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Posted by Francesca

It's a busy time of year for garden tours and people just love coming to see Martha's gardens.  As you know, I am very fond of showing off the farm to visitors and this time it was a group from The Royal Oak Foundation.  And as for Sharkey, as usual, she went off and did her own thing.

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Martha may be the one talking to this group, but I'm the one in the lead. Those blue garden shoes are on Martha's feet.

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  • F & S
    Another garden tour??? And when can I expect the invite for your dog tour of the gardens with your blogger buddies??? Oh, and I think you should include a run with the donkey's that looks really fun.

    As far as refreshments, I personally prefer Pino Grigio. If mom leaves her glass unattended for a second I'm right there, good stuff. When mom's sisters come over they like to float in the pool with a glass of wine. I wait until they put the glass on the deck then I'm all over it - yummy :) Around the pool they use fancy plastic wine glasses so when I knock the drink over no one gets cut. That's when I get called all kinds of names - except Zoe :)

    I hear the breakfast bowl - time to eat :)


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    You two are so lucky to have that many visitors. I don’t get too many around our place, but when we do I usually “announce” their arrival loudly. One day the door bell rang and I guess my announcement scared the guy. When mama opened the door, he was almost half way up the drive way heading for the street. He ran almost as fast as one of those squirrels out back move when I bark at them. Hay, I just wanted everyone to know that the doorbell had rung, but he didn’t see it that way.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Oh sweeties you both look like you had a great time!
    you both are sooooo adorable cuuuute!

  • another fun tour with you pups! it must be nice to live near and be able to join groups like this for the great tours...thanks F & S for sharing!

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Looks like you have very important jobs to do. All those people coming to take a tour. Wow! I bet you sure get tired after taking on such an important task. Your mom's veggie garden looks like a good crop this year. That is what my mom told me when she saw the picture. Too much work for me though. I think I'll go and have a mid-morning nap. See ya later, Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi F & S,
    I just knew you two would get in on another one of Martha's garden tours somehow! Actually, you are becoming quite the guides. Do you have any goodies buried in any of those gardens? You know a milk bone or two just in case you get a hunger pang? Well, the view was different from your angle with the green boots and Martha's blue shoes, etc. but Franny you looked so cute walking along the fenced in garden and standing on the cold frame and Sharkey always makes me laugh when she teases the donkeys. You pups are the best! Trish

  • Hi F&S!

    How was your weekend? We mowed and mowed and mowed!

    I really haven't thought about it before but being small dogs like you are, you get to see alot of shoes, don't you? I especially loved the green boots! Mom and I both have white boots; but that's just one of the reasons my name is's really "SHOO" boy...hee hee. :)

    We loved the garden tour and I knew you were in there somewhere scouting around. Glad you both got to attend!

    Summer is fun when there's a garden. Your Mom is great! Say hi!

  • Dear Francesca and Sparkey,

    Another fun day for you.
    One of Mom's BTs lived with a Minature Donkey, Cocoa (and a Parson Russel)and several horses.
    Emma really likes Cocoa alot.
    I must say Francesca, you did a very good job with the tour. OK, one little tiny detour for the squirel,
    and Sharkey the donkeys! Such fun! Joie de vie!!
    Or, you go girls!
    Great day for the guests and for you. Good job!
    Love chasing those squirrels myself, but chasing the puppy Joplin is even MORE fun.
    We have to "hook up" someday. Your Mom would like the BTs, they really are nice dogs.

  • Hi...i love to see little tigers walking along the garden of libis quezon city. wow you will see how beautiful the sun is =)

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