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Posted by Francesca

It's time to pay a visit to Le Museé du Bulldog Français once again. This time the work is by John Rios of Grafix Jam.  This artwork came our way because John's friend, Cheryl Robinson appeared on Martha's show, demonstrating her craft called 'The Crafty Buffet Oven." You may recall that we used that very same oven to bake Irma's going away present. Cheryl asked John to create something for her to give to Martha and didn't he make the right decision regarding subject matter? We'd love to hear your critique of this artwork.

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Oh, we get it now. This is what they call a caricature and we're supposed to look a little comical! It's a nice addition for our gallery.

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  • F & S
    I like it.

    You have to admit as pups we sort of really look like that. Mom called me a bobble head at 10 weeks. I was all of 2 1/2 pounds and my head was the bulk of my weight.

    I have to ask, why didn't Darcy Miller invite you to the Pink Party? I'm sure you would of looked adorable in new pink outfits. Oh and what's up with Martha - she didn't wear pink to the party????


  • my mommie Delia says as an artist she admires the style...wish you could see the painting she's working on of you pups, a miniature painting at favorite part of that print are the dirty paws and paw marks, those big eyes remind me of Keane big eye paintings. I love how you pups are admiring the print...too cute for words!

  • S&F-

    We just love this interpretation of you! The playfulness really captures your spirit!

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Boy, your cheeks sure do look a little puffy. My mom said that it is a caricature and puffy cheeks are quite normal for this kind of artwork. Wow! I hope my cheeks don't look that puffy. Hey, it's raining outside so that means I can't play in my backyard this evening. It will be all soggy and stuff. I think I'll take a late morning nap HAHAHAHAHA. See ya tomorrow. Love Gracyn.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Love the "caricature" likeness of you both.
    Mom has all these BT etchings and prints. Bull Terriers have been around for over a million years, (OK, I tend to exaggerate, since the 1800's) so there is alot of fancy "stuff" that she can collect. No French Bulldog art....hmmmmmmm got to get to her about that. She did receive for her birthday a wonderful antique crystal Frenchie statue.
    That is such a neat print/etching? Very nice, Mr. Rios did a great job. JEALOUS! Still hoping for one of those crystal collars, now THAT is what I really love! Bling!!!!
    Headed for that "" as soon as I sign off!
    au revoir

  • John Rios is the best. I have put his artwork onto T-shirts. Anyone who is thinking about having some artwork done should definitely consider Grahix Jam.

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. If I didn't know any diffwent, I'd think you two were two kc's layin' there, based on your wittle flat heads and your prrrtty wittle ears! You DO wook a wittle 'wittler', but that artist-guy (no diswespect intended, Mr. Rios) captured some of your best features - Fwannie's wittle white spot on her bwisket and your boo-ti mark, Sharkeybarkey. Paws up to Mr. Rios - this is another bootiful addition to La Musee du Bulldog Francais. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi girls!

    I have to agree with Gracyn alluding to the somewhat botox injection-like swelling! A little 'puffy' goes a long way!

    I don't think the eyes look quite right; a little bit Moffit-like, but they do, however match the style of his work here, and he really is a very talented artist. I'm just used to seeing you two in perspective.

    But hey!, It's like a trip to the Fair and a walk through the house of fun mirrors! :)

  • Oh dear, Hi F&S,

    I suppose I should carry around my Funk & WAGnal! The word is Maupin, yes? Not 'Moffin'.

    Anyway, It's those paintings of the children with the *eyes*, you know what I mean? They always look so sad.

    When I was just a pup, and mom said to eat everything on my plate because there were starving children in the world I thought of those paintings.

    I'm so very thankful that I have food to eat and someone who loves me. We are sooo blessed, aren't we?

    Thank doG! :)

  • Great Portrait there! Frenchies are really fun to paint! I should know, I just painted one called Apollo, hes on my website, I'd love to paint you a favorite photo I could go from? Thanks, Erik

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