What you don't know about stuffed animals

Posted by Sharkey

I always suspected that our stuffed animals come to life when Francesca and I are sleeping. She insisted that they do not. I wanted to prove her wrong and then I remembered about the BirdCam.  Martha likes to use this camera to take pictures of birds outside. It is a motion sensitive camera that takes amazing photos. Just for fun, I set one up where Franny and I sleep and look who has the last laugh now.

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Hey Sharkey, wake up! It's time to play!

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  • Ah so very precious! Slept through the fun - you gals must really snore too!
    Dreaming of squirrels, skunks or maybe snacks galore or exhausted trying to keep up with MAMA's hectic schedule~

    Time for me to go to sleepy's house here on the west coast.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - you have some really nice stuffed animals and they're in such good condition. Don't you like to chew on them? They don't last long in our house, between me and the Labs they don't stand a chance. Right now I have a soft pool ball that the kids left behind over the weekend, I'm working on chewing off the tag right now, should have the entire thing apart by the end of the day.

    As far as taking a toy to bed that's not allowed. I sleep with mom and dad and they won't tolerate any toys in bed. They have pet steps that I climb to get in bed and sometimes I'll try to sneak one up but once I start snoring and wake them up the toy gets tossed.

    I snore worse than an old man - how about you guys - snore much?


  • Wow,you girls sleep deeply! Wait 'til you see what goes on while you're snoring away! I'll have to say - both of you look sexy in sailor caps! Bye -

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Nice detective work there. I wasn’t aware that the stuffed animals came to life while one slept. Now I know why my animals always are not where I left them when I went to sleep. I always thought that mommy picked them up. Now I know for sure why they are moved. Nice sleeping quarters you have there.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • F & S

    Did you ask Martha about hosting a garden tour for your blogger buddies?

    If she says no, I'll have my mom host one. We have much smaller gardens but I have a great pool. Can you swim?


  • Oh No! Please Sharkey, don't tell me *that* because I've eaten the antlers off of Chocolate Moosey and Hush Puppy looks like an abandoned seal 'cause his nose is now a part of his neck! And I don't even want to confess as to what I've done with Blue Bearry!

    This could explain why I have nightmares! They're coming to get their revenge!

    PS. Hi Zoe! No snoring for me, I just shake, rattle and roll! :)

  • Shoeboy
    Are you a Frenchie? If so how come you don't snore???

    I know Franny and Sharkey snore, heard Martha mention it on her show.


  • Hi F & S,
    Sharkey, you certainly did prove Franny wrong. Setting up that birdie cam was a great idea! I'm surprised the animals couldn't wake either of you but you must admit they sure tried! You two are really sound sleepers! Anyway, if Franny needs further proof, check out my pic on Twitpic. I caught these guys having a big discussion over a black spider one day. I think the tiger wanted to harm him so luckily I was there to rescue him. Here's the link. http://twitpic.com/6jl86 If you have to type the link it is L86 at the end and not one 86.

  • Stuff To Get Up To

    Yellow Bug Eye says,wake up Sharkey,quit the dreaming.
    Red Lips Monkey is on your back and she's really screaming.
    Two little Teddies try to wake the other Frenchie as well
    But sprawling Franny is still snoozing,aint that just swell.
    But here comes Pinchy the Lobster,all the way from
    Ahoy my hearties,says Pinchy,I'm looking for a deck hand.
    We're off to launch the Guide boat,in a little while.
    Practise will make perfect,that will make Martha smile.
    We will need the sailor hats,see to that Orange Face
    Grab some grub,rub a dub in the tub,before we leave this place.
    Franny is the Captain and Sharkey is First Mate.
    Francesca is cute as a sailor,Sharkey you too are great.
    Pinchy is hugging Franny,that brings a puggy grin,
    Red Lip Monkey,ready for business,needs a top to spin.
    Before I make my nest,and sail by silvery moon.
    I'll be the deck hand,says Quacky the laughing loon.
    Pinchy is proud of his team,only the best will do.
    Certainly not a stuffy bunch,this motley little crew.

  • "Oh My DOG!" this is too cute...I do think that the stuffed critters do mess around at night, mine are all over the place in the morning and don't know how they got there...check out MY stuffed toys, well at least a few..."I hope it shows"

  • Hi Franny and Sharkey. Love checking in to see what you are up to. I have a hard time keeping my stuffed toys, my big brother love to take them apart! I love your bed and would like one too, could you please share where Martha got it?

  • Hi Zoe! :)

    Shoeboy here! Nope, no Frenchie am I, just a big,lovable, short-haired guy with tuxedo markings. Are you saying that all Frenchies snore? I did not know that. Well, this latest bit of information will not detour me from my long held hopes of marriage to Francesca. It was love at first sight but she is so refined and I am such the country mutt...well, you never know the road love may take. Either way, I'm the girls friend for life! Snoring or no snoring, F&S and all the Frenchies are delightful! I also think *this* 'muttley' crew is a great group of critters...even the cats! :)

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,
    Those stuffies were really having a good time with you.
    I like the stuffed toys myself, but the bullies just shred them and pull out the stuffing. So, sigh, we have no soft toys to play with. They even can pop tennis balls!
    I guess as long as they don't "shred or pop" me I should be happy!

  • Mrrrow. (It's more wike 'a-ten-HUT!' isn't it?) All's I can mrrrow today is it wooks wike Fwanniefwenchie-n-Sharkeybarkey wook awful s'eepy 'n I can welate...when I need my nappie, I NEED MY NAPPIE!

    Sweet dweams.


  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: Ahhhhhhh...I know all about how puppy toys come alive in the night when me and my parents are sleeping. No wonder they are always out of their place when we wake up. Hmmmmm...I wonder if they talk. I bet they do talk! My toys are all stacked up in an old fashioned wicker laundry basket (the oval kind)and in the morning, they are tipped over on the floor and some on the loveseat. I wonder how that happens. I like to stick my nose in the middle of the pile of toys to find one I want and sometimes I hear them talking. Caught them by surprise! Well, time to go have a sun bath before it rains again. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi Franny and Sharkey,

    I am a first-time poster, but a long-time admirer. I am a Shih-Tzu, and my mom puts hats on me when I am sleeping, too: Uncle Sam hats, Igor hats, lady bug hats, Snow White hats and so on. She says that is the only time I will tolerate a hat or clothes of any kind. I must say that when I see you two in your lovely coats and collars, I am a bit jealous. I am also fond of your names. Very nice. I am named after Anna Muir's dog in the movie, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." It is the perfect name for me. "I love the sea and so does Rummy," says a young Natalie Wood in the movie.
    All Best,

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