Our photo shoot at the office

Posted by Sharkey

As you know from Friday's blog, we Frenchies had a very important engagement at Martha's offices and studios at the Starrett Lehigh building in New York City.  Because of our great beauty and fame, we were called to be part of a photo shoot, modeling the latest in Halloween costume couture.  As usual, the craft department did an amazing job in coming up with new designs and the costumes were very comfortable to wear.  Our only regret is that we can't show you any pictures of them, as they are still top-secret.  You'll have to be patient and wait a while.

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Oooh - that feels good - thanks Yasemin Emory.

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  • That's right gals tease us and tease us some more!
    Guess we have to wait months and months to find out what your costumes were - of course ~
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - I can't wait to see the big surprise!!! I'm thinking maybe this is the release of your new clothing line - I hope so :)

    We went shoping at the Jake's Dog House over the weekend and I got a lovely outfit for the 4th of July. Mom is going to send in a picture so you'll get to see how good I look. I'm not really fond of the 4th - those fireworks are too loud for me.

    Looking forward to the pictures!!!

  • Halloween costume couture, eh? My Mom likes to dress me in costumes, so I can't wait to see your new line. There's a photo of me in my pirate costume from Halloween of a couple of years ago on "Twitter" - my Mom (@suefaw) is using it as her current photo! I think she's jealous of my costume & good looks, but don't say anything to her. I also had a great cowboy costume one time, and my Mom dressed up as a cowboy dog
    (so we were both cowboy dogs!) Have fun, you two!

  • Hi F&S!

    New clothing line??? I like you just fine without clothes!!! :)

    Patience??? I'll see if I can mustard some up!

  • that's great! everyone at your level...shows who's boss, eh pups?

  • My mom has tried to make me outfits, but it's easier (and cheaper) to just buy them! Go figure!

  • It will be fun to see the "final" photos of costumes, etc. It is just as fun to see the photos of the process! :)

  • May I have your pawtographs? Oh, and Sharkey, when you say it is always nice to see Jeff Allen, shouldn't you be facing him or do you have eyes in the back of your...head?

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Oh boy, top-secret. I just love a secret. I’m really good at keeping one too so far. I have a lot of them and I haven’t told one person what they are. You can trust me; go ahead and tell me. I’m all ears; well not quite, Chows have rather small ears. But they hear really good.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Mrrrow. I'm sure you two were pawesome during your photo shoot - for cats' sake, I hope evwysing went alwight. Mommie seemed disappointed to not be able to see your costumes - she'll hafta wait, wike evwyone else I guess...

    Sharkeybarkey, I wike how fwiendly you are wif stwangers. It sure makes me wish I weren't such a 'fwaidey cat!

    Wots of wuv,

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