Hiking at Great Head and Road Kill!

Posted by Sharkey

Yesterday, Francesca told you about our hike at Jordan Pond and today, I get to tell you about hiking at Great Head, also in Acadia National Park in Maine. This trail loops around the perimeter of the small peninsula called Great Head and takes you up to amazing pink granite cliffs. We did this hike on Sunday morning and unfortunately, the weather wasn't so nice and it started to rain. While we were driving to Great Head, Francesca went nuts barking when she spotted something on the road. Take a look at this!

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Enough with the road kill already. We're finally on our hike at Great Head Trail in Acadia National Forrest. Shaun, Martha's gardener, says that those leafy plants are called pathfinder. Apparently, they grow naturally along the edges of paths. How clever.

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  • You gals are tough a little rain can't stop a bull dog! Looks like fun except for the poor SOUL that was left in the middle of the road might have had a family you know!

    Beautiful scenery.

    Maine looks like a nice place to hang out.

    Gotta run time for bed- Chow gals~

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S

    Who turned off the heat???? It's cold here in NJ this morning. I told mom I needed my sweater - my buns were FREEZING.

    Anyway, road kill? Is that the best thing you could take a picture of on the way to your hike?? Franny - get control of the camera - that was gross. Oh and I agree, that creature did not have a dental plan.

    Well I've got to go snuggle in the sofa cushions or go jump back in bed with dad - I'm cold - this weather is crazy.


  • Awe Sharkey,

    That's sad to me to see that poor porky.

  • boy you pups are lucky!!! I love the carved marker, hope Sharkey didn't lift his leg on it...beautiful scenery, and what is even more beautiful, is the fact that Martha actually gets time to see all of this WITH you pups....wow, I'm envious!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Daddy often takes me for walks and we sometimes find things along the road too. My favorite thing to fine is something daddy calls a “sail frog.” It’s a very flat frog hardened by the sun and very stiff. Daddy picks it up and throws it like a frisbee and yells, “Sail frog.”
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F & S,
    I didn't 'specially like seeing the road kill but it happens even when drivers try to be careful. Thanks for taking us to the leafy path which was much nicer to look at! Every time I come over here to read your blog, which btw is every day, I wish I could reach through the monitor and just hug you and kiss your cute little faces! I just love little doggies and cats too. So Sharkey, do you want me to let Delia know that you are a little girl or do you want to tell her? Oops, I think I just did! C’ya tomorrow.

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Awww, dat poor wittle porkiepine...mommie tho't he was a wittle turtle. She woves turtles but was just as sad when she saw the porkiepine up cwose, on 'is back-n-all. Fwannie, mommie just woves your wittle bwindle fur coat dat God gave you. I'm weal gwad you two had some fun before the wains came. And mrrrow, I do think mommieMartha did know a thing 'r two, wearing her wain-swicker...she's a verwy smart wady 'n I tink it'd be best if you two wistened to her more. It's basicwy another 'good ting'!

    By the way, for any wegular weaders that wead my posts, you should know that if I begin my daily post with thwee mrrrow's, it's just 'cause I'm a'cited about dat day's bwog, dat's all...

    Mommie says to have a bwessed day.

    Your faifful fewinefwiend,


  • Aside from the road kill it looks like you had a nice hike. Mom always covers my eyes when she sees something like that because it makes her sad.

  • [Shoeboy, a devout dog of the collar and cloth commences:]

    'Dearly Bedogged,

    We are gathered here in the sight of doG to bear witness to our dearly departed roadside friend Porcupinus. Those who knew him stuck to him like a friend you just couldn't detach yourself from. Those of you who are here to offer support to family and friends may have met him and never even known that you, too, had been in the company of a rare breed...one of whom you may have never found easily...like a needle in a hay stack. But here among us now lies the remains of another victim of human driving. Another death on these hard roads that disturb and confine us to a chance of death all too often. I remember last summer, officiating for a well known frog celebrity whose voice was like that of an angel. I'm sure you all remember her famous hit, "I croaked on the 214." And she had so many great songs, "Jumpin' Judy and the Jeep that wouldn't beep." So let us now be reminded of happier days gone by for those now gone to that eternal sunset in the sky while the choir sings one of Porcupus' favorites...'Skid Over Troubled Water.'

    And soon following the service the lassies axillary are welcoming one and all into the fellowship hall for cup cakes and Mello Yello.'

    "doG be with us." "And also with you."

  • Yikes! I figured Francesca would be the one to spot that first. She has a good "eye" for things. Please don't get any ideas of hunting porcupines!!!! Are you sure French Bulldogs aren't included in the AKC's Sporting Dogs section:)

  • Mrrrow.

    (...Dis is in wesponse to Shoeboy's eulwogy for the wittle porkiepine...)

    Amen. (My wittle head was bowed out of wespect, Shoeboy.)


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