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Posted by Sharkey

Francesca and I decided to take a little ride around the farm yesterday to see what was in bloom. There were so many beautiful flowers to look at and so many nice fragrances to smell. You may wonder what it's like living with Martha and her gardens and all we can tell you is how much we love it.

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Let me tell you a secret, Franny. I simply love azaleas and these are stunning, right?

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  • The flowers are precious & so are you!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hi darlings, you both look sooooo cuuuuute!
    luvvvv uuuuu!
    WOW! The azaleas are so pretty!!!

    Martha's tree peonies are amazingly beautiful are I can imagine the smell
    Bless you

  • F & S
    What beautiful flowers, almost as beautiful as the two of you.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with pollen issues. We have pine pollen and its horrible. Mom has to wipe me down when I come in because I have a green coating, just awful.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Wow just looking at all of those flowers makes me think of last year. We have some holly bushes in the front yard and last year we didn’t have any bees on them at all. Mommy planted some tomatoes and all she had was great looking vines. This year I saw some bees on the holly blooms and mommy is planting tomatoes again this year. Hope the bees don’t leave for good; we really need them. Have to run for now. There’s a squirrel on the back porch again.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi F&S,

    Yes, you are sooo lucky! Can't remember the last time I inhaled a good farm smell. I love the flowers, too.

    But here in blog land there is little to no question as to why Martha is so adapt to farm life...we ALL know that she went to Barnyard College!

  • oh you sweet Pups, how lucky to be able to be in the midst of one of my favorite Spring Tree flowers, the Dogwood...darling photos..

  • Hello friends: I sure like the pictures of you two in all of those swell flowers. The pink ones are the prettiest I think. They must smell wonderful. We have a large gardenia bush in our yard and some ten-foot daisy plants. I like the gardenias the best cause I can smell them way up the street when dad takes me walking. Neighbors can smell them too, but not as good as us puppy dogs can. Have a great day and enjoy your dance in the flowers. Love, Gracyn.

  • Mrrrow. Mommie wecognized the horse chestnuts and the pwincess twee - some people in Maryland call horse chestnuts 'buckeye' twees. Mommie wiked all the bootiful bwooms - she wuvs pwants and twees. Mommie says that it's always good to 'stop 'n smell the woses' sometimes, 'n take in all God's bootifulness and goodness. Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Loved seeing you in the dogwoods and azalias.
    Our front yard is not fenced, so I got to see the giant Magnolia tree and Orange azalias on a lead.
    No nice plants in our "fenced in" area LOL!!!
    BT Alice is teaching her little sister BT Joplin to dig holes in the backyard. We all are having such fun. I was helping but heard Mom coming, so I backed away! She just saw the two BTs digging!!!
    I am tiny, but, soooo astute! They always get in trouble!
    I guess maybe that is why we don't have any flowers or trees in the fenced in area???
    Mom is a good sport, she laughs at all our antics.
    Guess that is why she has five of us girls. I AM THE ONLY FRENCHIE, but, I have to admit, the Bull Terriers or Bull Terrors, are great fun to live with!!!
    Just had a manicure and a bath. So Mom had to know I was digging too.....she is way too smart. Wrapped in a towel and drying out right now.
    Waiting for our next adventure.
    Nice you can be running around with all the plants and shrubs.

  • Hello Charming Flowerets!!!
    Thank you for the colorful feast for the eyes. No doubt, you are more beautiful than any buds on the ranch! Enjoy your adventures in this paradisaical ambience, but do be careful sniffing - bees and allergies can put a damper on having a grand time.
    You both have such a pleasing canine disposition - exceptionally lovable!!! Hope you will be able to give some tips to our new puppy soon. By the way, we may end up getting a different puppy after seeing your Mommy's new doggy link.

    Love and kisses to you and Mommy... Dr. Pup

  • I love your pet site and read it everyday. I would love to see more info on horses. I am in the process of adopting a re-tired racehorse through a wonderful organization called "New Vocations" in Laura Ohio. He is a Standard bred and I am so excited to get him home. I am new to owning a horse but I do have an excellent teacher next door who has adopted numerous horses through this facility. She has 2 Thoroughbred's right now. Please give us more info, I will need all the help I can get....Thanks, Ellen

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thank you so much for taking us on this lovely tour of Martha's beautiful farm. I really love all of the flowers and trees. I learned something new from this tour-the pollen is what makes me sneeze whem I'm near flowers. Next time, I will try not to get so close to the flowers. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Found this via Martha's tweet!! Great site!! Adorable dogs!!

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