Going for a motor scooter ride!

Posted by Francesca

Last week in East Hampton, Uncle Carlos decided that Sharkey and I should have a little adventure on Martha's motor scooter. You know how much we Frenchies like our wheels and what isn't fun about cruising on a motor scooter? There's so much freedom in the open air.

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Oh boy, Carlos! A ride on the Vespa! But where's Sharkey?

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  • F & S
    When I was sitting on mom's lap reading this the first thing she said was - that is very dangerous. I thought the same thing and I knew that Uncle Carlos wouldn't let you ride without a helmet. Plus he was only using one hand!!!!

    You should ask Martha to install a basket on the front of the scooter so you can ride and be safe, that would be fun.


  • Hi Ladies,
    Boy oh boy did you two fool me. I was in panic mode for a minute thinking you were in danger. This would have been a good one for April Fool's Day. Uncle Carlos is the greatest isn't he? Have a great day.
    Love & licks, Basil

  • Oh you girls and you're never ending tricks you play! I was worried thinking you were on that scooter without helmets! Sharkey's face looked like a scaredy cat! Uncle Carlos just played right along, too. Well, I'm glad the three of you had more sense than to scooter your booters without your hooters...? :)

    PS. Practicing my French...serrer dans ses bras. Right?

  • Hi Gals,
    You scared me there for a second or two because it sure looked like you were going for a ride without a helmet or a safe place to sit. I should know better though; Carlos wouldn't allow that and neither would Martha. It's a very cute little Vespa though but bicycles are fun too. I think you two would look so cute in helmets. Do they even make doggy helmets?

  • It's not a Vespa, it's an Italjet Velocifero. Calling it a Vespa is sort of like calling every car you see a Ford. Still, it's an interesting scooter—though I wouldn't call it "rare," you don't see many around these days. The Velocifero helped reignite interest in scootering in the U.S. right before Vespa started selling here again after a 20-year absence. Not the best scooter ever made, but it is cute and unique due to the side-by-side headlights.

    As an avid scooterist, I would love to see pics of Martha riding it!

  • Hello Friends,

    Wow! Martha's scooter is beautiful! How fun it must have been to sit with Uncle Carlos and pretend to be cruising around France with a beret on. That looks like fun.

    I have never been riding on a bike, motorized or self-propelled. I'm a little too big for Mom to put me in a basket. I love to ride in her big car, though. She rolls down the window and I let the breeze blow throw my ears. It's really fun, especially when we drive along the ocean.

    You two ladies just have so much fun everyday. I can't wait for your next adventure.


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. It was MRRROWY good dat all of you was sitting still! - Uncle Carwos incwuded! Since nobunnie was wearin' helmets, it was good to know that evwybunnie was safe. If you go out to da beach, pweasepweasePWEASE be careful dat da oshunsurf doesn't 'neak up 'n whoosh you away. Fer one, you can't swim, and secondwy, you'll end up wike Shannon. ♫ 'Shannon is gone...she's dwifting out to sea...' ♫ Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hey F&S,
    Look out Thelma and Louise, here come Francesca and Sharkey!

    Martha's scooter Rocs is Out!!! My mom and I agree with Eric that we would love to see Martha on the scooter with you both as well. No offense Carlos, you are one lucky duck being able to care for such beautiful girls!

    Also, would love to see some shots of you both at the beach there. How is the water, and is the sand nice and soft like at the southern tipe of N.J.? The further south that you go down the shoreline of New Jersey, the softer the sand gets. It's a good thing!
    Bunny in N.J.
    p.s. -- Let me know when you go for another ride on Martha's bike, and my Mom will hook me up with a basket on the front of her bike. That would be a Woof!

  • Cool scooter gals, love the Martha color of course!
    Looks fun to sit or ride doesn't it?
    I want a scooter I'd drive all over but this chow would feel much better in a side car!!!!

    It looks really cool in East Hampton, I wish I lived by the ocean, we are on water rations here.

    Happy adventures you two~

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow
    P.S it was 111 here yesterday so darn hot, today 108 wheeeeeee, I feel sorry for the 4H kids who are at our state fair here the next two weeks, animals and the heat don't mix.~

  • Super Cool!

    My mom just got a new Vespa for commuting to work, and has already taken me on a ride. She got a front pack for me to sit in, and a helmet made by zoomergear. Its hard for me to wear though, 'cause my ears stand up just like you guys!

    I have been keeping an eye out when she puts the keys away, I am thinking of sneaking out for a ride myself one night...


  • Uncle Carlos is a hoot! ohhhh no helmet? well it does look like it was a safe ride...very cute photos.

  • Hey you wild Biker Babes!
    You fooled me!
    I ride with my Mom on her scooter all the time. I love the feeling of the wind blowing through my ears and fur! Mom wears a special harness so I can see where we're going and that I get clipped into so I wont fall. I wear doggles too to protect my eyes from dirt & stuff( bugs). I think I'm going to have Mom look into that Helmut from that zoomergear company for me. You know you can never wear enough protection when your out riding. I hope those helmuts have a face shield. I'm not a big fan of getting bugs in my fur.. I don't like bugs..
    Hey maybe I'll see you two cuties at the next scooter rally!

    Big Daddy Biker Pooka
    (he's really just a 5 lb maltese, but we'll let him have his dream..His Mom)

  • Enjoy and have fun with your motor scooter ride!

  • Love the velocifero scooter , i have two ,one green and the other salmon. Should you ever want to sell them please contact me . I had food carts and cafes in Central Park back in the 80's and 90's ,food specials with your friend Al Roker . Till then Kevin

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