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We know a little bit about getting our paws dirty and now we are asking you to do the same. Although you don’t really have to get dirty…you just have to pledge to help out at a local animal shelter or help create awareness of shelter pets. When you do, Purina ONE will make a donation of $5 up to $500,000 towards pets in need. When Martha heard this she was the first to pledge!

So we also pledged to do everything we can to raise awareness about animal adoption through shelters! We hope to hear about your pledge! You can make it at

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And also very affectionate.

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  • Dear Sharkey & Franny,

    My (human)Mama sent all the information posted here on your blog to
    all her contacts from her ten email addresses, plus she posted it to
    her six Myspace pages, her blogs, and to her forum as well as her Facebook &
    Twitter accounts. Maybe if other friends here do the same we can
    spread the word about your worthy cause for animals around the country,
    I hope our spreading the word will help in some way. We already
    help raise funds in our area for our local animal shelter but we will try to find a way to do more we can always do more.

    I hope lots of humans and their companions get involved and adopt a shelter companion donate time or funds & supplies to their own
    shelters as well as their time.

    A big paws high five to you and your Mama for helping the animals.

    My Mama has this message on her personal signature emails.

    Save a life please adopt a cat or dog from your local animal shelter. Remember senior pets need adopting too. Donate to your local food bank help others in need. Pass along a smile to a friend.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    I asked my mom to make a pledge, she is a real animal lover. My big brother T-Bone came from a shelter, he is great.

    Mom said she also has a credit card where every dollar she spends they donate a dollar to the American Humane Society. They also send emails where they sell t-shirts and things and the money goes towards the animals. She is like your mom, loves animals and does support the local shelters.

    Aren't we lucky that we have such good parents who love us and take good care of us. I feel so bad when I see the commericials with the dogs and cats abused and in shelters. Mom can't watch she changes the channel.

    I had to see Dr. Keefe yesterday, I have a small tumor on my front paw. It became infected so I have medication to take and he assured dad that it wasn't anything serious. The medication will take care of the infection and may shrink the tumor, I don't want to have an operation :( Anyway, mom was holding me all night while watching tv and giving me lots of kisses and hugs. I was thinking to myself, gosh I have a wonderful life - she loves me so much.

    I hope your mom raises lots of money.


  • Hello Ladies,
    Aren't you both busy little ladies helping such a worthy cause? My mom tries her best to help out local no kill animal shelters on a yearly basis. She bakes the yummist dog biscuits and sells them at craft fairs, with all money donated to a local no kill animal shelter each year. Besides being a great cause, it is fun because Tasha (my black lab buddy) and I get lots of scraps. There's a thought for your mom, Martha as creative as she is, to start her own pet line with portions of profits donated also. You guys are always so busy. Have fun and take care.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Those pictures of Chiggi are really great. Is that raven haired girl with Chiggy Martha? It looks as she did the same thing as I did. I was blond until I reached my first birthday and slowly turned to my red coloring, of my guard hair, now . Over the years, mama and daddy have adopted many dogs and cats. They only have me now; I guess that I’m the luckiest dog in the world. As far as being a great hunter; you too had better start hunting something better and leave the skunks alone.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • My dear Franny and Sharkey,

    In memory of those that have gone on before us, and all of those new adoptions with 'happy times' ahead; here's a little poem of sentiment:


    New Kitty, Old Kitty
    All is one they say
    Look back heads up
    Another's on the way

    In our 'clan-dom'
    there is seldom
    food for all who pray

    Uncle Vanyan's
    wild abandon
    Martha saves the day!

    We all know the blue suede shoes
    Wore thin from trampled might

    But all good things
    And Max 'The King'
    Sends beauty from The Light

    Teeny Weeny Sisters true
    Will join in Nature's call
    To rid this world of fur decline
    While Chiggi hits the ball!

  • My mom is nearly disabled and can't be on her feet much (she has to use a cane or rolling walker most of the time) so she can't volunteer to help at a shelter.
    But, she said she would make a donation to a group called "Austin Pets Alive!" that rescues and helps animals from individuals and the city animal shelter.
    Does this count? I hope so. It was fun seeing photos of Martha's pets (and the pics of young Martha were great, too). Thanks, Martha.

  • Hello Friends,

    Your words today have touched me immensely. My mom rescued me after I was beaten and had my leg broken with a baseball bat. When my mom saw me being abused, she stopped her car, called the police, and carried me in her arms back to the car and took me to the vet for help.

    My mom saved me and now I live in a lovely home where I know nothing but love. I also have a kitty sister named Princess Harry who my mom rescured as well. I know other animals are not as fortunate as my kitty sister and I.

    Mom is always doing whatever is needed to help animals. She is an animal rescue volunteer and will continue to help. She is so happy Martha and you two beautiful puppy dogs are doing the same.

    Francesca and Sharkey, I can't thank you enough for bringing awareness to the plight of our fellow canines, as well as other animals in need. I am here for you both 100% to do whatever you need me to do.

    Talk to you tomorrow.


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. I'm WEALLY 'cited about yer wittle bwog today, 'cause my daddy got ME fwom da shelter! Now mrrrow you, it's been quite awhile ago. I was just a babiekittie back then. I was all 'bunctious 'n would cwimb up on the bookshelves - up as high as I could go! I usta git out, too, when I wasn't 'pposed ta, and I got me some fweas one time as a wesult. I was sooooo w-i-t-t-l-e! My wittle sisfur, Mandy, came fwom the shelter, too. Daddy got her to help keep me company thwu da days while he was at work. She was dis wittle white kittie, wif all dese wittle spots on 'er back-n-all...she WAS coot, even tho' we pwacticwy jus tolwerate each other. Purrr - dem was da days!

    Hey, evwybunnie! Pwease DO consider adopting a senior doggie er kittie. We're goodgood fwiends to anybunnie who is lonely - we s'eep most of da time and become mrrrowy more melwo wif age. Ya won't hafta worwy what mischif we're into, 'cause we'll be wayin' down somewhere s'eepin'. We wike t'ings a wittle more quieter and enjoy attention mrrruch more, too. Us kitties become a wittle more devoted to our purrsons dan when we was wittle wif no time for dat nonsense. Wike our purrsons, our wittle values change as we get older, I guess... =^..^=

  • What a wonderful cause! I'm glad you told us about it!!

  • my mommie delia always gives to the shelter and donates much artwork for auctions...she just had a bad experience with a so called friend from Texas who asked her do a 20' x 18' Mural project to rescue horses...well this same person starved her own 58 horses(one died) making mommie almost having a break she donated money to the rescue that had taken the horses away from this waco lady(what irony)...mommie donated $4000. worth or artwork and 7 months labor for very sad.
    it is better to adopt an animal in need, please be a responsible breeder and STOP "breed for greed". My heart aches for all those animals in shelters...fix/neuter THERE SHOULD BE A MANDATORY LAW!!!

  • hello there madamosielle's sharky and frannie.
    Me,my ma-ma,and my sissy think that its a wonderful thing you and you're mommy martha are doing to make everyone aware of how important is to help shelters and for everyone to adopt a pet. My brother chico and I were rescued in Lousianna by a rescue group in mettarie and fostered by my other sister. I was near death when my other sister fostered me and brought me back to health and then gave me to mommy and sissy, boy what a wonderful day that was! now me and mommy are joined at the hip and i sleep right between her and daddy at night. I sleep with sissy and take naps with her too. she and mommy and daddy take good care of me. my mommy calls me her little fur baby boy. and my sissy calls me her fur baby brother.
    love and best wishes.
    oogie B.

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