Preparing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Posted by Francesca

Martha was invited to make an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this evening. Now that we're so famous, she wanted to share the limelight with us. We miss Conan, but we think Jimmy is so hot and very funny and we love watching him when we curl up with Martha. And what a great way to show off our brand new Swarovski crystal necklaces! Wish us luck and be sure to tune in!!!

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We are so thrilled that Martha is taking us to Jimmy's new TV show. We hope we are well-behaved and that nothing will go wrong, you know, like little accidents or something......

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  • F & S - all I can say is STUNNING. You both look so elegant. Sharkey don't listen to Francesca you are just as beautiful. Make sure you behave so you'll get invited back.

    Speaking of behaving I got in VERY BIG trouble yesterday. Mom and Dad left for work and I couldn't help myself. I climbed onto Dad's recliner and stole his glasses off the end table. I just love those glasses. I chewed the frames up before but he was able to have them fixed. This time I got them really good. I chewed up everything, even the plastic lenses. Then I left a little turd next to his chair. Don't ask me why I just did. I tried to blame it on T-Bone but the tiny teeth marks in the plastic gave me away. I heard Mom telling Dad I must of pissed him off or something because her glasses were there also and I didn't touch those. I wasn't mad at him for anything I just felt like chewing those glasses. I can't explain the poop - it was little - didn't cause any damage.

    I hope she doesn't get any ideas from your mom and start blocking me off in the kitchen. I hope I can behave today.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Those necklaces are really sharp looking. They bring out your true beauty. I could not ware anything like that; my hair is too long and would hide it. I do sometimes put on a neckerchief. It is green with the words “homeland security” printed on it. Everyone laughs when they see it; but hay, that’s my real job after all. Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Oooo, I think photo #3 might be the new official portrait...NICE. I'm going to ask my Mom for a crystal necklace. She'll love it, but my Daddy will roll his eyes and make rude comments. He's a cat person...what can I say? TTFN, Jennifer the Beagle

  • Simply Gorgeous Girls! I look forward to it. Does Jimmy have dos?

  • wow, looking good...what classy pups!

  • Both of you girls look stunning in your new necklaces! Would you like to go on a date? C'mon!

  • Two Stars are born and to fun is that!! Please pan the camera this way darling!!!
    I'm waiting for their stars on Hollywood Blvd.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Those necklaces look SUPER BEAUTIFUL! My mom knows how to bead and maybe she could make me a nice necklace too. I have bling for my collar and harness but not like yours. WOW, that is great and you'll be seen by millions. I don't think I can stay up that late but wish you luck and lots of fun. Don't forget to give him plenty of great pup kisses. Also don't forget to show him how to dance. Love, Gracyn


  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. Mommie says that God made you BOTH bootiful - Mommie wikes Fwannie's bwindle fur coat 'n' Sharkeybarkey's wittle pink booti mark. In fact, Mommie thinks that mommieMartha could actually fwame each of these photos today - that's how gweat and pawesome they are. You two be good tonite. Mrrrow, before you go into the studio, have mommieMartha or your best fwiend Carlos find you a gwassy arwea so you can - well, you know... Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Silly Martha. Of course your animal family knows that it was not an accident for you to find the bag from your mom when you did! You were meant to see it at the appropriate time. Happy Mother's Day! Tippercat and Coritzaki (Greek for little girl) send their regards! Love, Elaine

  • You guys are getting too famous! Pretty soon you'll have your own collection of items like your mom, Martha!


  • You 2 are dressed to the 9's. Every dog must have been turning his head to see the 2 of you! Did you get alot of compliments? Isn't it nice to have a night out for a change? You're absolutely stunning.

  • Oh Sharkey, couldn’t Martha have nabbed a cute pink diamond collar for you from the Cartier party? Just kidding. Both of you look stunning, I’m jealous. With my black fur, I’d look just as magnificent as both of you, even moreso because I’m a feline…we’re just made for wearing exquisite jewels…purrrrrrrr. Nevertheless, have a splendid time on Jimmy tonight and don’t forget your manners!

  • Well, HELLO! F&S!

    It's already 90 degrees where we live AND how lovely ;\ that our A/C went on the brink!

    Thinking about getting a body wax! 'Isty, bitsy, teeny, weeny...' (Now don't go *there* with that French-style thinking you two, hee-hee!)

    It's an old song AND it's a 'yellow polka-dot bikini' that Mom's been wearing around the house. We're already 'HOT' enough!, but when we see you tonight with Jimmy I know Mom will get excited and throw popcorn up in the air! (And let me tell you girls...I got a tongue like a dustpan!)

    We love Jimmy Fallon but I just don't see why Jay and Conan didn't just stay where they were and let Jimmy have the 10 o'clock slot! Oh well! I always loved a good 'Late-Night' shuffle...Bon jure! Break a leg!

  • Dear F and S

    I just saw you on Jimmy Fallon. Quite Impressed with your behavior. Your Mother, Martha, I could tell was very proud of you. You indeed have set a good example for the rest of us. Take Care.


  • sure enjoyed watching the Jimmy Fallon show with you Pups and Martha...I say Francey you had a thing for Jimmy...very funny....I have always loved your mommie Martha's laugh.

  • Oh, the age old competition of blonde versus brunette. Will it ever end? : )

  • Fabulous! I think she is giving the boys the come-hither look. My Putz, a 15 year old tabby persian could use some manly bling to go with his lion haircut. Growl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If it weren't for our own human we might think Martha very strange.

  • If it weren't for our own human we might think Martha very strange.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Arf! Arf! Woof! Woof! Hubba! Hubba! You girls look absolutely beautiful in your stunning collars. I'm sure Jimmy Fallon and his audience will just love seeing you on his show. I know I will!! Good Luck and have fun. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo { I spelled my name right this time!}

  • Jimmy i want my man to play sax in your band on your show....can u make it happen???

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