Our little escape at Jordan Pond

Posted by Francesca

Today on Martha's blog, she has posted photos of the hike we all went on around Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Forest in Maine. It's really a lovely spot to go hiking and Sharkey and I love the trail. When Martha and company stopped for a little rest, she took off our leashes. You know how we're always up for a little adventure so we wandered off a bit to see what we could see. Here's proof of just how silly Sharkey can be.

11 of 11

New is right! Look at my legs - Egads! I'm becoming Francesca! MARTHA!!!

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  • Wow what a beautiful place to explore, you are lucky and full of energy no wonder after seeing this landscape it would make even an old dog like me young again(well for a few minutes!)
    Sharkey you get into so many messes from skunks to mud kiddo!
    I envy you your youth, happy summer days to you & Franny.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Cuties! It looks like you both had an interesting and beautiful adventure. So lucky!
    love uuuu

  • Sharkey - YUK - why did you get so muddy??? I'm sure Martha was not pleased with you, a bath must of been in your future.

    Your hike looks like lots of fun. I'm not allowed off the leash because I take off and won't come back when called. I come back to mom when I'm tired and ready to go home, she gets really mad.

    So have you and Francesca discussed a play date with your blogger buddies with Martha??


  • what a BEAUTIFUL place! mud and all, looks like you pups had a marvelous time...mommy delia says it reminds her of Bavaria where she once lived ..there she found a kitty and named it Riesse after the Lake there http://www.squidoo.com/GarmischGermany

  • Hey F&S!

    You're really just a couple of Girl Scouts!

    And Franny, Pic # 4 of 11, love that little sway to the pose. I imagined that you were humming 'Oh, Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me...'. Were you? I was. :)

    And Miss S., Pic #5 of 11, 'Oh the shark bites... with 'her' teeth, dear...and 'she' keeps them...pearly white!'

    What a wonderful summer you're having! And so very well deserved! Good girls!

  • Hi F & S:
    Franny, I didn't know you couldn't swim until Sharkey said so. It scared me to see you standing on the big boulder over the water even though I know you are careful. No doubt Martha would jump in and get you if you fell in, but still...! Sharkey, you really cracked me up in picture #11 with your muddy legs and paws and yes, you did look a bit like Francesca from the ‘waist’ down. I guess it was bath time when you got home, huh? Thanks sweeties for another daily laugh!

  • Mrrrow. Oh noooo!...wook at chou, Sharkeybarkey! That wittle puddle did wook wefweshing-n-all, but you got your wittle tootsietoes-n-wegs all wet (not to mention dirty!) MommieMartha's gonna hafta cwean you all up before you can get back in the car! Mrrrow, for cats' sake, we DO NOT wike getting our tootsietoes (or anysing else!) all wet. Ohhh, we're sooooo fastidious about ourselves that we get to work wight away to get ourselves dwy! Sometimes in life, tho', ya just gotta get dirty, pway, and have a wittle fun! BpppupMrrrow. =^..^=

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Frenchies sink like a rock??? I didn’t know that. I didn’t know about swimming until one afternoon while we were visiting Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana. It was 102 in the shade while we were walked along the shore and that crystal clear water looked good. I don’t like to get wet, not even a bath, so going into the water wasn’t my cup of tea. I stepped into the water and found out that it was really cool. Out I went a little deeper. Mama said to watch out for the drop off. I didn’t know what she was talking about until I lost the bottom. It took me only about a second to find out that I could swim. That water felt so good, mama had a hard time getting me to get out. Neat stuff; that water.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • How nice to go on a scenic hike without leashes!
    : ))) Thanks for taking us along with the beautiful photos.
    On a hot day, must be nice to jump in the water and go for a swim too!

  • I loved seeing your adventure in pictures. What fun !!!
    I saw you and your mistress, Martha, in Saint Louis, Mo. not long ago. That was lots of fun, too.
    Love you and Martha too of course !!

  • Kirby Bear and Trish
    I can swim. When mom heard that Frenchie's sink she freaked, we have an inground pool. She puts me in a few times a year and makes me swim to the steps. I must say I'm not fond of the water but just in case I would ever get knocked in by the Labs I live with she wanted to make sure I could get out. My stroke is not the perfect doggie paddle form but it works.

    I enjoy laying in the warm sun on my nice lounge chair.


    PS. F & S if you want a swimming lesson have your driver bring you down to South Jersey and I'll give you a few tips :)

  • Aw, Sharkey.... remember this...a little dirt won't hurt!

    I'm in New Hampshire, maybe I will take a visit up to Maine and check out that nifty area.

    Maybe life jackets are in order when around water. Would hate to see the both of you sink all the way down to the bottom of the lake. Yikes!

    gail in NH!

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