A visit to the Plaza Hotel... sort of

Posted by Sharkey

Yesterday, we told you about our adventures in Central Park in New York City.  When we left the park, Carlos took us to the famous historic landmark, the Plaza Hotel.  Of course, only the tiniest of dogs are allowed inside that beautiful hotel and since we are just too large in stature, we stayed outdoors and enjoyed all the hustle-bustle going on there.

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Well Sharkey, here we are at the very grand Plaza Hotel. If we sit here long enough, maybe we'll catch a glimpse of that little rambunctious girl, Eloise. www.eloisewebsite.com You remember, that character in those story books who actually lives in this great place. You know, Eloise has a dog named Weenie who looks like a cat. Maybe we can all hang out together and have tea and crumpets.

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  • F & S

    My mom told me she has seen dogs in the Plaza. They are those little fur balls that fit in a handbag. Can you say DISCRIMINATION!!! Anyway, you wouldn't want to go in there, from what I hear they are a bunch of snobs. I'd much rather be at the hotdog stand greeting the common folk.

    So when is your next trip into the city - may be we hook up for a weiner in the park???


  • Eloise has a dog named Weenie who looks like a cat? whoa, I want to see that! hard to believe you pups where not allowed in the Hotel, don't they know you are celebs??? well that's their loss. Gee tell Carlos I want to come on these trips...my mommie delia wants to go to the Wall of Honor at Ellis Island to see her name there, and take a picture http://www.ellisisland.org/STORY/story_detail.asp?id=1046
    well someday, wonder if pups are allowed there.

  • Hello F&S!

    What do you mean *they* wouldn't let you in? At what measure of ethics do *they* identify 'small'? I agree with Zoe! And I'm certain others will follow.

    Anyway, nice looking kid on the red carpet stoop. I suppose *they* said *he * was too small ,too.

    So *that* was a wedding? Looked more like a funeral! And why does 'funeral' begin with the letters 'fun'? I've never been to a fun one have you? But weddings are totally fun and should be called Fun Dings! And *everyone* gets invited! :)

    Also nice to find out about Eloise and her 'Weenie'! Are you sure she wanted *that* kind of information about her shared with the world!?!

    Going home to make a Pineapple Up-side-down cake!
    Sugar high! Here I come!

    Love to all! And 'til death do us part!

  • Hi there Francesca and Sharkey: Zowie!! Who do those people think they are anyways??? Mommy said I was too beautiful to go in a place like that. Actually, I know that I am too big to go in a place as fancy, schmancy and stuck-up as that one. I weigh 70 lbs. I never go to the bathroom in the house and I behave myself all the time. Oh well, I better calm down a bit. Hope you didn't mind being tied to a street lamp. I wouldn't like it at all. Well, must go have a snack. See you two later, Love Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I see that the hotel is a snooty place for not letting you in; too big indeed. We stayed at a campground one time that was really snooty. They would not let anyone stay there if your unit was over 10 years old. I saw them turn someone away who had a unit they didn’t like the looks of. While mommy and daddy were checking in, the young lady asked if they had any pets. They told her that I, a Chow Chow, was with them. The young lady, the daughter of the owners, said that Chows were not allowed but because there were no other places to stay nearby, we could stay just as long as her father did not see me. The place was so snooty that they raked the gravels, where we were parked, when we left so there were no tracks behind. Mama told me to wave at the “nice” man when we were leaving.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello, again my beautiful*small* Frenchy Fries,

    Had to give just one more comment on this *too small* issue.

    If there's *anybody* in this world that knows WEDDINGS, and what's proper, whether big or small, it's Martha Stewart Living's Editorial Director of 'Weddings', Dogcy Miller. Now, I'd *love* to hear what her expertise can offer us. She could make even a shotgun wedding shine with 'Plaza'-like panache!

  • I was getting married inside at the time, and if they had come let me know of the situation, i certainly would have sought canine clemency

  • and in an odd twist, there were other weddings coming through the plaza for pictures when you guys were there - our bridesmaids wore teal!

    such subterfuge is unnecessary though - a wedding is a raucous, joyous celebration, and doesn't need fancy digs to be joyous and momentous. And in my own unsolicited opinion, adorable dogs always help

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. It is MRRROWY good that wittle boy stopped to pet you - YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN INTO TWOUBLE! I know we kc's aren't known to wisten to ANYSING, but I'm such a 'fwaidey cat nowadays, that I w-e-a-l-l-y twy to be a good boy for mommie. (And I think I'm doin' a pwetty good job!) BpppupMrrrow. =^..^=

  • Hi Jon!

    Shoeboy here. :) You mean you were getting married at the time? at the Plaza Hotel?

    I want to thank you for offering to fix the problem but glad you went straight through with the ceremony! It also seems that you're having to interrupt the honeymoon to post a comment, and I just want to say 'thanks'!

    And BTW, I hope my big mouth didn't offend anyone in the black wedding party! :\ If I had been 110% truthful about my real feelings I would have admitted that I really don't mind going to funerals at all...it's weddings that I can't stand! :)

    But you know, when two are united in love, no color, creed or critter has the right to get creepy on them! If someone wants to get married in black it's OK with me...hell, I'm black!...with a little white.

    Well, Jon, enjoy your brand new life and here's to the happy couple AND the honeymoon!

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