A fun game of Scrabble

Posted by Francesca

On a recent rainy day, Sharkey and I were sitting around the house wondering what to do. We felt we needed a little brain stimulation so we went to the cupboard where Martha keeps one of her favorite games - Scrabble. She always talks about how fun it is to play, so we decided to give it a try. You know, it really is a challenging and great game.

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Sharkey, you're taking entirely too long. From now on, we're going to use this timer, just like Martha does!

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  • F & S - Scrabble???? How about the game -chase one of those fur ball cats you live with around the house? I'm not into board games I like to play ball or rough it up with one of the Labs. If I come for a play date do we have to play scrabble?

    Yesterday I found something interesting, I was taking inventory of the items on the end table and came across the remote control for the tv. As I've mentioned in previous posts I love to chew and eat the playing cards dad leaves on the table as well as his eye glasses and books - love to chew those corners. Anyway, I knocked this device down on the floor and managed to get the back cover off. Yes - I then proceeded to chew the plastic cover - lots of fun. What was more fun was watching mom and dad try to figure out what this black plastic chewed up item was. Of course after dinner I heard a yell from dad that it was the remote cover.

    Well mom is waiting for me, I help water the plants on the deck with her before she goes to work.

    Enjoy your day and Franny - are you feeling better?


  • Hello Ladies,
    Boy that Scrabble looks really fun. You are both quite smart to be playing that game. I have only played Chinese Checkers. Try that sometime--like little tiny balls everywhere. Enjoy your day.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi F&S!

    You're both looking wonderful! Franny, you're coming back around? Yes? Thank doG!

    I agree with the Boss, Martha; USE A TIMER!!! :)

    I, too, love Scrabble, but I've got to blow my own horn a bit and say that I am *THE* 'Big Boggle' KING!

    Have you ever heard of 'Boggle'?, or 'Big Boggle'? It's fun, and like Scrabble, it's all about words. It's like a crossword puzzle of mixed and matched letters. You have a limited amount of time to find as many words as you can...not as easy as it sounds...but lots of fun, like I said...and glad to see you having some...fun, that is.

    Are you going to get to eat some of the beautiful berries from the farm? I saw where your Mom-Boss, Martha has a dog-gone *huge* harvest this year!

    PS. Get some berry stains on those paws!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I see you have a “board game” to play with, or is it a “bored” game? The game I like to play is really quite fast and rough. Daddy and I roll and tumble on the floor and mom tries to protect her feet from my running by her as fast as I can. Martha might be the “boss” but daddy is the “leader of the pack” around here and mommy and I know it. That’s just a little “Chow” humor mom; I didn’t really mean it. Mom, oh mom, I really didn’t mean it.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Scrabble sounds like a really fun game, but I'm not sure if I can spell too good yet. Guess it doesn't matter cause it would be fun to spread those little squares all over the house. Ugh! Mom and dad sure would be upset with me. Truth is, I never tear anything up except the paper bags that they give me. This I know I can do and not get a good talking to. Well, time to go have a mid-morning nap. It is kind of rainy today and no sunshine for a nice sun bath. See ya later. Have a fun day. Love, Gracyn.

  • Mrrrow. Mommie's never pwayed Scwabble before - she's a good spellwer-n-all, but she doesn't know the wules of da game. She was weally payin' attention to evwysing today as she was weadin' to me! As fer me?...I don't pway much anymore...I wike my wittle nappies thwu the day. I weally wike my water bowl (mommie checks it all da time) and get wittle snackies thwu da day, but dats basicwy all dat I do... I don't hear all dat well, either, so sometimes mommie ends up scaring me when she weaches down to pet my wittle head. Oh, to be a babiekittie again! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi gals,
    I love Scrabble and especially your version like starting out with 8 tiles and using proper nouns! Sometimes those are the only words available and to think we can't use them! Nuts! Anyway, Sharkey, I was checking out your tiles and after Franny made gassy, you could have played yodel by using the O in bossy. Od and Ne are acceptable words and you would have gotten 22 points. Do you know all of the 2 letter words? You might want to ‘bone’ up on them. Well, catch you later. I’m kind of sleepy today and I think I need a nap.

  • I hope the winner got a nice treat for their victory!

  • Wow Francesca and Sharkey!! Lily and I never tried playing scrabble. We are headed for the closet now to see what games we can find in there. By the way we are Frenchies too and love your blog. We have a blog check it out.

  • hey Scrabble, what fun!!! and being the boss of squirrles and skunks...great words...

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  • 0We don't have a dog at our apartment b ut I would love to meet one as cute as you two. I am a busy and beautiful flame point Siamese. I get mymother up at 6:30 by talking in her ear - often she ignores me and I resort to pats and pushes.We have breakfast and then do a little housework. She thinks I shed too much and she complains. My responsibility is to go get her when the postman comes (we have a door slot for mail) and also to call her at 2 when her favorite soap comes on. I am getting a litle tired of it -it's become too complicated. I have a nap here and there and delight in snoozing in the linen closet with all the clean and fluffy stuff. I also prefer the top of the fridge as my outpost. I have just learned to open the kitchen cupboards - they have magnetic closures - and they are full of tempting stuff. I don't know why she gets so antsy when I pull something down. I help her with the laundry down the hall, and stand sentry outside the door hoping one of the neighbors will come home and pet me. She says I am mayor of the 9th floor - whatever mayor is. Also I let her know when it's bedtime - just about now - by pacing and humming. Look - she's moving - good night and dreams! Suki

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