Sharkey Helps Out in the Berry Patch

Posted by Sharkey

Martha's berries are beginning to ripen, which means pick, pick, pick. Francesca isn't feeling well from a bout of that dreaded lyme disease and she needs to stay calm and cool inside. I, however, wanted to lend a paw in the berry patch and help with the picking. Martha really likes red currants and she makes jars and jars of delicious, clear, ruby red jelly.

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Oh, these currants look so beautiful glistening in the sun.

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  • Franny - Lime Disease - oh no!!! That is horrible and nasty stuff. I hate those little ticks. The antibiotic will work but you must take care of yourself. Sharkey, you better make sure your sister takes it easy.

    Mom applies FrontLine to us every month, we live in the woods and the ticks are bad. Lots of people mom and dad play golf with have gotten Lime Disease, mom is always checking herself when she gets home from golf. I hope I don't get it.

    Franny get better soon.


  • sweeeet photos of you Sharkey, love the colors! wow Lime Disease is my mommie delia's biggest fear for me, she picked off my nose a Lime tick two weeks ago and then applied some stuff on my neck, hope I don't get Lime...hope you feel better you cute Pup!

  • Sharkey, you looked pretty among the red currants. Have you ever thought about stringing them and making a necklace and/or bracelets? You would look HOT in red currant jewelry. I think you're cute. You'll probably have to seriously kiss up to Martha to get some red currants for jewelry-making, though. I could give you effective kiss-up lessons, if you'd like (I'm a pro). Give me a bark, if you're interested! Bye.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Those ticks are really a bad thing for everyone. It’s so hot, living in the south, in the summer I try to stay inside with the AC as much as I can. I still have to “go” outside at times and I get checked often for cirtters. I get my monthly medication to keep the small critters from hurting me. The other day the AC developed a leak and had to be repaired. It got above 80 degrees in the house and I thought I was going to roast before they repaired the AC. It was 98 degrees outside, so staying inside was still cooler for me.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Sharkey!

    I love the first picture of you amidst the currants! It reminds me of that segment from the old TV comedy, 'Laugh-In'...'Berrrry Interesting!' Ha! ;)

    When I was a pup, I remember seeing some berries in Washington State. I was all alone in the woods, and nobody saw me eat them! It's a nice memory.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Francesca, my love. Is it from a tic bite? If so, how coincidental! One of those demon suckers got tacked-down good on my forearm. Mom smashed the pee-Jesus out of it!

    Give a sweet lick to Franny for me. I'm sending my good thoughts to her for a quick recovery!

    Thanks, Sharkey! You're the 'berry' best!

  • I help eat, oh I mean pick blackberries.
    Please tell Frannie I hope she gets better!!!
    Wet nose smooches,

  • Hi Girl Friends, Sharkey, you sure look like you are having fun helping pick those gorgeous red currents for Martha. Sure wish I could be there to help you since Franny is sick. I am really upset after learning that Franny has Lime disease. I sure hope she gets better real soon. My mom and I send our thoughts and prayers your way. Will anxiously await the news that she is better and up to her old tricks again. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • We are very worried about Franny. Lime Disease must be horrible. Sharkey is doing great in your absence Franny but please send us news of your well being soon.Love and licks, Basil

  • So sorry Franny has Lyme disease. The photos of Sharkey with berries are gorgeous.

  • Both of us are sad that Franny isn't feeling well and hope that she feels much better soon. We domestic short hair sisters love having our Mom read your blog to us everyday and have so much fun with the pictures. Glad that Sharkey could carry on while Franny puts her energy into getting better.
    Love, Topie and Ginger

  • Oh Sharkey you look so cute amongst the berries. I'm holding out for the blackberries to ripen though.

    Give Franny a big hug for me please.

  • lots of love and prayers hope you feel better soon we love you franny you to sharkey also your two legged mommy martha she will take good care of you get well soon love& licks wiskers bigdude catfish

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