Exploring Skylands

Posted by Francesca

Skylands is such a beautiful place to explore and we'd like to show you one of our favorite places way up on a hill. The ground is carpeted with moss and the path is covered with soft pine needles. We slipped out the door and went on a little adventure. Take a look.

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We found her!

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  • Gosh you gals have such neat places to play. What a lovely day and what fun to just run.
    I can't run loose where I live to many cars and I'd end up like that poor soul you featured here yesterday- not a 'Good Thing' as your Mama would say! To bad she didn't take a lunch and go with you to her little hideaway picnic area.
    Does Maine have rattle snakes by chance or just non poisonous ones?

    Catch your act tomorrow.

    Chow gals~

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    What a nice place to take a hike, love the picnic area. I see there were 4 seats, when am I coming up for a play date??? I'll bring the lunch.

    Don't you love when your mama calls, I do. I run up and give her lots of kisses and little frenchie snorts all over her face- I love my mama :)

    Yesterday mom and day played golf with friends and they came back to the house to meet all of us. They are animal lovers, they rescue cats. They just loved all of us. I think I was their favorite, but how could anyone not fall in love with a frenchie?


  • cool place! the moss covered woods looks like my backyard, love walking on the moss, it's like a carpet...tell your Martha mommie the photo of you pups and her is darling.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a nice place to have a picnic. The quietness only broken by the sound of the woodpecker. I have one of those at my place too. He has found that if he pecks on the metal cap of the chimney, it will make a lot of noise. Mommy says that he is warning the other woodpeckers around that he is big an can outdo them. I just think that he has an ego problem.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F&S!

    Aaah! Could I get a nice rest among those soft needles! But who could sleep with all that racket from the woodpecker? Wonder if they use ear plugs or just able to turn their inner volume down? Come to think of it, I've never seen a bird with ears... but the tennis courts! Yeow! It's been years since I lobbed one over the net. Out here in Cow Country tennis is unheard of! I really needed this nice place to unburden myself, thanks... oh, and how dear and sweet you all look with your mom, Martha. She's so full of light! 20/20 LOVE! :)

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: How cool is that?? It sounds like a fun place to walk and investigate and play. I see you found your mom too. Sorry I have not written to you lately, but mommy had a very bad chest cold and a fever. I was very busy looking out for her. Sure glad I don't get stuff like that. I was so proud that my comment about AMBUSH was placed in the Favorite Comment section. My dad was so proud, he showed everyone at work. Can you imagine such a thing! Speaking of AMBUSH, Skylands would be a terrific place to play the game. Well, time for a snack and a sun bath. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,
    What a wonderful start you both are having to summer.
    You are going to need a "spa" relaxation vacation soon if you keep up this pace!
    Good for you! Have fun, enjoy.

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie says dat dis is adorwable! (I tawt IIIII was adorwable!) I'm what they call 'mature', but when I was a wittle boy, I was tuned in too to those wittle birdies...mrrrow, they wooked wike tasty morsels for me to savor! ('N) you would tink dat those cwazy woodpeckers would bweak their wittle noses, wouldn'tcha?! I do find it mrrrowy good to see you up in mommieMartha's arms...my mommie makes me feel safe now dat I'm old, 'n it's a verwy good feelwing to know your purrrson woves you soooo much! When I'm up in her arms or on her wap, it makes me... Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Hey F & S,
    That Maine place looks gorgeous and I can't wait to come up. When can Zoe, Mr. Bosley & I, Bunny, come on up? You know we are your most devoted fans!

    What a cute table with stools. Is that actual wood, or Martha's favorite fau bua (sp.)? I love it and would be able to do that on my Mom's hill behind our house. We also have trails out back that lead to waterfalls and the Apshawa Preserve. It's lots of hiking fun when Mommy takes me back there, but she has to check me when we get back for ticks. We have lots of dear and bear here and they carry those creatures.

    My Momma also saw what those beaver can do in the next town over in Kinnelon. It's pretty amazing how powerful they are. When she kayaks on Smoke Rise Lake at dusk with her friend, they hear the beavers smacking their tails on the water to scare us away. It sounds like they are doing belly flops into the water!

    Be well and enjoy your summer.
    Woof and Wags,
    Bunny in N.J.

  • On a hill between path and road,on a carpet of moss
    Franny,me and some hiking friends picnicked with the Boss.
    Peaceful setting,smell is good,birds are merrily singing
    Place to sit in solitude,tranquility is winging.
    But alas,a hairy woodpecker,a noisy pecking fellow
    Has split the air with rat tat tat,now its not so mellow.
    Beauty will outlast the noise this feathered friend will bring
    Soon some laughter will fill the void,birds start to sing.
    "Oh look Sharkey,"Franny says,"it couldnt be much hipper
    Look in the woods,Martha says,its lovely Lady's slipper."
    As the cuties hoof it,across the tennis courts,
    They find their beloved M&M,what a couple of furry sports.
    And so, its home again,adventures are on hold.
    A long cool drink,tasty snack and stories to be told.

    BTW - M&M is Mom Martha. Keep smiling.

  • And HELLO! Franny! :)

    Is that Martha's faux wood picnic table you're posing on? I could eat you right up! Hee hee! :)

  • What a beautiful place for a picnic! Love the wonderful picnic table! I noticed you follow ETSY...here is my ETSY page: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5730038

    Thanks so much!

    Sondra Alexander
    Alexander Art Tiles

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