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Posted by Sharkey

Last Friday was Chiiring Sherpa's birthday and since Martha was out of town, she asked us if we would deliver the very nice gift she got for him. We did a great job wrapping it and drove the Kawasaki down to the equipment barn. The guys were eating in the lunchroom there, when we made our grand appearance. Birthdays are so much fun, aren't they?

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Look at the great job we did wrapping Chiiring's birthday present! Don't you love this shade of blue?

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  • F & S where was the cake??? Sharkey, you look too cool in the shades. Another idea for Martha, a dog sunglass line. We'll need them for our bike rides, have her design a strap-on sunglass.

    Nothing exciting to report here in NJ this weekend. My friend Abbie (mom's niece) came over yesterday so she played ball with me in the yard. She still thinks I'm going to bring the ball back - NOT... I just like to fetch and chew it - lots of fun.

    Well I hear our food bowls - time for breakfast :)


  • Good job Ladies getting the present delivered! I bet the cake was tasty!

  • Hi cuties,
    I hope Chiirling like his gift from Martha that you so beautifully wrapped for him. Did you eat all of his cake before you took a picture? Little pigs! I wish I had a Kawasaki to drive around - you are so lucky! Boy, your mommie has a lot of birthday's to remember so it's a good thing she's organized and keeps good records. I'm glad you had a nice time at the birtday party and thanks for taking pictures for us to see.

  • Oh Sharkey...you looked so cool in those shades!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  • Hi Francesca and Sharpey: Happy Birthday Mr. Sherpa! WOW, you two sure did wrap that present really nice. I want to know how you did that not having any thumbs and all. Bet that your mom helped you. My birthday was March 18. I turned 5 years old and mom and dad took me to Pet Smart for some snacks and a toy. I was so tired when I got home, the only thing I could do was take a long nap on my loveseat in a yoga position of course. Again Happy Birthday, Mr. Sherpa. It's raining and icey cold in the southeast today. Time for a nice winter's nap. Love, Gracyn.

  • Yipes....

    Which one of you drove the Kawasaki? Fran, was it you? Do you have a lead foot?

    Love the daily wag....you brighten my day in many ways.

    Keep up the super work!


  • sweet photos! and as always, being good pups, wrapping and delivering a BD gift for Martha...wow you guys are great, such talent! what more can I say...hey, and Chiiring and his friends look happy!

  • Mrrrow. It was so nice of you to wemember Chiiring's birthday and be the messengers of cheer for mommieMartha. It's nice, too, to meet some of Chiiring's fwiends! I am such the proverbial kc most of the time - I can be shy and skittish - but you two make fwiends evewywhere you go! I weally wike that twait in you - that's what makes me w-e-a-l-l-y wike you! BpppupMrrrow. =^..^=

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    So nice, celebrating Mr. Sherpa's birthday even when Martha is not around. So thoughtful for her to remember and send you both as great little ambassadors.
    We get neat treats on our birthdays....and Mom sends ALL her puppies cards on their bithdays.
    You all look like you had a wonderful time, and did they sneak you any cake? We are on strict doggie diets (the Bullies eat raw!!) .....but, love, love, love an occaisional forbiden treat!! I hope you were able to imbibe in some cake!

  • Oh boy! Hey F&S!

    I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday Chiiring! I just love a big guy who loves small dogs. And yes, Ms. Sharkey, you ARE *the* fashion statement but I think Ms. Frannie has you whipped with that tongue of hers! And that shade of blue I love, and you both did a job over and above. I'm so glad that you have so many friends around you. It is obvious how much you are loved by all! Chiiring, I mean cheering you all onward! Bye all!

    PS. What was in the box?

  • Hi Girl Friends, Boy, you two sure have a lot of humans to keep track of! How do you ever do it?! I only have to keep track of 4 and sometimes it wears me out, but I love doing it. Chiiring sure seemed to enjoy your bring him that beautiful, well wrapped gift. Love Dudley Do Right xoxo

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