Sir Frosty thinks he is a hunter

Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I were lounging on the terrace the other day when we spotted Sir Frosty, one of our cat cousins.  He's kind of shy and we don't see him very often.  We had ourselves a good laugh because it appears that Sir Frosty doesn't seem to me much of a hunter.  Maybe we should have given him some tips.

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Ha-ha-ha - Those birds know he's there and they don't care.

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  • F & S
    Sir Frosty is sure a pretty cat but I think clueless when it comes to hunting. He looks like a stuffed animal laying in the grass. He needs to have his ears back, eyes focused and his back legs ready to spring into action.

    Chippy looks like an interesting catch. We have those little suckers running all around our property. I was amazed how fast they are and did you know they can even climb trees!! Mom catches them hanging on the bird feeders. I sit and wait underneath for one to drop - still waiting :)


  • what an adorable cat cousin! those fancy schmanzy puzzy kats like Sir Frosty are not much of a hunter, they just sit around looking purrddy...I'm a feral kitty and an expert hunter, but mommie delia is trying to rid my habit, so far I have chased out every chippy in our yard and the birds don't come back to the bird baths...the only birds here outside of the ones in the trees are the Robins gettings their worm meals, and I won't go after them cause they peck you on the head....anyway I love how purrddy Sir Frosty is.

  • Hello F&S!

    Sir Frosty is too refined for hunting. And besides, he gets all of the good food he needs because your Mom is such a great pet owner AND cat lover.

    I'm sure that in his day Sir Frosty kept the birds on their toes but you know, there come a time when we kinda lay down our childish ways and start seeking out a little peace and solitude, a reflection of things gone by, perhaps.

    You two are still young and perky, ready to jump right in at everything...that's what I love about you, your spring-like enthusiasm for all the moves, or in the case of Sir Frosty...all that decides to just lounge and linger.

    One day we should all get together and have a huge party for all of your elder cousin cats and cater to their majesty of age-hood. I think Sir Frosty would feel loved and honored.

    And then we'll have a late-night dog bash for us youngins...Mello Yello for everybody! :)

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Mama told me about one of my distant cousins (a cat) who was pecked by a mockingbird each day. One day mama saw him (cat) on his back in the grass with his feet in the air. It seemed that he was waiting for the bird to dive bomb him again. A few days later mama found feathers in the yard and no mockingbird. Don’t underestimate Sir Frosty, he’s just thinking about his plan of attack.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Wait a minute Sharkey - remember your hunting skills include skunks - on more than one occasion! I don't think Martha would be too pleased if you capture another this year.
    Give Sir Frosty time to warm-up his skills. Or, maybe he's just waiting for you to do the hunting for him. But, be careful of that Bluejay!
    Keep 4 paws on the ground please,

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Girls, pwease don't wet Sir Frostykittie fool you! He-n-I are bwothers in the cathood, and we will stick together! I assure you that he WILL have one of those tasty birdies if he wants 'em. All's it takes is 'bap', 'n it's all over but the cwyin'! I would advise dat you don't mess wif 'im, either. We kitties' forearms are mighty, 'n if he has cwaws, wook out! It onwy takes one thump! I'm jus sayin'...before you go wunnin', yelpin' wif your tail between your wegs... Wive-n-wearn!

    Your good fwiend,


  • I think Sir Frosty is like my cat Muffy. She thinks she is 'all that', but she isn't. :)

    Love, love love the daily wag. It brings a smile to my day.

    Can't wait to read about more adventures!


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