A Train Ride To Montauk

Posted by Francesca

Yesterday we told you about our wet walk around East Hampton with Carlos and how we were waiting at the train station for the train to pull in.  We assumed that we were there to meet one of the passengers and we were very surprised when Carlos told us that we, Kids, were going for a ride on the train.  What fun!

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This is just so exciting!

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  • So you did go on the train and ride ride ride . I hope you gals had a fun adventure I guess I wiil find out part 3 on Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend you two.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - A train ride?? That must have been lots of fun. I've never been on a train but I have driven in a Limo, that was fun. The best part is all the little bags of pretzels and chips :)

    I see you still have your rain coats on, I hope you had better weather in Montauk.

    Yesterday I spent the entire day outside with mom. We gardened, fed the birds and poured this nasty mixture of chili powder, tabasco and dish soap down into the mole holes. I chased chipmunks all day, they are living in the rocks in the waterfall, boy those suckers are fast. I was tired last night from such a busy day I guess that's why I snored so bad last night, mom said it was bad.

    Well we are off to Jake's Dog House today so I can get my nails clipped. I like going there they give me a treat.

    Have a nice weekend.....


  • now that's an adventure, riding on a train! didn't know you pups could go on the train...mommie delia said, Uncle Carlos has the best job, lucky dog!
    ohhohh got to run, the Tornado sirens are going off and have to find a place to hide in the house...

  • I haven't been on a train since I was a young girl, but I'd love to go again some day. It has an old fashioned type of appeal to me :-)

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I didn’t know that you could get inside the train and ride. I’ve only seen them form a desistance and they really do look big and sometimes noisy. I’ll have to check the riding part out for myself. When in British Columbia, Canada, we drove beside a train for almost half an hour before we passed it. The tracks and the highway were beside one another. When we got to the front, the “driver” blew that loud horn. I didn’t like that one bit, but I guess that’s the way trains are.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Your blog is a hoot! I check in every day looking for your next adventure and I am never disappointed with what I find here. Thanks for the enjoyment.

  • Hi F&S, and Uncle Carlos,

    I suppose it was still raining...I see you're still slicked-out. I'm glad you got to explore Montauk, and go on the train again.

    But yesterday was a sad day, yes? Two very gifted and famous stars passed on form this earth, and left us all in bit of shock.

    Farrah's courage and uniqueness; she left behind for us to hold. And Michael...(and everyone knows how much I love my soda)...Well I also loved the 'King Of Pop', Michael Jackson.

    Michael was a true artist - the best in his genre - and a great lover of animals, as well as a great humanitarian.

    The late, great, Marvin Gaye said, "There's just too many of us dying...".

    Just a few days before Michael left us, I had been hearing one of his old songs, ("Ben", written about the love between a young boy and his pet rat), in my mind's ear. What was funny though, was that there had been a big, fat rat in the hen house. (Cat Cousin Lulu, usually takes care of these matters, but had not yet 'taken out''Ol Ben', [I was calling him.]).

    I came upon Ben in the chicken-coop eating some corn off of the floor. I startled him, and he laid down on the floor, very quick-like, and then laid his head down very sweet-like to rest it on some hay, and was playing possum.

    I said, "You're no possum!, Go on! Get outside!"

    I found him the next day, dead, next to the little cedar tree.

    Before I became a country dog, I was raised up in the Disco Scene, and Michael Jackson has always been a big 'hit' in my heart.

    Funny though, how I had been hearing "Ben'.

    So to Michael, up in Heaven, I say, "I know where you've been." '...the two of us need look no more...'

    {F&S, Thanks for letting me grieve a little bit here on your blog...}

    'If you'd be leavin' forever, then life is just a one-night stand! If there's a Rock 'n Roll Heaven, then I know they've got a Hell of a band!', '...Just look over your shoulder!, Honey!'

  • Man, you girls have all the fun! AMTRAK wouldn't let my Mom take me on the train, so I haven't been on one.
    You are two sophisticated ladies! Don't be fooled - I'm a true gent! (Wink, Wink) Bye girls!

  • Mrrrow. Fwanniefwenchie-n-Sharkeybarkey, did you WEALLY hafta git a twain ticket?!...couldn'tcha've wode on Uncle Carwos' wittle wap 'n wide to Montauk?! Maybe next week we'll wearn about what adventures you had, 'cept Mommie's gonna' be 'out of the office' next week, er sumpm...I won't be able to wwite on yer bwog wifout her help. If I mrrrow extwa special, maybe we'll git on the 'puter 'n say a purrry helwo. Have a mrrrowy weekend! Wots of wuv, Edgar =^..^=

  • Oh my gosh so much fun! Do you like riding in a train better than flying? Do you guys get to fly on Martha's private jet (if she has one)? More on flying your pet here: http://tinyurl.com/lm7ysn

  • Hi F & S,
    Thanks for showing us that machine to buy tickets for the train. We have a local train that runs from West Palm Beach to Miami but I think we still buy our tickets from an agent. I haven’t ridden in awhile so I could be wrong but either way I like the idea of using that machine. You gals are becoming seasoned travelers and if I ever get to New York, I sure would like to look you up for some directions! You have me curious so I think I’ll make it a point to see if maybe we have one of those ticket machines. I hope you enjoyed your ride to Montauk. Carlos is a gem, isn’t he?

  • We are also well traveled Frenchies named Cooper and Ryder. Ryder became a champion on Mother's Day. We love the beach, we love the mountains, but most of all we love the CAR!!!! We will go anywhere you can take us. Maybe we will try the train. Stay cooooool!

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Such fun! I know all of us girls would love to go on the train, Alice got to ride the golf carts in Florida at the BT Nationals, bummer, we heard ALL about it. Just a tad jealous.
    Neat you two can do so much together.
    Mom would want to take all of us, five is just wat too many.......
    Can't wait to see what your weekend will be like!
    Your Uncle Carlos sure does take special care of you girls. You are lucky pooches.

  • Paws up to LIRR for being dog-friendly!
    Hope you had a great ride....

  • Hi Girl Friends, Sorry I haven't commented for a while, but I have been so busy entertaining new friends at lots of hardware and other stores where I was allowed to enter. People have been so nice to me and I love all of that attention! I know just how you feel when people come up and talk to you girls. Sure is fun isn't it!!! Wow, did you get to go on a train ride?! I would love that, too, especially if I could sit by the window. I just love to watch people and animals go by. Hope you are having a great weekend. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hey F&S,
    Francesca will be comin' around the mountain when she comes.
    Sharkey will be comin' around the mountain when she comes.
    Martha will be comin' around the mountain,
    Bunny will be comin' around the mountain,
    Momma Kim will be comin' around the mountain when they come!
    We'll be riding a horse named Carlos when we come...
    Oh, we'll all go out to meet the Frenchies when they come...
    We'll be having Eggplant Parmesian when they come...

  • We'll all be shoutin' "All Good Things Aboard" when she comes, etc.
    Toot Toot,
    Love Bunny in N.J.

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