A visit to the New York Botanical Garden with Martha

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, Martha took us to the New York Botanical Garden. She actually got special permission to take us there because dogs usually are not allowed on the grounds. Knowing this, we, of course, were on our best behavior. The reason Martha went there was to plant the Martha Stewart Culinary Herb Garden, which she designed with her garden experts. This very fragrant garden is part of a bigger exhibit called the Edible Garden, which is on display beginning June 27th, running through the summer. We're told that it will be very interesting with fun-filled food and gardening festivals and demonstrations from celebrity chefs and experts. Maybe they will invite Francesca and me back with our little cooking range!

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We enjoyed seeing these sculptures of Amorphophallus, or voodoo lily. Martha has some of these growing in the greenhouse and the flower smells really bad, like rotting flesh.

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  • F & S
    It doesn't look like you got to do much gardening. Where are the action shots of you with Martha? Isn't it amazing how us Frenchie's make friends where ever we go, I think it's because we are so cute.

    Now that Martha is finished with the tv show for the season any vacations planned for the 2 of you?


  • ohhh what a great adventure for you pups! love the photos of the great garden statuary....too cute!

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey...
    My name is Ruby, I'm a Boston Terrorist (oops, I mean terrier) and I have a blog too! It is nice to meet you!

    That looked like lots of fun. I love gardens!!! You get to go to the coolest places!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Beautiful garden statuary indeed. I hope your heads don’t swell to much. I make friends everywhere I go also. I like the girls better than the boys; girls are nice. Years ago the neighbor boys would throw rocks at me. I have never forgotten that. When I am walking with mommy or daddy, they always make sure that the little children do not run up on me and cause me to take a “defensive” stance. After I smell their hands, they can pet me all they want; just leave the tail alone, it’s mine.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • You girls have all the fun! The garden statuaries looked strikingly familiar; are you sure the figures weren't ancestors of yours? You're "chips off the old block" so to speak (just being punny). Bye girls, I'm off to my next nap!

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow. It wooked wike a bootiful day, Fwannie-n-Sharkeybarkey, and it was good that you gweeted evewyone with your bootiful smiles, there at the information boof. Mommie 'specialwy wiked the garden tuteur and the 'statuarwy' (if ya' know what I mrrrean...) You puppiedoggies wook wight at home on the wittle shuttle...I've seen you two dwive them back home awound your farm! For cats' sake, it sure is good that those voodoo wilwies aren't weal, as they WOULD be pwetty arwomatic! You guys are smart wike me - I watch MY mommie, too, thwu her wefwection in our upstairs hall mirrwow. (I think I'm pwetty sneaky, knowing how to do that!) Prrrr. =^..^=

  • You got to ride on those awesome carts.......again!
    WOW. Cannot wait to do this.
    In a few weeks we all are going to a place, New Jersey? for a dog show. Will keep you posted.
    But, the gardens. How beautiful and they are not even in full bloom. You both have to go back, first to check on the herbs you planted, and to see the flora in all it's glory......
    I live pretty close, come and get me? I really want to ride on one of those carts. Alice has made such a big deal about how much fun they were!
    I need to see for myself.....Jealous!

  • Hi Girl Friends, You sure do get to go to some of the nicest places with Carlos and Martha. I've never been to any place like that. It sure looks beautiful and a fun place to play. Your weather looked like ours over the weekend. For once it was really warm and sunny and my mom took me for a nice long walk. It sure was fun. Sure wish you could come with me and I could go with you. We sure could have fun! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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