Central Park Adventure

Posted by Francesca

Last weekend, Martha had some appointments in New York City and while she was busy with that, Uncle Carlos took us for a walk in Central Park.  That park is so big and beautiful and there is always so much to see and do.  It's fun looking at all the people and of course, meeting new canines can be an adventure.

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Nice to meet you Lola. We're Francesca and Sharkey. Perhaps you read our blog or have seen us on the Martha Show.

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  • F & S

    Central Park, what a busy place. I've only been to NYC once with mom. We took a limo there when your mom had the Bulldog show a few years back, I was just 6 months old and we attended the show. Mom goes to the city all the time, never takes me. I'm going to have to insist on a vist to Central Park - hey maybe we could arrange a play date???


  • looks like a hot day for you pups! but none the less a fun day with Carlos...

  • Hey 'Hot'dogs!

    From now on F&S stands for Frankfurter and Sourkraut! OK i cna't spell sowercrowt!

    But anyway, you're so funny! The picture by the hot dog waggin' is like dog eat dog, or hot dog infinity. But if you don't know what I mean, I'll come back later and explain!

    Time to go OUT!!! :)

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Look at all the food to eat and new pups to meet. Gee, it sure would be exciting if there were giant parks to meet new people where I live. But, alas, the same old stuff. Oh well, it is a quiet, easy going life here. I would probably get tired very quickly going all the time like you two. In fact, I'm getting very tired right now. My dad should be home shortly and then we can go for a walk before it gets too hot. It sure gets hot in the summer in North Carolina. Well, see ya later. By the way, it would be fun to just run and run and run in that park too. Must go have a nap now. Later, Love Gracyn.

  • Hi Bun Buns!...OK, just another nickname!, but *all* relates to the beloved Hot Dog! :)

    As promised, I will now explain 'Hot Dog Infinity'... not that my passion for pickles should be overlooked, OR my relish recipes that I shared with you, posted on your May 26th 2009 'Staff meeting, Sharkey speaks out.', blog entree.

    When I saw the picture of you two 'Hot Dogs' waggin' in front of the 'Hot Dog Wagon' it reminded me of my 'Pickle Jar Theory; it's very simple, and here it is:
    I saw a pickle jar when I was just a pup, and I was mesmerized by it's label...the label had a picture of a little girl holding a pickle jar; the *same* pickle jar that *her* picture was on holding the pickle jar! So in actuality, there were billions of pictures of her on that *one* pickle jar label! Get it?

    So here's what we've got: Pickle Jar Infinity!!! Somewhere in that pickle jar are billions of little girls we can't see but are everywhere at once! She just got smaller, and smaller, and smaller!

    Oh! But F&S, my dear small dogs, please don't go disappearing on me!...You're *already* everywhere at once! :)

    But you know, you two *would* be the perfect duo to have your own label...perhaps you can introduce a 'French Cuisine' dog food line! I could *dig* it! But whatever you do, don't put a picture of yourselves holding a can of it with your picture on it...you'll go into infinity!!!

    Bone Appetite! :)

  • PS. Oh, BTW, I remember hearing on the news years ago that scientists had isolated some type of particle out there in the universe, and LOW AND BEHOLD! when they identified it they discovered that it's structure was COMMON HOUSEHOLD VINEGAR!!! That little girl gets around! :)

    PPS. I wanted to write to you about Peter Piper and his Pickled Peppers BUT I wasn't sure *that* one would have received posting privileges! :)

    So here's another recipe that even 'Peter' would envy! And how did he 'pick a pint of pickled peppers'??? You have to *pick* them first, and *then* pickle them...or buy them fresh at the market.

    Yields: 4 quarts Pan Size: 8 quart

    8-10 green bell peppers
    4 tsp salt
    4 c. sliced carrots
    1 qt. white vinegar
    1 c. sugar
    1/2 c. dried onion flakes
    2 tbsp mustard seed
    2 tsp. turmeric
    4 peppercorns

    Dice bell peppers. Place in large bowl; sprinkle with 2 teaspoons salt. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons salt over carrots in bowl. Let stand, covered, for 2 hours. Rinse under running water; drain well. Combine vinegar and remaining ingredients in saucepan. Bring to boil; add carrots. Simmer, covered. for 5 minutes. Add bell peppers. Simmer, covered, for 6 minutes or until tender-crisp. Pack vegetables into hot sterilized jars. Add boiling liquid, leaving 1/2 inch headspace; seal with 2-piece lids. Process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

  • So nice to make new friends ♥ such goodwill ambassadors for all things Martha ♥ Perhaps you will take your show on the road ♥ would love to see you here in Nashville ♥


    If you found any interest in my pickled pepper recipe you will also find that substituting 2 heads of fresh chopped cauliflower in stead of 8-10 green bell peppers is delightful!

