An afternoon of dogs, dogs, and more dogs!

Posted by Francesca

Being part of Martha's road trip was so much fun for Sharkey and me and as much as we like car rides, it was great to finally get to Skylands and stretch our legs. One day while we were there, Martha took us to a field with a big tent. Beneath it there were lots of dogs and children and grownups. We were told it was an event to raise money for the local SPCA so that they can build a new animal shelter. Martha became interested in a pet food pantry and decided to ask Purina to contribute coupons for 200 free bags of Purina dog or cat food to help feed poor hungry pets, of which they did!

It's important to be aware of this growing problem with hungry or abandoned animals and remember that you can help, too! Just pledge to help out at a local animal shelter or help create awareness of shelter pets at When you do, Purina ONE will make a donation of $5 up to $500,000 towards pets in need. Martha, Sharkey, and I have already pledged!

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So very handsome

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  • Hi Gals,

    What wonderful photos of your day at SPCA. So many beautiful dogs to meet. I bet you had fun and enjoyed helping out with another worthy cause.

    Have a fun weekend.

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    Congratulations on getting your blue ribbons, doesn't matter what they are for - still a winner :)
    I can't believe all the dogs there, looked like a fun event.

    I had to go see Dr. Keefe again yesterday. It seems like every time I get to go for a car ride any more it's to see him or get my nails cut, I don't like either. I got into a brawl with the black lab T-Bone last week and I'm a little sore. Of course I started the fight, I always do, and it got a little rough. Dr. Keefe said I'm fine, nothing broken probably just bruised. I guess so, T-Bone is 105 pounds. When is that dog going to learn not to mess with a Frenchie!!!!

    Normally I would be happy it's Friday that would mean lots of time with mom but she is playing golf both days this weekend, some kind of tournament at her club. I hope she plays well, she can be cranky if not.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    You two really do get around a lot. It’s really nice that you can help out the way in which you do. My mommy says that a lot of Chow Chow puppies end up in shelters or abandoned. Chows can really be rough at times and when we are young and growing, we really want to show our stuff. We often run at our owners, growl and “nip” them a little. People see this as being mean and don’t want to deal with us. Mommy and daddy have raised three Chows now, and have the battle marks to prove it. Don’t let the Chow’s aggressive playfulness, as a puppy, cause you to give up on him; they will get over it in a few months or so.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Wow!! your mom sure looks proud to be there with the two of you. I hope a lot of money is raised for hungry and homeless pets.

    My mom said I should also mention little Edgar who went to heaven yesterday. My mom and I are very sorry that he is gone, but he will always be watching out for his mom. I told mom that is what I like about this place. We always know what is going on with all the others who write. God bless you Ms. Cindy Bricker and I am sure he has blessed little Edgar too. Take care and have a good weekend. Miss Martha, raise bunches of money. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • hey pups, these are darling photos of you and the rest of the doggies there! you two look great in Blue ribbons...I especially like the photo of you two and the "fearless Terrier" what a stand off!

    A note to Cindy Becker: sorry to hear about your cat Edgar...but what a great home and love he had for so many years.

  • Looks like a great event, and an even better cause!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Hi Sweeties,
    Aw Sharkey, you got a blue ribbon for being the noisiest dog under the tent! Way to go! I mean, what’s the fun in being quiet! All of my dogs were noisy and I loved it. And Franny, I know you are inquisitive just like Martha. She even wrote it on her Twitter page along with ‘curious’ and ‘experimental’, so congrats on your blue ribbon also! All three of you, Martha included of course, sure know how to get things done and helping out at the local SPCA is one fine example. I do hope they get the funds they need to build a new animal shelter.

    To Edgar’s mommy, Cindy Bricker, you already know how sad I was to hear about Edgar and I’m still tearing up when I think about him. What a sweet little cat he was, so handsome too, and man, was he loved! That was quite evident in his many wonderful comments that remain on this blog for us to continue to enjoy. And thanks so much to Sharkey and Franny for creating this fun little animal loving community with the help of their mommy.

  • Hello Friends,

    I would first like to send my condolensces to Edgar's family. Rest assured Edgar is Heaven and will always be a part of your family.

    Francesca and Sharkey, you two look like you are having so much fun with all the other beautiful canines. I love events like that this where are fellow animals are bing helped and we get the opportunity to meet such fabulous people and puppies.

    I bet Martha was very proud of your awards. I know I am. Sharkey, I always think it is a good idea to express your opinions, as it is our constitutional right to do so and quite necessary in your line of work as a columnist. Francesca, being inquisitive is the most important quality for a journalist like yourself. Keep up the good work ladies.

