An Ambush

Posted by Francesca

On so many of these blogs, Sharkey and I look so poised and well-behaved.  While it's true that we are those things, it's also a fact that we love to run and chase and wrestle with each other.  Come and see what I mean.

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I think this scene calls for a classic ambush.

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  • Hi Girl Friends, Sorry I haven't commented on your wonderful blog for a while, but we have been very busy gardening since the weather improved. I sure do love this blog about playing with a friend. You two sure do have fun and get to go to lots of great places. I have a part-time cat friend, but he's getting older and doesn't like to play much any more. Guess I'll have to talk my mom into getting me a full time friend. Sure wish I could play with you two. Have fun. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Franny you are my kind of girl.

    I love to play ambush. My targets are the big Labs I live with. I run so fast they can't catch me. I attack the area under their neck and run. Right now I'm recovering from a small cut on the ear from someones tooth, nothing major just a scab now with a little hair loss, I'm sure it will grow back.

    Mom always says I'm an 18 pound Frenchie that thinks I'm a Pitbull. I fear no one and nothing.

    When you start fighting with Sharkey do you get a time out? I do, I hear - ZOE THAT'S IT - TIME OUT FOR YOU, then I know I'm in trouble. She makes me sit in my crate for a few mintues but I start crying and making the strangest noises that could ever come out of an animals mouth and she lets me out, works every time.

    Nothing like a little rumble to get the blood flowing. Now I really want a play date.


  • way toooo cute! love the images of you pups chasing each other...can just hear you go..woogh,woogh,woogh as you are running around..speaking of chasing, mommie just brought me in, cause she saw a Fox running away from the house with a grey something in it's mouth...mommie ran out thinking it was me in the mouth, she followed the Fox into the woods and heard my bell around my neck, she whistled for me, she turned around and I surprised her by sitting behind her...well, I didn't know she was looking for me in that Fox's mouth!! she hugged me and told me how much she loved me, and said DON'T ever do that again! whew, ok already! meuw

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: What a fantastic game to play - AMBUSH! I don't have any puppy friends that live in my house, so I play ambush with paper bags. That's the only stuff I can tear up and attack. I know better!! Mom and dad give them to me when they sense I need a little something to do. I just tear and shred, and tear and run and shred and run and run and run, especially in my back yard. They can never catch me cause I'm sooooo fast. HAHAHAHAHA! You two play alot of tricks on each other. How fun is that??? What a sweeeet deal that is. Well, must go and hunt down a paper bag. Take care and see ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi F&S!

    No! Not for one minute did I think that the two of you kept poised and collected 100% of the time. But when it comes to the business of Martha, you both are true experts, and do your job above and beyond. We can *all* see *that*.

    I know how dogs are. We're really all the same. We have our happy time, sad time, cleaned-up and combed acting *nice* time, our 'nobody loves me time', and our 'I don't love *anybody* time!

    I suppose the important thing is to remain true to your feelings, yes? And right now I, uh, I, I'm COMING AROUND THE PERGOLA TO *GET* YOUR CUTE LITTLE CHICKEN LEGS!!! VIRTUAL AMBUSH!!!

    GOTCHA! :)

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    When I see you playing “ambush” I am reminded of the Pink Panther movies where there was at least one ambush going on. I see that you don’t tare up anything like they did in the movies. I don’t have anyone to ambush at all, but my daddy goes into the back yard and I make a fake attack on him. I run as hard as I can and get as close to him as I can. He can’t grab me unless I let him. Sometimes I hit him in the chest and almost knock him down. Fifty eight pounds hitting one at full speed really has some force. I think that middle age is catching up with me. Got to take another nap.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • I wish I was there to play with you but I am busy napping! A beautiful day for you to play, glad you have each other to play with.
    I was very sorry to hear about the passing of Mazart today.
    Mozart crossed the rainbow bridge today along with my Yorkie friend Stewart who passed away today at age 13 1/2 Stewart was named after Martha and he lived in CT.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Mrrrow. I wemember when I was young 'n fwisky 'n I'd kick up my was so much fun. Daddy tells mommie all the time that I used to be a handful. (My halo is ALWAYS on stwaight now, tho'). Mommie started to giggle wight away - 'specialwy wif more photos to wook at this time. She narwated each photo wif her own words, too, as she fwipped fru 'em. She told me you puppiedoggies is cwazy. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Nice to kick back without Franny in my face
    Wont be for long,though,maybe an hour of grace.
    Sometimes you'd think she's from park Jurasic
    Anyway,when she ambushes, its truly classic.
    The thing that causes me most fear
    Is when she attacks my poor little ear.
    With one eye open,I'll watch for her crouch,
    Then I'll scoot and pretend I'm a grouch.
    When the tables are turned I'll pinch a thigh,
    Wax on,wax off,soft and meaty,that'll make her cry.
    Franny says,get away,she was only foolin'.
    As I do my victory roll,must try to stop droolin'.
    We both are good at sneak attacks,
    A little Tai Chi and some clever whacks.
    We never try to be really,really mean
    We practise,live another day routine.
    Time to go home, get a drink
    Is there any saki left do ya think?
    Franny at the back door,acting like a pup
    She's thirsty too, love it when she's suckin' up.

  • Francesca et Sharkey vous regarder les deux adorables et mignons, love your pictures

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