Mozart the cat is so serious!

Posted by Francesca

The other day when I was able to leave the kitchen, I tried so hard to get Martha's cat, Mozart to play with me. I find those cats, however, to have very little sense of humor. And, they are so territorial and kind of bossy.

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Hmmm - Is that a cat toy on the table?

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  • Good Morning F & S
    That is one mean looking cat. I hope you were able to chew apart his toy before someone showed up to take it away. I have to say Mozart's chair doesn't look to comfy. Looks hard and a bit snooty just like the cat.

    I like to snooze on the sofa which has these big pillows and cushions, I can snuggle in really good. The other spot I enjoy is on these new orthopedic beds mom purchased for the big guys. They are really big, the 2 girls like to snuggle together and the big guy, T-Bone, he prefers one to himself. If I get there first I won't let anyone on with me, then all hell breaks loose because they start barking at me. This drives mom and dad nuts - I just love to start trouble.

    Another rainy day here in New Jersey - think I'll get stay indoors today.


  • I agree with you, Francesca, about cats. Your assessment is 100% accurate. I live with three cats myself, and they are the bane of my existence some days. But, hey, my parents love them, so I put up with them. What's a beagle to do? But I want to add one bit of encouragement to you, "Give 'em heck girl." Respectfully submitted, Jennifer the Beagle

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here. I have some toys of my own too. I don’t play with them very much now that I am older. They are in a big basket so I can get to them when I want. Mom says that I am really a good boy because I learned to pick up my toys and place them back in the basket when I was through playing with them. She didn’t want them scattered all over the house for some reason. I kind of liked them in different rooms. One time mom brought home a new toy and I took it outside right away. She went out and brought it back in. I took it outside again; somehow she didn’t understand that this was to be one of my outside toys. She brought it back in and I took it outside and, well let’s just say I marked it. It stayed outside then. Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Mrrrow. Mommie says that Mozart wooks wike "The Mad Bluebird" picture that has been popular amongst birders for years. I kinda see the wesemblance... I see that your mommie has covers over her chair mommie does, too. I 'specialwy wike to get up on the sofa or Mommie's favowite chair when she takes off all that stuff to cwean and vacuum - when she comes back into the woom, there I am, wooking up at her wif the mostest angelwic face I can muster up. If I'm wucky, sometimes she awwows me to stay comfycozy, all tucked in (you know how we kc's wike to tuck in our fwont wegs 'n paws underneaf our tummies). Don't take all the kitties' serwiousness too awful serwious...ya' hafta get to know us to wuv us, that's all... Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Good afternoon Francesca and Sharkey. Ya know, I don't know too much about kitty cats except for Grandpa cat. He was very, very old and he was a little crabby sometimes. But, he let me lie down next to him in the front doorway and we sunbathed together. He said it was good for me and it would warm up his old bones nicely. My mom said there were two other kitty cats that lived in our house, but they have all crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and Grandpa cat too. I have an orange kitty friend that comes to greet me when dad take me walking up the street and the neighbor's kids do too. I guess I have my very own fan club. When I was a little puppy, they would all crowd around me and sit on the lawn in a circle and I would investigate each and every one of the kids. I gave them each a kiss too. Well, it's time for my nap. See you two later, Love Gracyn.

  • Francesca! Cats, squirrels, skunks......
    Your curiosity gets the best of you! Now about cats, you know, not all of them are dog's best friend. Mozart is a beautiful cat, but it's best not to bother him. Looks to me like he doesn't have the play-drive we dogs have. Maybe your K-9 friend Sharkey wants to run around. What could you get into today? I wonder.....
    Have fun,

  • I think Mozart is darling...maybe he is not interested in playing with you, after all they are a bit snuddy...too bad it would have been fun seeing the two of you play with that toy together. My mommie just brought me in cause the neighbor cat, a beautiful red point persian wanted a piece of me, so mommy came and rescued me...I just love my mommie

    Kitty & mommie Delia

  • Hi Girl Friends, Mr. Mozart is a very handsome cat and he is getting up there in age. Now, what you girls have to do is to respect him and give him his space. You can go play outside with each other or chase the squirrels, but definitely not the skunks! Woof, woof, the skunks would be a big mistake! My part-time cat, Bogie is about 10 so sometimes he will play and sometimes he won't. I've learned to see how he will react. Be good now. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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