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Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I have been watching Martha practicing yoga for so long.  In fact, humans seem to be crazy for yoga.  We dogs, however, were born doing yoga and it comes very naturally to us.  I mean, they even name yoga poses after us.  By the way, how is your yoga practice coming along?

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Moving into Plank Position to strengthen my fore legs and spine. Franny, could you show a little interest?

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  • In Australia we call this "Doga"

  • Miss Sharkey, you are doing great with your yoga!
    I do something I call "the frog".....sorta like the "cobra"....just flay out flat on the deck in the sun with the girls and relax. Works for me. OOMMMMMMMM OOMMMMMMMM OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM
    Tell Francesca to try it, easy, no stress, and a great way to snooze, but it looks like you are doing your yoga positions.
    "Hoofies up" is not one of my favorite positions, unless of course I have an itch. You did that position perfectly, with grace and aplomb. I would not expect anything less from you! You go girl!

  • Sharkey - looking good. I agree with Franny, I'm not into excercise and especially not yoga. I do however perform similar stretches but I'd rather chase the big dogs around the house and yard. That is how I keep my trim figure. I think Yoga is boring.

    My big sister, Precious the chocolate Lab, is going to see the doctor today. She had surgery on her knee in March for a torn ACL and had made a full recovery. This weekend she started limping. Mom and Dad are freaking out, I'm a bit worried also, she is my favorite. I hope it's nothing serious. She treats me like her baby, always cleaning me and loves to play. We run around the house, I bite her tail - it's lots of fun. I think I'll go sit with her now and let her know everything will be fine.


  • Yep, yoga is the best. I've learned to multi-task . . . . . I do the Downward Facing Dog while I chew on one of my toys!!

    Big wet nose smooches,

  • Sharkey, you are remarkably lithe and look good with your yoga poses! My Mom (Sue) giggled through the entire sequence of photos, although I don't know why. I think you looked hot. I wish I could do yoga, but I'm so short that there isn't much to stretch. Bye girls.

  • Good morning Yoga ladies: Sharkey, you do that pose well. I like to roll over on to my back with my legs straight up and my arms bent. Also, I let my head hang over the side of my loveseat upside-down. It is very relaxing and I really can zone-out and have a wonderful nap. Besides, everything looks really cool upside down. Guess Francesca doesn't want to do yoga today. Tell her to try it cause yoga is sooooo very Zen. Well, must go have a nap. Namaste, Love Gracyn.

  • Mrrrow. You two girls is cwazy doggies! Mommie 'specialwy wiked today's bwog. I heard her say something 'bout being adorwable (ME!, pwobly...) Daddy says that mommie's into 'body parts'. What daddy means is that mommie notices evewything, wike, how I hold my tail, or the wook on my wittle face - she's weally tuned into me-n-my sister's body wanguage. Me-n-Mandy do some of the same things as you guys - we do the downward facing dog/cat and the pwank position...AWOT! ...Feels mrrrowy good when we s--t--w--e--t--c--h! Bpppup. =^..^=

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I have been doing yoga for a few years now. I didn’t even know that I was doing it. I lay on my back with my feet up in a rested position; mommy calls it my “possum” position. Every time I do it, mommy says that I’m playing possum so I just lay there real still for as long as I can. That’s not very long because I can’t see what’s going on around me. Now I’m not being nosy; just want to keep myself informed of my surroundings. Daddy and I do the “Downward Facing Dog” thingy all the time when we play.
    Catch you later, Kirby

  • how sweet is that! you pups should be in good health and shape with that a kitty I practice this everyday, just stretch my legs and arch my back, yep, "that's a good thing"

  • Hi Girl Friends, Sharkey, I love seeing you do your yoga! I like to do that, too. Sure is fun isn't it?! I also like to lay on my back and kick my feet into the air. It just feels good. One of my favorite things to do is downward facing dog and then stretch my legs out. Have you tried that? Francesca, you should try some of these exercises. I think you would really enjoy them. If you like, I could show you how!! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Catzowey! I'm an aerobicat anda exercise is doggone meowvalous fur keeping us in da fine fantasticat shape! Me and myself izza gonna try the Yoga now.

  • nice! i'm gonna make my own blog

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