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Posted by Francesca

Martha likes to keep Sharkey and me gated in the kitchen, where we usually stay out of trouble. But, whenever I see the gate left open, I like to wander around the house to see what's going on. I usually find a fluffy cat or two and it's fun getting them all riled up.

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Oh, what have we here? Is that Mozart?

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  • Ah Franny you are a girl after my own Chow's heart! Love to freak out cats - let me join you!
    Very cute.
    Stay out of trouble this weekend if you can~
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - that big fur ball would be fun to chase around the house. Mozart didn't look too interested, you should have just attacked from a running position - that would have caused some excitement.

    I can't believe you are restricted to the kitchen and those cats get to roam free thru the house - not fair. When you negotiate your next contract with MSO, besides from getting a raise and more treats demand that the gates be lifted so you'll have access to the entire house. My favorite thing in the kitchen is the dishwasher. I get in trouble all the time because when mom is loading I try to climb in to lick the dishes. I like to call it the pre-wash cycle. I love having my head in there, I always find something good to lick. That would be one of the occasions where I'm called other names besides Zoe - she's afraid I'm going to get hurt.

    Well have a nice weekend. We're expecting rain so I'll be indoors - I'm not fond of the rain. I go out to do my business and that's it. I'll just have to catch up on my beauty sleep.


  • Author Comment:

    Hi Zoe - Martha likes to keep us in the kitchen most of the time because we get so excited being in other parts of the house that we sometimes have accidents on the sisal carpeting. You know how it goes!

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: Sorry I have not written (well mommy writes for me) but I went on a trip for a few days. This looks like a fun topic today. I get to roam around the house only when mom or dad is home. I stay in my crate while they are gone. When they are home, I get to go anywhere in the house I want to except the Secret Grandpa Room which I told you about last week. Your home is much bigger than mine, I would guess. So every room must be such a great adventure, especially when you spot a kitty cat. Do they hiss at you??? Grandpa cat used to hiss at me when I would try and wash his face. He loved me anyway and I loved him. I wish he could stay with me forever. Momma says he is always there when we need him. My favorite room is the kitchen of course. Such delicious things are created in that room, and I always examine the floor to see if anything good to eat was dropped, but I never find anything. Oh well, it's time for a nap. Dance the day away, Love Gracyn.

  • Hi,
    My Mom and I have been a fan of you and Sharkeys for a couple of weeks now and so I was so excited to see my name, Mozart even if it is a cat. I like to wonder around my house too. I have other brothers and sisters but they aren't Frenchies. My Mom says Frenchies rule....Keep up the good work. I look forward to your adventures everyday.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here. I don’t like gates at all. The first night I was home after my adoption, I was placed in the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom. Dad gave me some food and water and put up a gate. Then we all went to bed; that is except me. I just kept crying and crying. After about fifteen minutes dad got up and came into the bathroom with me. He picked me up and looked me in the eyes and talked to me a while. He told me that he would take the gate down if I would stay in the bathroom and be quiet. He took the gate down and I stayed in the bathroom and was quiet. In fact, seven years later, I usually go into the bathroom when we first go to bed and then later move to the top of the stairs so I can watch the whole house from there.
    Catch you later, Kirby

  • F and S,

    Does Martha have any special doggy treats that she makes for you? My human is wanting to get ideas about making doggy treats for me. I am a very hyper and active shih tzu and have some allergies to foods so Mummy is learning to make all my food.

    Shadow AKA mutt mutt when in deep trouble!

  • thank you thank you thank you for this blog. I just read 3/4 of it and I have never laughed so hard in my life. What a delight this blog is and those dogs are too funny! I think they know they posing for pictures for a blog. I had such a bad day today and those two little precious pups lifted my spirits. The comment about New Hampshire having the most french bulldogs to settle there had me almost laugh off my chair. Too funny! whoever writes this is brilliant! And what a great job to have! give those two doggies a big kiss for me!!


  • Dear Francesca,

    Mom allergic, very allergic, to cats, so we do not have any.
    BUT we have a ferral cat we call Creamsicle.....he is beautiful.
    "Cat House" in the shed and then he was adopted by a neighbor who has cats.
    He comes all the time and sleeps on the front porch or comes to the fence to do a nose to nose with all of us. He is an awesome fellow.
    Walks down the long driveway with Mom to get the mail. He is super.
    Wish he could come into the house with all of us.

