Adding another beautiful portrait of us to our growing collection

Posted by Francesca

One of the really great things about being famous is that sometimes we receive really beautiful portraits of ourselves. In fact, we have a little gallery that we call the Le Museé du Bulldog Français. We would like to share the artwork with all of you. We hope you enjoy seeing it. This work is by Supon of Pooch Décor.

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Don't we look splendid? The artist, Supon, did a fantastic job of capturing our great beauty.

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  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,

    Lovely, lovely portrait. Mom has one of "Sophie", the Bull Terrier that started all this showing and breeding stuff, sigh.....
    She has alot of pictures of me, I hope someday to be able to have MY portrait done also, maybe even be hung next to Sophie? I don't know, this Sophie was really special in Mom and Dad's eyes....
    Supon of Pooch Décor has done a wonderful job of capturing the joie de vie of a French Bulldog. Tres beau.

  • absolutley lovely!

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: Boy! That portrait really shows off your inner beauty. I bet your mom will display it proudly and rightly so. Well, today is a much nicer day than yesterday. Yesterday it was cold, windy and very rainy. I didn't get much outside time, but I will today when dad gets home from work and takes me for a walk. By the way, the colors in your portrait are very soothing to the eye. The painting is soooo realistic, it looks like the two of you could just jump right out and come over to my house and we could play with toys all day. Then, mom could fix us a nice dinner. Well it is time for a sunbathe in the doorway. Take care, Love Gracyn.

  • I would love to see a photo gallery of all your portraits!

  • MrrrowMrrrowMrrrow. YOU TWO ARE BOOTIFUL! (for kittiecats' sake - I didn't mean to mrrrow so woud!) Your artist did a good job at captuwing your individual, unique expwessions on your wittle faces. The portrait is verwy wife-wike...I know your mommieMartha has to be verwy pweased wif it. I'm sure, too, she will hang this in your home wif mrrruch pwide! Love, Your prrry fwiend, Edgar =^..^=

  • Oh, you both are so beautiful!

  • Gorgeous. I keep meaning to mention that you both should board a plane to Australia and come live with me. You would like it here. Very dog friendly! :)

  • I love frenchbulldogs too, It wonderful pets in my life. Its name "soodo"(boy)and "soome"(girl)'s colors look like a cow....5555

  • I just love it!! where can I get one done?

  • Hi Girl Friends, Arf!Arf! Woof!Woof! If I could only whistle, I would do that, too. That is the most beautiful portrait I have ever seen in my life!! Did you pose for the artist or did they use one of the photos your mom takes all the time? I'll bet it looks fantastic in your house!! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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