A busy time in East Hampton

Posted by Sharkey

Last weekend Martha had a busy time in East Hampton.  Uncle Carlos was with us and, as you know, he loves to take us walking and exploring.  The weather wasn’t' very nice and we had to dress in our rain gear.  We had a good time anyway.

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This little girl, Stella was out with her dad, Ben. We said hello and wished Ben a happy Father's Day.

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  • Hi Franny & Sharkey, maybe you should ask Ralph Lauren to design special one of a kind raincoats just for you, his own special touch think he would do it?
    I miss you SO much on Twitter you haven't posted in such a long time I write you there most every day. I am on twitter too but I only have 629 friends but I am not famous- well I am in my own household but you know what I mean!

    I guess this blog keeps your paws typing away into the wee morning hours(grin). I had a glorious day at the party today, never did get to test the meat but for supper I had baked chicken thighs, steamed carrots and green beans& one boiled egg.

    Did you get to ride on the train? Love your umbrella it matches you. I bet Mama Martha picked it out of course!!!!!!

    Until tomorrow,

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

    P.S our weather here has been so awesome no umbrella's needed hahahahahaha!

  • F & S
    My my, don't we have some hottie neighbors. Not me, I have unfamous neighbors, just like me.

    I just got caught on dad's chair eating the corner off his new book. Mom was in getting her coffee ready and here she comes around the corner and caught me. I'm sitting on her lap now trying to act all cute and lovey but I know she is pissed. I got a little smack on the butt (didn't hurt) I'm hoping a few snorts and kisses will get me back in her good graces.

    Well we'll see if the weather forecast is right today, I'm suppose to see the sun - imagine that. Anywy, I'm looking forward to a day out in the yard with mom, she is on vacation a few days - YIPPEE!! I'm sure we'll be busy.

    I hope the sun shines at your house today :)


  • uweeeh Ralph Lauren, sheeshee froofroo!!! love to have him as a neighbor, does he love animals? I would go stalk his chipmunks...meuw...meuw...

    they say my mommie delia is kind of famous, she is the girl on the box of Sunmaid Raisins since 1970.

    Got to say pups, that photo of you two just laying on the the bench next to Carlos is precious!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who will take you on long walks? Carlos must be quite a guy who really loves you a lot. I enjoy long walks too, but just being with someone you love makes the day worthwhile. When mommy and daddy came to get me, I have never looked back. My sister came to visit me one time but she wasn’t very nice to me. She seemed go be very grumpy about something but that’s all right; I now have two who love me very much. What lucky “pups” we are.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good day Francesca and Sharkey: I sure like those raincoats you had on. I would like to have one too. Although I do think its funny when dad brings me in from a rainy walk and I shake, shake, shake all over him. HAHAHAHAHA. By the way, I did stick my head in my toy basket last night and tried to find out if my toys were talking about tricking me, but to no avail. Not a word! They are getting very smart lately. It's hot again today so I'm going to have a tasty snack and a short nap. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi F&S! And Carlos!

    The 'Guild Hall' looks like a great place to visit! Will Uncle Carlos be taking you back for 'The Glass Menagerie'?, I see that it begins July 8th. And how nice and 'wiennie-wrapped' the two of look in your slickers! :)

    My Mom always says, "You can never have too much culture!" She' right, of course, but I gotta tell you, Franny, that statue of 'Seated Woman' looks just like Mom when she's at the computer! Don't tell her I said that!

    Uncle Carlos has done it again! 'Rain, nor snow , nor sleet , nor hail', nothin' seems to stop that guy from showing you girls a nice time! However, I do see where he made a little stop for a snack, while you girls - ('not very hungry'?) - took yourselves a siesta!?!...BALOGNA! I know you two better than that! If there's a snack *anywhere*, you're on it!

    But there's Carlos, feeding his face, while you two looked like a couple of dog-statues...'Seated Frenchies'...I think all that rain has gotten to ol' Uncle Carlos...but I think he slipped you a mickey!

    All Aboard!

    PS. LOVE that umbrella!

  • Are Francesca and Sharkey going to join in on Take Your Dog to Work Day?
    Looks so fun I can't wait!

  • Mrrrow.

    It WAS a good t'ing dat you had your wittle umbwella awong wif you, to help keep you dwy (along wif your wittle waincoats). It's pwetty well-known dat we kc's DO NOT wike to get ourselves wet-n-all. Da world comes cwashing down-n-we hafta stop EVWY'TING when we get wet! (Mrrrow, da hoomanity!)

    Uncle Carwos sure is a good guy, to take care of you two wike he does when mommieMartha gits busy. I t'ink he has as good a time as you when he's out-n-about!

    Mommie kinda knew dat Walph Wauren was your neighbor...she wiked da wooks of his store there in East Hampton.

    Hopefulwy, you're enjoying some sunshine today!

    Your wittle fwiend,


  • Hey there Sharkey and Francesca, its me Carlos! Snack on some pizzle stix and pig ears and watch my podcast of Custard and Mustard, Carlos in Coney Island...I hope you like it! A big frenchie smooch to you both (let me know how you like it). Carlito


  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow! Ahem. I forgetted!

    Happy Purrrsday, evwybody!



  • The two of you are sure fashion forward with all the cool doggy apparel.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Martha came out with a line of furry friend wear in the future!

    Keep wagging and blogging! :)


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