
    You two just make me laugh! You are so cute and well behaved. I wish you could come and spend some time with me but you might get bored with all my hugs and kisses which I'm sure you get enough of already. Anyway, and I hate to admit this, but after seeing Martha's beautiful table I think I would have to borrow your etiquette book. I don't go to many dinner parties and I’m always afraid I might do something wrong. But it’s nice to look at Martha’s table settings and imagine all the fun activity. Thanks for putting these grand pictures on your blog!

  • Hello Friends,

    You both look lovely and what a beautiful table Martha set. My mom always lets me join her dinner parties. In fact, she informs guests before they arrive that I have my own seat at the dining room table and am always the premier guest at any party.

    I find it best if I deter the conversation from anything political, as it creates conversation too impassioned to be conducive to healthy digestion. I'm sure you two lovely doggies may have found that to be the case as well.

    My mom is always comparing herself to your mom and she inevitably always ends the dinner party preparations by saying she wishes she could be more like Martha. If you ladies have any tips I can pass on to my mom to cast a more joyful pallor over her before she entertains, I would be grateful.

    I'm off to help mom in the garden today. I dig the holes, she plants the flowers. It's great work. My mom tells me I dig holes where she never would have thought to plant flowers. I guess I'm just a creative genius, like you two ladies.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • girls you are to be proud of! manners is so important, I never jump on anything in the house, don't scratch furniture, when told NO, I Stop...and to top it, can you believe I am a Feral Kitty???

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