Making Cupcakes!

Posted by Francesca

Martha has been talking so much about cupcakes lately, promoting her new Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. We, Frenchies, have actually been feeling a bit left out because cupcakes look like so much fun and we can't eat any ourselves.  But, we remedied that situation and came up with a plan - a no-bake cupcake made from dog food and other healthy ingredients.  We opened a can of our favorite Purina ONE dog food and used that for the 'batter.'  Then, we decorated the tops.  Wouldn't Martha be proud of us?  Perhaps we should have entered the cupcake contest.  We may have won.

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They smell so good - may we eat them now or do we have to wait until dinner?

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  • "Me thinks" you gals will have your own guest appearance gig on Martha next season!
    Baking Bulldogs. Watch out Martha they will take over hosting your show!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    Your cupcake looks delicious and so beautiful, I'm going to ask mom to make me one like that, I have a birthday coming up in August.

    I've had a taste of a real cup cake, well not a cup cake but a donut. My sister Sophie, the blonde lab, loves to steal food from the counter. One morning dad left the donut box out and within her reach. Sophie got the box down and we all had our share of donuts. There were 6 left in the box and we ate them all. Being the smallest of the group I had to settle for a few tiny bites but they sure were YUMMY. Sophie was in trouble, had to do a time out in her crate but it was well worth it.

    My mom was all excited yesterday she received her new mixer that your mom gave to all the people who attended the May birthday show. I also saw a copy of the Cupcake Book on the counter so I'm sure there will be cupcakes in our future for the weekend. Rainy weekend, new mixer, new cookbook = lots of good stuff for us :)

    Have a nice weekend.


    P.S. I was sorry to hear of the passing of your brother Mozart. You all have my sympathy.

  • you must be really healthy...carrots and peas? what good little pups!

  • Hello my little Cupcakes! :)

    Well aren't the two of you resourceful? There are many good dog treat recipes out there but if you can come up with a cupcake treat for dogs then I think you're really on to something BIG!

    Martha's right about EVERYTHING! My Mom follows (or tries to follow) her advice about pet health and now I'm not allowed even one little bit of anything sweat anymore...I even got caught red-handed with the Mello Yello...:( But all's well and so am I! Really feeling much better without all that bad people food in me.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm so very sorry to hear about your best 'cat' friend Mozart. There are some cat-cultures that celebrate the ascension of our dearly departed; and I suppose once we all collect our tears we really *should* come together with a 'Ode To Joy' and send Mozart off in real style...Cat Cupcakes for *everyone*!

    Again, my deepest regards to all.

  • Wowee girls, your cupcakes look GOOD! Would you make some for me? What would you charge? I'll give you two bacon strips and one biscuit per it a deal? Sharkey, I'll sneak an extra hot dog under the table for you if you'll get Franny to go along...c'mon!

  • Hi F & S,
    Martha's update on Twitter was about your cupcake blog so I'm over here checking it out, but I check it out every day anyway. Great job! You two are getting good at so many things but then you have Martha for your teacher. She's the best and I know because I learn a lot of stuff from her too! I think I could go for your kind of cupcake with the peas and carrots on top. I'm not so sure about the Purina but then I’ve never tried it. I was thinking more along the lines of chicken maybe. Anyway, you two little rascals make all of us smile with your very entertaining blog so keep on blogging! This afternoon I will be getting Martha’s cupcake book – high five!

  • Mrrrow. You two wook mrrrowy angelwic. (We kitties know how to do that too!) Pwease don't take offense, but, for cats' sake, the topping on your wittle cakes doesn't wook too awfulwy good to me! - I'm NOT about to eat peas ORRR carwots (unwess they're gwound up 'n I don't know it!) They are pwetty, tho'...colorful, too! I tho't you was gonna' bake 'em in your wittle oven. Prrr. =^..^=

  • WOW! Those are some cupcakes guys! My little doggie, Greta would love those!!! Maybe you'd be willing to share!?!?

  • ...this post is in response to Trish...

    'Try it, you'll like it'! Just pretend the Purina food is tuna casserole! Gee whiz, I ate Milk Bone as a kid ('cleaner/whiter teeth in 2 weeks!'), and I'm still here! [giggle] For real! - ask my brother - it's become a family story!

    High paws, too, on your new Martha-library-edition!


  • ...this post is in response to Trish...

    'Try it, you'll like it'! Just pretend the Purina food is tuna casserole! Gee whiz, I ate Milk Bone as a kid ('cleaner/whiter teeth in 2 weeks!'), and I'm still here! [giggle] For real! - ask my brother - it's become a family story!

    High paws, too, on your new Martha-library-edition!


  • Hi Girl Friends, This is your greatest blog so far and my mom thinks so, too. The minute I saw you two going to the garden to get the carrots and peas, my mouth began to water. You sure did do a great job of creating a beautiful, yummy looking doggie cupcake! Like Franny, I wouldn't be able to wait till dinner, I'd dig right in and eat both of them!! I'm now begging my mom to let me make some of them real soon. Yummy! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I’m into cupcakes but my mommy won’t let me have any because of the sugar. As for those carrots, I haven’t gotten one down yet. They just get to my tongue and back out they come; kerr-splat. Now I do take mommy to the mailbox every day and I get a cookie for doing so. You can bet that I listen for the mail carrier real hard so I don’t miss out on that cookie. On Sundays I try to “fake” it but that doesn’t seem to work for some reason.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hey Dogs (and Cats), Just wanted to correct a mistake I made...

    It wasn't MOZART who wrote 'Ode To Joy', it was 'BEET'hoven!!!HaaaaHaHaHaa!!! :)

    Hope everyone has a weekend full of it!...Joy, that is! :)

  • Your cupcakes look delicious.....made from my favorite batter too! Does this mean a doggie receipe book is coming out from you? What will Martha think of that?
    And, yes, you did make her proud I'm sure.
    Have fun,

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey,
    Great job with the cupcakes. Very creative of you.
    We love carrots, not peas though.
    The Bull Terriers get a natural diet, alot of fruits and vegetables incoporated in treats as well as raw meat.
    Good job. The pictures were great. We can put your picture on the cover of a cookbook now!

  • Wow- Those 'pup'cakes look delish! My mom made my favorite flavor cake for my birthday (I just turned one), but I didn't get to eat all of it. You see, my dad came home from work hungry and grabbed it thinking it was for humans... boy was he suprised when it didn;t turn out to be Chocolate but Liver flavor instead!

    I'll see if my mom will try your recipe next time.

    Lots o' Smoochies

    Cutie Pie Cutie

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