Raining Cats and Frenchies

Posted by Francesca

I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but it's been incredibly rainy around our home. It just doesn't seem to end. I can tell you one thing - Sharkey and I are feeling really housebound. Quand va-t-il arrêter de pleuvoir? (When will it stop raining?)

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OK Sharkey, let's make a dash for it!

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  • I am sorry you are getting so much rain please send some to California we are in a drought it was 100 here today. Chows can't take the heat so I have been napping all day.
    The horses look content but no fun for doggies when it rains we stink something awful when our fur gets wet ugh!
    Cheer up little ones and have a fantastic weekend with your Mama or Uncle Carlos.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    I know what you mean about the rain - ENOUGH - already. I live in South Jersey (exit 4 of the turnpike) and I can't take it any more. I hate to go out in the rain, mom has to carry me out so I can do my business.

    Someone needs to tell the big guy upstairs to turn the water off!!


  • Hi F&S,

    I know, sometimes the rain is so welcoming and then other times it's like a house guest that won't leave!, or a wet t-shirt you can't pull out of! Love the raincoats, by the way...so slick!

    Got any more of those good books to read?, like
    'Custard and Mustard'?

    Well, here's a little poem for the two of you and I hope it helps the time go by a little faster until you're out there again in the sunny days of summer!

    If I could fly I'd try, try, try
    If I could sing I'd howl with bling

    If rain would stay as dew on day
    the drops would be so nice and gay

    But windows sit as eyes look out
    and drizzled drops lay on your snout

    We must be true and seek the view
    that climbs above a sky renewed

    'Cause everyday there is a chance
    for rain to come and dogs to dance

    So grab your friend and play a song
    and we'll all smile and dream along!

    Love to my little Frency's and to wittle Edgar, too!

    Amen! And have a great weekend!

    PS. Are you gonna get to make homemade ice cream? What's you favorite? Mine's 'Vanello', and it rhymes with Mello Yello! :)

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I don’t like the rain much; hate to get wet. When it rains here, it’s usually a thunderstorm. I hate storms. I am afraid and I have to have one of those little pills, I think they call them a tranquilizer, so that I will calm down. It wasn’t my fault that a tree was blown down in my back yard when I was a puppy. I like your raincoats. I have a yellow “slicker” I wear when it’s raining real hard. I stay dry and all mom has to do is dry my head, and feet, when I come back inside.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Shoeboy
    That was such a cute poem :)


  • Hi gals,
    You look so cute in your rain slickers. Where are your matching galoshes? I tried to put plastic bags on my little poodle's legs to keep the snow out of his fur but he didn't want anything to do with that so he would kick them off. He stayed outside so long in the snow that he looked like a frozen fur ball when he finally decided to come inside and he also liked to get drenched in the rain. That was one crazy pooch!

    Would you believe I'm half French and can't speak a word of it? I guess I will just have to learn from you two. Don't test me later though!

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie's all a'cited cuz all the pictures are sooo bootiful. Mommie didn't know that the horsies were so cwose to mommieMartha's house - why, she can walk wight out 'n pet their wong bootiful faces! Evewyting did wook mrrrowy gween 'n mommie just woves it when evewyting is well-watered. She is sorrwy, tho', that your mommie's veggies don't have much fwavor cuz of the wain. Mommie pwacticwy yelled when she saw the two of you, side by side, contempwating making a dash for it - she said you was pwecious or sumpm...yesterday, you was adorwable...now, you're pwecious! PweasepweasePWEASE don't be twyin' to win MY mommie's heart over MRRREEE!

    Wots of wove, ♥

  • ...dis is fer Shoeboy...

    Oh Shoeboy, mommie gasped wif dewight when she wead your wittle post today. She wead it to me, too, and I was a'cited dat you said my name!

    T'ank you, Shoeboy, fer wememberwing me. Mommie says to have a bwess-ed day.

    Your faifful fwiend,

  • Oh please send the rain my way to Texas. It has been very HOTTTT and dry here - 98 to 100 degrees for the last week or so. Just as long as it's not a thunderstorm - I hate those. I have to go hide in my "safe spot" (dark corner behind the chair).
    Just love reading your blog everyday!!

    Wet nose smooches,

  • Franny,I always thought the rain was in Spain?
    Yes,Sharkey but,its mainly on the plain
    Well, we cant stand here all day
    Lets see if the horses want to play.
    One,two,three, you'd better go first
    Oooh I cant run too fast,I might burst.
    You go,because youre always quicker
    I'll bring up the rear,'cause I'm slicker.
    Legs uncrossed,best puggy grin,you're such a dude
    Hurry,M&M will think we're up to no good.
    Lets count the raindrops,put on the dog.
    Afterwards,we can check out our blog.

  • Oh...I can relate to the non stop rain. I'm in New Hampshire and I've forgotten what the sun feels like!

    The rain coats are adorable!

    Hope you didn't step in any 'poodles'. hee hee


  • Zoe, Zoe, tail upright
    You're a 'good dog' true and bright

    Comments come to F&S
    From your heart so glorious

    You're eyes watch and see the truth
    Everyday they post the proof!

    Up and out by early morn
    You're the dog! A star is born!

    Thanks, Zoe. :)

  • whoa pups! I know how you feel about the rain! it rained "Gatos and Perros" here, almost 4" in one hour and I had to sleep outside cause my mommie delia was in Chicago for 4 day's... and she said it rained like heck there too.
    but being a feral kitty, I know where to go to keep dry...I sure was happy to see mommie delia come home and let me in the house.
    by the way, your raincoats are way too cute!!!

  • Shoeboy - you are so sweet :)


  • EDGAR! edgar- *EdGar* 'eDgAr' eDGAR, EdGAR, EDgAR, EDGaR, Edgar, Since your *name* spelled backwards is 'RAGDE' I'd like to make you an honorary member of 'R.A.G.D.E.', a-dog activist's group focusing their attention on curbing the aggression of others by offering a more healthy way to deal with anger. And since you have such a sweet disposition, and we have recently begun to include cats in our organization...(let's face it, we need all the help we can get!)...I personally and proudly announce your commission into "RAGDE", 'Rough & Growl Dog-Enterprises'! Congratulations, Edgar! EDGAR! EDGAR? EEEEDDDDGGGAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!! :)

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