Someone is playing a trick on us!

Posted by Francesca

You know that we Frenchies really like a good chase, but something caught our attention the other day and we just couldn't figure it out. Take a look at these photos and for all you dogs out there who have cat cousins - cats may seem aloof, but you've got to remember how cunning they can be.

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Francesca, what is this thing? It's got wheels and it's moving! It's some kind of truck, but there is no driver inside.

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  • Cute very cute, those sneaky cats you gotta watch out for cats never know what they will try to pull over on you!( My Mama says not a cat but human behind this caper - woofers!

    At least you are outside so your rain has cleared up and it looks like the ground is dry now so you can run off some of that frenchie energy.
    You should have hopped a ride on the mini toy it would have been like riding a bucking bronco!
    Love the photo on The Wag blog side bar of the Beagle puppy. I can't wait until The Daily Wag features the regal & GREAT Chow Chow LOL.

    Have a fun week you two and stay out of trouble if possible and if not let me join you ok.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - I can't believe that the two of your couldn't catch the truck!! I'm a little disappointed in your hunting skills. And for the cat playing the trick on you - AMBUSH!!!! I don't like those hair-balls, sorry Edgar. We have one that sneaks in our yard because mom feeds the birds, they seem to think its a bird buffet. I have to patrol the premises and make sure they stay on their side of the 6 foot fence.

    Well I'm sitting on mom's lap and I think, not sure because I haven't seen it in a while, that the sun might be starting to show its face. I was going to suggest we start building the ARK this weekend, I'm sick of rain!!!

    By the way, did you see the poem Shoeboy wrote for me??? Franny look out, I think he might be getting the hots for me :)


  • ahhhh, that is one smart pussycat "behind" the controls! we have a truck toy like that and mommie delia always puts treats in the bed and I chase it around...what fun! seems you pups enjoyed yourselves chasing a car(well, as long as it's a toy)
    a note from delia: before checking the news I come to "the Daily Way" to have a light artfelt beginning of the day, making it easier knowing there are some fun and good things happening in the world...Thanks Martha and pups for bringing this joy!

  • Pssst...hey girls! Want to get back at that cat? I have an electronic mouse you can borrow that will have that cat running in circles! I'll help you send that cat spinning into exhaustion in under two hours! What do you say?

  • Haaaaha! Oh! F&S!

    I'm just wondering what you two may have done to Cousin Cat (CC) that made playing a trick on you worth the time away from CC getting good nap or otherwise just being a'loaf'ing???

    Power to the 'invisible' people...or pussys! :)

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I don’t have a cat that plays tricks on me. My daddy takes care of that department. The other day he pointed his laser pointer on the floor in front of me. I just looked at the spot, turned my head and gave him “the aloof Chow Chow look” and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Me chase that thing on the floor. Not on your life I won’t. Anyway, I’ve seen daddy use a flashlight to often at night, while we are walking, to fall for that silly trick. He was careful not to shine it in my eyes so as not to hurt them.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,
    Was that Vivaldi behind the controls?
    You have to admit,just a did have fun didn't you? Sure did look like fun!!
    We never had anything like that, just giggle balls and windup toys.

    We have a feral cat, Creamsicle. Mom is very allergic. He loves Mom and teases us all through the frencing.

    we are all going out to play before it rains again....

  • Oh that is really cute!

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie said, 'oh nooooo!!' and was giggling at the wittle kittie at the contwol. For cats' sake, I've been twyin' ta tell ya' for months now, how we kc's can be! DO NOT undewestimate us - we are just as smart as you puppiedoggies, 'n I'll bet dat dis kittie was just wunnin' you two wagged, so you'd pant 'n go way you'selves down somepwace. Wemember, to get wespect, ya' gotta GIVE wespect, okay?! Do not take nuffin' fer gwanted when it comes to kc's!

    Happy MeowMonday!

    Your wittle Edgar

  • ...dis is fer my doggiefwiend, Zoe...

    Zoe, you weally need to know dat I is a good kittie...weally-n-twuly! I never been an outside boy...I too much of a 'fwaidey cat! I'm mature, too, so all's I do is s'eep most of da day.

    Mommie weally wuvs her wittle birdies, too, so I under'tand when dat kittie is bein' badddd. I'm gwad you take good care of t'ings...if dat kittie isn't invited - for cats' sake, then, you've got fwee weign!

    Your (hopefulwy) fewine fwiend,


  • Hi F & S,
    You two have so much energy I think you should get some skateboards to play with. If you get really good on them, you could give kitty cat a run for his money. He's a very beautiful cat just like you two sweeties are, even if he is tricky. So, who bought the monster truck for the cat to play with; your mommy maybe or did she buy it for herself? If I had one, I would play with it.

  • Edgar
    Sorry for the late response, mom was sick and I've been sitting at the desk in front of the computer for hours waiting to blog.

    Yeah - we can be friends online but you must know I'm not a cat person. They eat my birds!!


  • Hi!, F&S,

    Hope I'm not too late but just wondered who the Cat Cousin is? One of Martha's? What a beauty!...Names, please. :)

  • Himmy's Rule!!!!

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