    And BTW, you can use other types of peppers, too... Datil, for example. It's a little hot but some like it... :)

  • Oh, forgive me. Hello Carlos! :)

    Do you like SAUERKRAUT on your dogs? :)

    Me, too!

  • Ah ladies, I think you need to add another venture to your growing list: F & S's Hot Diggity Dogs - hot dog carts around NY.

    Shoeboy, you totally rock with your quantum mechanics Pickle Jar Infinity Theory. Warp 10 'everywhere at once' theory no less. Impressive! : )

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Oh boy, Central Park. Just look at all of those trees there. Boy I could really lose myself trying to mark all of those trees. I would end up with a “dry marker” in no time at all!!
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Did the vendor at least slip you each a piece of hot dog???? Contraband here in this house.
    But, Mom uses hot dogs as "bait" in the ring.
    Funky treats and total junk food to get our attention and belive me, it really works!!
    Forget the healthy diets, nothing like a hot dog or a bully stick to get you going!
    As always, great pictures. Glad you two really get around! Uncle Carlos looking for another "cutie"?

  • Hi Girls! And Sonya! Thanks for the wags! Just making a nice cup of tea for all of us pups here at The Daily Wag's 'dog-e-park'...hope you like Constant Comment! :)

    I gave a 'Collie' a 'flower' once...Get it? COLLIE-FLOWER! HaaaHa! :)

    (I can't stop! Don't tell on me...I've been into the Mello Yello again!) *See May 26th 2009, posted by Sharkey, 'Staff meeting, Sharkey speaks out' blog entry. (My comment includes a true confession and complete history of addiction.)

    And I asked her, "Where's your 'bra' 'Collie'? Get it? Get it? BRA-COLLIE! Ha! :)

    (Oh my doG! Martha's right! Caffeine *is* bad for dogs!) [...slurp!] (I think the little smiley faces should have ears, don't you? And tongues!)

    Anyway, Collie said that her mom was a Hippie from the 60s and *none* of the lassies in her family wore bras. [Pop! Fizz! Pour...]

    I met a vegetarian Poodle on a nude beach once who wore nothing but one bow-tie pasta a-top her wee, little head. We danced and dined heavily into the night on that sandy shore, and I nick-named her 'Noodle Head'! And might I add, she looked *great* wet!

    (My eyes are bugging out of my brain!) [...slurp!]

    And while I'm confessing, I had one of those French-style affairs with an Afghan hound named Arty. (Now *he* could keep you warm on a cold night!)...OK, so I've been around! I mixed us up a couple of Mello yello cocktails, and well...had to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. To this day I'm not quite sure what made 'Arty CHOKE'! :) Oh, the memories [....burp!] Hee Hee hee he recovered but the night got worse...we were *both* arrested for public nudity by a macho-type German Shepard walking the 'beet' wearing liederhausen...and a BRA! AHAAHAHA! (Oh doG, it hurts!) HAAAHA!

    Oops...gotta go *OUT* again, and then I'm gonna make an appointment to lie on the couch and discuss my love for Orange Crush (shhh!)[Hiccup, gurgle] with Dr. Pepper! :)

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie's been sick, so I'm a wittle wate in making my comments. Lola sure did look coot, but you two are a wittle bigger 'n she is, so don't pway too awfullwy wuff, okay?

    I'm gonna check out tomorrow's bwog, okay?


  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow.

    I'm backtwacking today to pway catch-up in my weading, since mommie wost a couple days dis week being sick.

    Shoeboy, you is a mrrrowy 'n cwazy mess!



  • F&S,
    that other doggy isn't a Boston, she's a black-masked fawn Frenchie. They come in more colours than cream and brindle like you two.

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