Francesca thinks she is so clever

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Francesca thought she was pretty clever the other day, getting involved with that garden tour.  Honestly, she can be so self-important sometimes.  But you may have noticed that she lost interest before the tour group got to the pergola and I'll be happy to take you there.  Martha's pergola is a long, freestanding structure of granite pillars and wooden crossbeams.  It really makes a lovely walkway with many beautiful plantings.  You'll see that Martha created a 'blue' theme here.  It's really quite beautiful.

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It's so pretty to stroll through the pergola. The edge of the border is lined with blue cat mint (nepeta.) You should see how crazy the cats get when they smell this plant. It looks like fun.

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  • Hey Sharkey

    My mom has the same color clematis growing up our mailbox, it is a very pretty color. It gets really big and full and last summer there was a snake in there, scared the crap out of mom one day. My dad, the brave man that he is, got the broom and got rid of it. We didn't tell the neighbors but he put it on their property. Mom really hates snakes.

    Another rainy day down here in South Jersey. I'm not fond of the rain so I'll probably catch up on my beauty sleep today. The weekend looks nice, that means mom's nieces and nephews will be here swimming - lots of fun. I love when Abbie and Nicole come over, we play house. They always have some kind of good toy I can steal and chew.

    F & S have a nice weekend.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Mama always says that you must stop and smell the roses, but I guess that’s in another garden. You are so lucky to be on a farm with all the pretty flowers. I think that I would really like being on a farm; it looks like there is so much to do. When we travel, I look forward to the farmlands and all the animals. Speaking of which, there’s that pesky squirrel again. Go to run for now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Francey what lovely photos of you and the blue flowers...very sweet images...I use to have Clematis(Passion flower?) in California...I miss them

  • Hi Sharkey!

    You really are sooo sweet looking! I do see the difference between yours and Franny's personality. I, like you, would want to run through the PURRgolas lined with blue cat mint, too! :)

  • Dear Sharkey,

    So nice both you and Francesca "share" tours and mixing, mingling with the visitors.
    That is how it is here, depending on who is here of course. Sometimes just me, and then some of the BTs and then all five of us for Mom's real dog friends!
    You both did a wonderful job. Mom and I have got to come up to visit sometime, the CT. house, not MAINE!
    We have a house in Vermont on a lake, I have to be careful not to fall in!

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: WOW! What pretty flowers you are smelling. My mom has a gardenia bush that is over 20 years old now. She told me this. Now our home is full of gardenias. I cannot imagine being that old. I am glad you didn't get lost in that huge garden. Hey, don't forget to have a wonderful weekend. It's time for me to have a snack and a nap. Love, Gracyn.

  • these photos are darling! i love the site of a tiny one running happily. there's nothing cuter! thanks for sharing!

  • love all the flowers and Gardens your dogs are so cute and love to sniff. I have a very youg Tuxedu Kitten each and everytime I bring fresh cut flowers in she is right there streatching to sniff and purr. She loves them as much as I do. she is always waiting for me to offer her more then her share of the scent. Her pic in on my profile ♥

  • What curious topic

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