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Posted by Sharkey

Last weekend, Martha took us to one of her favorite nurseries called Hardscrabble Farms, located in North Salem, New York. Miraculously, there was a break in all the rain we've been getting and Martha was able to choose some pretty plants, with our help, of course. It's always fun for us to visit with our friends wherever we go. We're treated like Royalty!

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We told Martha which plants were our favorite in this grouping. She took home many.

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  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    You really had an exciting weekend. Don't you love the carts to ride around in? I have never had the pleasure, but BT Alice rode around om them last Oct. at the Bull Terrier Nationals in Florida, she FLEW down, in an AIRPLANE! In a fancy "airline crate". How cool is that?.....sigh. She said the carts were so much fun, she rode everywhere at the resort with them. Jealous!!!
    Jager, the brother of Joplin, came Sat. for a visit. Six months old. I will, sadly, admit, he really is very, very handsome. He made such a fuss over Mom, all her dogs love her, even those who do not live with us.....Thank goodness he does NOT live here with us. Us girls here do just fine without a "boy" in the house.
    Nice you had a great weekend, I guess Jager's visit and Mother's Day were great for us also. Would rather be shopping, I love when we go shopping!
    We got a Bull Terrier Topiary? What is up with that? Will go one line later and look for a Frenchie topiary.......ask Martha about this!
    Us Frenchies have to to stick together.

  • F & S
    Shopping at the nursery looks really fun. Mom has never taken me when she goes, there's no room in the SUV for me. She usually has the entire car loaded with flowers. Sharkey - you look good behind the wheel, maybe Martha can get you a little golf cart to drive around your farm.

    Were you allowed to help plant? I'm not, I pull them out as mom puts the flowers in - so much fun:)


  • guess no matter where you pups go, you are the star attraction...well that is after Martha! after a bad winter our back yard needs color, the moss has taken over the yard and mommie wants to rid the dandilions(the only color ha ha) without losing the moss. I like the moss it's like a carpet on my kitty paws.

  • Yappy Mutt'r's Day Martha!

    I love the Hardscrabble Farms - my mom takes me apple picking there in the Fall! Last year I got a little sick cause I ate too many of the old apples I found on the ground... this year I will be more careful.

    Tell your mom she needs to plant more DOGwood trees - and to let up on the CATnip.

    Pees Out.

    Cutie Pie Cutie

  • Good afternoon friends: Gosh, you two get to go to such exciting places I must say. Was everyone friendly to you? Did you help your mom pick out some great plants? My mom used to garden but not much now. She does have pots of herbs on the picnic table and some agaves. I don't know what those are but she said the herbs taste good. Those carts look like fun to ride around in. I would like to ride around in Wal-Mart and look at what they have at the meat counter, but mom says no. Yesterday mom went to PetSmart to buy me some goodies. I was really happy to get them. It was too hot for me to go too and it was starting to rain so I stayed home. Well, time for a nice fresh snack. Later everyone. Love, Gracyn.

  • Sharkey, I never saw you looking so proud as when you were "driving" the golf cart. That's one of the funniest pictures yet. I'm glad you took Martha out to the nursery, she must have had a blast.

  • Mrrrow. You two are verwy good helpers, helping mommieMartha pick out some of her pwants. My wittle calwico sister, Mandy, helped mommie do some of her garden chores - mrrowing thru the backdoor screen, that is... Daddy carried her up to mommie's garden bed where she was working, so she helped supervise a wittle bit... (I'm a 'fraidey cat - I don't wike being outside!) It's mrrrowy good to wend a helping paw from time to time! Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi Girl Friends, Nice to see you both helping Martha pick out plants at Hardscrabble Nursery. That sure is fun, isn't it?! I got to do that last spring at Furney's Nursery close to our home. It sure was fun being petted and talked to by all the people at the nursery. The plants we picked out sure did do well. Hope yours do, too. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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