    Best times of the day when I am carried down all the deck stairs to the big yard to play with the bullies.
    My BF, Joplin, six months today, we run and run and run. Then the rest of the herd comes out. Too much fun! We are having fun, Mom doing poop patrol!
    Regards to Sharkey from me and all the bull terriers.
    They are really neat dogs.......you should meet them.

  • Martha I love the carpet with the pets on it. Do mind me but you keep a very good house. LOL Oh back to the pet encounter watch out there's no messes with all the excitement. It must be quite entertaining! Have fun.....

  • i just have to add a few comments to the f&s daily wag so none of you pets out there get the wrong ideas- i think f&s are the most wonderful pets, but they are very very demanding and do need "timeout" in their comfortable kitchen quarters to rest and take it easy after their long runs and hunting and sightseeing adventures. The five resident cats, bartok,mozart(he will be 18),vivaldi,verdi, and sir frost also need some peace of mind that they are not being stalked(friendly but aggressive)constantly by the frenchies- they have their puffins here and there to sleep on- they are moved to sunny spots daily- and they also have access to the outside thru the porch door- they are free to come and go during the day but the frenchies excursion have to be monitored due to their , shall we say"inquisitive nature" and penchant for getting into "trouble" if you know what i mean.
    the doggies also love to eat the kitty buffet whenever they pass by and that is okay, but the cats themselves would rather they did not.

  • Hey guys! My name is Belle, I have recently been adopted by this new family. I used to live next door, but I was naughty and got pregnant, so they kicked me out. I was so glad when the Dockery's took me in. It was winter time!! To cold to have babies outside. We recently found a home for my last baby. Two of my boys live down the street. So I get to see them once in a while. I have slipped off my chain a couple of times and dognapped my babies and brought them back home a couple of times! What?! I missed them! But mommy Manda returned them. It was fun while it lasted. My family has a 3 year old named Noah. He loves me so much. So much in fact, he tried to brush my teeth the other day. Instead, he got tooth paste all over my head! Mom rescued me and washed me off! Gotta go play! See ya guys later. Play hard!

  • Mrrrow. Exactwy!...we kc's need our boo-ty sweep 'n unless WEEEE initiate ANNNY pwaytime, PRRRRGET it! See how Mozart wooks disintwested? He is! He knows he can shut you right down with a bap across the nose and end all this nonsense! Us kitties' wittle forearms...don't let them fool you! We have mighty muskles in our wittle wegs and will slap you with a strong thud in a heartbeat! For cats' sake, Frannie...hope you don't get hurt!...be careful! Prrrr. =^..^=

  • hello lovely cats ,here is my blogg ,
    have a nice week

  • Hi Martha-I heard from tha ASPCA that you were looking for 2 Maine Coons. I wanted to introduce to our organization: http://WWW.maincoonsavers.com
    We are a very small group but we do great work and are main purpose is to save all the Maine Coons in the world. I have one I am fostering right now, Mishee. She got stuck in thermal turbine and has lost her tail and is going through a second surgery this next friday to help scrape and enclose her servere burns. What I want to tell you about her is her wonderful attitude. Even though she's been through such a horrible ordeal she is the sweetest thing in the world. I've been wishing someone in corporate america could meet her and use as an example for all to learn by. She is beautiful, sweet and so full of love. I am humbled to have her as my foster kitty. If you're still looking she may be the one for you. Thanks for listening, Melissa

  • well Mozart looks like a tease! yea, I can understand wanting to play in that part of the house...but you pups must underst and how Martha feels about those accidents.

  • Hi Girl Friends, I know how much you love to play with the kitties because I do too. We have a part-time kittie named Bogie and I love to play with him when ever I can. He lets me run around in circles all around him for a while and then goes and hides when he has had enough. So I just go lay down for a nap and hope he will play again. Mom lets me wander around in the kitchen and living room but the bedrooms are off limits. Sometimes I have an accident but I'm getting better now that I will be 6 next month. Have fun and be careful. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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