    Have a wonderful weekend all! Talk to you on Monday.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Yay!

    You guys may be little dogs but obviously have really big hearts! So nice for you to help other dogs - I know your mom does a lot for other people and its great that her generosity has rubbed off on you.

    Three cheers for the Fran and Shark!

    Sniff you later,


  • Thru manymany tears, and having to literally hold my mouth, due to an uncontrollable quivering lip, I've read all the posts thus far today, and want to thank each one of you for your kind words, concern, support, and remembering my dear little sweet Edgar, who passed away yesterday morning, July 30th.

    Thank you Mrs Bosley ChowChow, Gracyn Erwin, Delia (and Kitty, too!), my deardear friend Trish, and Fisher Jimmy - thank you ALL! means soooo much - you'll never know the magnitude and impact of your acknowledgements today!

    Thank you, too, TheDailyWag (Eliad & Laura), for your notation about and acknowledgement of Edgar's passing right here on TDW's home page. You have NO IDEA how much this means to me!

    Of course, I am just torn to have lost my little faithful friend, but I'm also sad that he will no longer have a voice here. Thru much urging from my deardear friend Trish, perhaps Edgar's sister could be an instrument in which to keep Edgar's spirit alive within each of us. At this time, I, as you can imagine, am needing to still hold on!

    We'll see. Thank you all again, from my heart!


  • We will miss you Edgar!!

  • Well if Edgar's sister is not as chatty, then maybe Edgar's mom/care giver/friend/ feeder/ love of his life can communicate for sometime until another chatter box (meow hound) finds it's way to the blog and picks up with the stories left untold.

  • Dearest Cindy,the Spirit of Edgar will never die,
    As long as he registers in your mind's eye.
    You're so much richer because of him.
    You will never let his memory dim.
    Trish says "he was sweet and handsome too."
    He must have been proud to be loved by you.
    The Bloggies on the Daily Wag share the sadness
    And i know they want to wish you much gladness
    To smile again,keep commenting on this fun blog.
    After all,we need to be kept out of the fog.
    Part of my philosophy is,to never say goodbye.
    Adieu or so long,may God Bless and keep you dry.

  • Dear Cindy,

    This is Shoeboy's Mom. All we can say is that we will always remember Edgar and want you to know we loved him, too. Yes, 'Heaven'...Hello, sweet Edgar.

    It's all gonna be alright.

    But for now, we cry with you, Cindy.

  • So sorry to hear about Edgar's passing. Hope his "mommy" is doing okay...

  • Awwww, this site is cute! I am following it on twitter too. You might wanna take a look at http:///

  • To all of Edgar's family, I'm sorry to hear of your loss.


  • Hi Girl Friends, I agree with so many of your animal friends who follow and comment about your wonderful blog. It's the one place that lets us animal friends have our say about all kinds of things. I think we all love one another and it's fun to read and talk about whatever is on our mind. My Mom amd I are both very saddened by the passing of lovable little Edgar. We send our condolences to Cindy, her husband and little Mandy. We miss Edgar,too. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxoxoxo

  • It's a brand new day - a brand new week, for that matter, and my heart is still grieving for my little loved one.

    I just want to additionally thank Mel, MAHead, Celia Stock, Shoeboy and his mom, Maureen, Zoe, and DudleyDoRight and his mom Jan, for your kind words and words of condolence, your beautiful poem, your encouragement, and the hope you have bestowed upon me and my family. It means so much - so much, that my words can't even express how much!

    In closing, a heartfelt thank you, too, for your tears! You'll n-e-v-e-r know how much...

    'Heaven'...hello, sweet Edgar'.


  • Dear Cindy,

    I am very sorry for the loss of your adorable little boy Edgar. I hope you find comfort in knowing that he loved you very much and that he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge filled with the warmth and love that he had from you and the rest of your family.

  • Thank you, Sonya, for your comforting words today!

    My husband was with Edgar last Wednesday morning at the veterinarian's, and my only regret is I wished I'd've gone, too. I had to open my business on time, and because this appointment became available that morning, I hadn't posted a notice on my store's door as to why we would be closed/opening late, etc. Now looking back, I wished I'd've gone and held my little boy close, and been with him to reassure him it would be okay. 'Dad' was plenty familiar to Edgar, but there's nothing like Mommie's gentle touch! I will carry that regret until my heart mends, I guess...

    We do love our animals in this caring community here on TDWag, and thank you for understanding the magnitude of our loss and grief and your expression of concern.


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