Custard and Mustard

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I really love a good book, don’t you? Last April, I blogged about a book called Ankle Soup all about the adventures of a French bulldog named Carlos. Well, I guess Carlos has a hard time sitting still just like Franny and I do. Now there's a new book about Carlos visiting the amusement park, Coney Island. The book is called Custard and Mustard and it's written, once again, by Maureen Sullivan and illustrated by Alison Josephs. You should check out Carlos's Web site.

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Wow - it says here that Carlos is a baseball fan. This team is called the Cyclones.

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  • Sharkey
    It's so nice that you like to read - where was Franny doesn't she enjoy a good book?

    Personally, I only like to chew on the books. When I sit on mom's lap when she is trying to read I really enjoy trying to catch the page as she flips.

    I have dad really puzzled. He keeps a deck of cards next to his recliner and every day he picks up the deck and there are cards missing. It's funny to watch him and mom searching all over the house for the cards, under chairs down the furniture cushions but they are no where to be found. I of course get blamed because I've gotten caught a few times with a card in my mouth. We're down to 23 cards, I'm sure I'll have those gone by the end of the week :)


  • Oh what a fun book! Thank you for sharing with us!! :)

  • Hi Sharkey,
    Thanks for sharing another adventurous book with us! You are becoming quite the reader. I see Franny lolling around behind you in picture #1 which at first I thought was a couple of chair legs. Don't tell her I said that. I also notice you two are on carpeting which means you are not in the kitchen all of the time. I had a feeling your mommy allowed you to roam more than she lets on! C'ya tomorrow sweetie.

  • Dear Beautiful Girls,
    We enjoy your adventures so much. We follow along EVERY day! We love sweetly illustrated doggie books too. This one looks to be a winner. Perhaps we will share it wwhen we visit our day care friends!

  • what a great fun book! looks like you pups had fun reading it...or maybe not Francey pants, she was rolling around in the background *!* hope you told her all about it....My mommie Delia just illustrated a small children's book about fun to have one done of doggies like you.

  • Miss Sharkey,
    How nice you like to read!
    Maybe Francesca is trying the yoga position "hoofies up" LOL! You and I know she is NOT into exercise.
    Keep up the good work, reading is wonderful.
    The book looks quite interesting. Hmmmmm, how do I get to
    I will get Mom to help out.
    bon emploi

  • Hi Sharkey,
    I am so impressed you know how to read. Can you see colors? My Mama told me vets say dogs can't see colors so how come I know when her car comes home and I can pick it out of other cars passing by? I know they say we see in black & white but not so sure of this do you know anything?
    I guess I am more like Franny to lazy to read I'd rather nap in front of the fan. It is hot & muggy here today and I am so sleepy. Catch you tomorrow.

    bye- bye kids~
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hi Sharkey!

    I'm not one to read much but this book must be a good one...a 'must-read-' as they say.

    And by the way, who are 'They'? The book worms? Mom's chickens would eat them up in on fowl swoop! Now there's a good story line! :)

    Have a nice weekend! You too, Franny! :)

  • Mrrrow. Sharkeybarkey, I'll be a fwiend 'n wead your new book with you. (Wemember, it's mrrrowy good and imprrrtant to have weally good fwiends!) Maybe sometime, you-n-Fwannie, puppiedoggie Carlos, and Uncle Carlos can go to Coney Iwand 'n visit. It sounds funner than gettin' wost in Gwand Centwal Station, for cats' sake! (They call us 'fwaidey cats for a good weason, ya' know!) BpppupMrrrow. =^..^=

  • Hi Sharkey!

    Been thinking about words again, and here's just one more example of a double-dog standard when it comes to the feline PURRsuasion! :)

    I don't know who invented CATSup. Maybe it was that General Custard guy who peddled hot dogs during the Civil War. He had one very fancy hot dog waggin' that was completely obliterated by a herd of hungry buffalo (when they still had wings) was his LAST STAND! :(

    But Custard be worthy of praise in my book! The old hot dog slinger knew that if CATSup was to be named after cats, he took it upon himself (dog lover that he was) to call mustard, DOGSdown!

    But that's not what launched his untimely was his mouth wrenching and most unconventional recipe for Mustard Custard! It'd make you sweat bullets!!!

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