Strange events at the TV studio

Posted by Sharkey

Martha took us to the television studio where she had to tape something for The Whatever Girls show, Whatever Martha! It was taking a longer time than anticipated so we tried to take a little nap. Of course, things don't always go as expected…..

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Martha's taping again and I took the opportunity to take a little nap in my very comfortable bed at the studio. But every time I closed my eyes, I felt something touching me.

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  • Francesca - they are playing tricks on you again with those toys!! I say SHRED the suckers, then you'll get to take a nap without being disturbed.

    F & S, here's how its done- look for the little tag or seam then start chewing in that area, always works for me.

    Guess what I woke up to this morning - RAIN!!!!!! I hate going outside in the rain. Please God turn off the faucet.....


  • hmmmm, very spooky those stuffed critters coming alive! they must want to be with you and share the adventures that you pups no harm!
    wow you two girls do have nice waitslines, all that running around and excecise is keeping you in shape...good for you!
    got to run, just saw a chippy...oops mommie delia just grabbed me, its a No Go.

  • Hey F&S!

    I'm thinking you two should be drawing a paw'check!...'Whatever! F&S!'

    Your Mom really has the place set up well for you though. And Miss Franny, don't start getting paranoid on me...those animals are NOT alive!, Not at home, not at the office, not even in the store windows! But if you're *really* going to take a 'walk in the streets on NYC', BEWARE! I've heard the place is 'crawling with *STUFF*' and '*ALIVE*!'. :)

    PS. 'Shake! Shake! Shake!, Shake! Shake! Shake!, Shake your Sharkey!, Shake your Sharkey!.

    Do a little shake...take a little nap...shake your Franny!, shake your Franny!' Haahaa! :)

    Skarkey, you're such a Disco Dog!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I see you found some treats and are digging right in. I hope someone gave them to you because just taking them would be wrong. I know where my treats are kept but I don’t bother them until someone gives me one. The box can sit there for days on end and I just leave them alone. Daddy and I have a little fun sharing treats. He gets something he likes and then offers me one and I take it. He then holds another one in front of my nose and asks who’s this one belong to. I just look away to let him know that’s his. He eats that one and offers me another. Now that one is mine and I take it. I could do that all day long but he only will give me three treats at a time.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • ( This is for Edgar) Sorry to disturb you dear man (and please don't get too roused from your napping), but someone has plastered your name all over the place, where it had previously been 'Raining Cats and Frenchies!' Think you otta go take a look? (Hee Hee...:))

  • Well hot dog you were visited again by these mysterious stuffed animals maybe Sharkey is playing tricks on you this time ummmmm maybe not maybe Mama and her gang.
    Oh well at least you have friends!
    It's so hot here I can't go outside to play temps to high and us Chows get so hot like you bull dogs we need it cool. Soooo what else to do but NAP oh how I love my naps. You gals enjoy your day and have a good one.

    Goota run to take a nap. Catch your act tomorrow.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • P.S My Mama sent this before she checked her spelling she was in such a hurry to run with me. I meant gotta run not goota run, we have a bunch of people coming to visit today to have lunch and play cards. We must make batches of tea and sandwiches and she needs my help to test the taste of the meats . I am her official tester what a fun job. Do you get to taste some of the meats that are not being used when your Mama hosts a party? We are having ham, roast beef and turkey sandwiches, also egg sandwiches I can't wait for a taste or two .

    Until tomorrow bye bye Franny & Sharkey.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Ohhhhh boy!! Those sneeky ol' toys will try and get you everytime, huh? Sometimes I'll be napping and then all of a sudden a toy will climb up on my loveseat and sit right on my stomach. I think it's mom or dad moving one around, but I'm not really sure. Later on, I intend to look deep into my toy basket and see if I can catch anyone talking about tricking me. Hmmmmmmm. Well, time for an early afternoon nap. It's hot here on the eastern coast of NC, but my home is very cool. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Mon Dieu, Sharkey! My mom tried to teach me to shake... but not like that! I think that wiggling machine would make my breakfast come up.. I guess another good way its helps you to lose weight.

    Better off sneaking in bed with Fran I think.

    Later Skaters...

  • Shoeboy - loved your Edgar piece :)


  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,
    Glad you found some munchies, that is ALWAYS fun.
    The big girls sneak things off the counter or the table and they are kind enough to share with me.
    As far as Martha's Pilates equipment, OMG looks like something from the Inquisition.
    Stick to sneaking munchies! That machine looks dangerous LOL

  • Zoe, We could all do with a little slice of Edgar! Such a sweetie, don't you think? And it's always a good thing to respect our elders. :) And thanks for the note!

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow!!

    Mrrrow, I MUST'VE been s'eepin' pwetty sound to miss all dis excitement fwom yesterday! Sorwy I'm a wittle wate in wepwying.

    Edgars-n-fwenchies!...yeah, mommie's been tellin' me dat mommieMartha, Zoe-n-Shoeboy've been gittin' awot of wain where dey wiv. Mommie says to just hang in'll be gittin' hot, and soon the wains will pwob'ly stop.

    Hope you all git ta go outside-n-pway weal soon! Make sure your purrrsons have your wittle water bowls nearby, case you git t'irsty!

    (♫ Shakeshakeshake...shakeshakeshake ♫...I wiked dat, Shoeboy! Coot!)


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