A visit to Parrots and Company

Posted by Francesca

Uncle Carlos took us to Parrots & Company in Stamford, Connecticut to get canary food. We had such a good time. All of the toys for birds are really amazing - there are so many different kinds. The owner, Laurie Fierst, told us that each type of bird has different requirements for toys, food, and perches.  It sounds like birds can be pretty picky!

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There are many large birds for sale and they are free to wander on perches in the store. We could not believe our eyes!

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  • Good Morning F & S
    A bird store - hmmmmmm - I almost had a bird last night myself. Mom and Dad came home from dinner and let us out back and there it was, a baby bird on the deck trying to hide under the grill. I tried my best to get at it, Mom was freaking out that I was going to kill it. The Labs were going nuts to try and get at it but I could fit my head underneath - I almost had it. We all got rushed in the house and the little thing got away.

    Your Uncle Carlos seems to love you both very much, that's nice. He also takes you to fun places - did you get a present?


  • I have never seen you two look any more adorable than the photographs from the bird store. Wonder why? Maybe pink is your color. I had to get another bath last night because Daddy said I smelled bad...the nerve...I don't get no respect! Later, Jennifer the Beagle

  • Carlos is a brave man.

  • Good morning every one AND Uncle Carlos: I love to listen to birds. Sometimes the Canadian Geese fly over when dad takes me walkin' in the early morning and I just stare staight up at them and listen to them honk. I wonder what they are saying. Hope they don't go potty on me. There are some real pretty chickens and guinea hens up the road, but the hens just kind of bark at me and daddy won't let me near the chickens. Did you get some toys at the puppy store after you shopped at the bird store? Looks to me like they have more toys and stuff for birds than for us pups! We'll have to do something about that. Maybe we could have a protest. Yeah, that's it. Well, it's time for my mid-morning nap. Maybe we'll protest tomorrow. See ya later-Love Gracyn

  • HELP, PLEASE!! Not a comment, but a question. Where can I buy the dog jackets that appear on page 12 of the May, 2009 LIVING magazine?

  • Author Comment:

    So sorry Sue, but those jackets were made for F & S by someone in Martha's craft department.

  • Hey Carlos Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    I love birds too, but I chase them and bring them to mommie when I have played them to almost death...she took a Wren I brought home and scolded me real loud...she cupped it in her hands and cried asking God not to take the little Wren from her(it comes every year)It just layed in her hands and then all of a sudden it looked at her, she took it outside and let it go, the wren hatched two eggs...mommie was thankful and happy...but I don't know if I can keep from cahsing them. I'll have to think about it since she cries when I bring home birds, yea and other little critters.
    Kitty & mommie Delia

  • Mrrrow. You two were mrrruch good girls, 'specialwy when you were up on the counter in fwont of that biggg birdie! Mrrrow, I'd be afwaid that he'd swoop down 'n peck me on my wittle head. Mommie and I can pwainwy see that Carlos takes mrrruch good care of you - you turn to jellwy when you're up in his arms. It's good to have fwiends, and I'm mrrrowy gwad that you're mine! Prrr. =^..^=

  • What a nice day you had with Carlos. I must admit, I was a little nervous when I saw you so close to that parrot. Being a bird dog, I could never get that close & be on such good behavior!

  • Lookin' good in your pink getup Frannie, and hey, if you like birdwatching, I know the perfect spot. Gimme a call sometime and we'll trade stories while looking for some hambone flyers!

  • F & S
    You need to tell Martha to start a Pet Division at MSO. She sells everything else I think she should branch out - start to sell Dog clothing, accessories etc. You are the perfect models :) My other idea is to start a pet gift line with 800 flowers. She was ordering Mother's Day flowers yesterday and needed to send a gift for someone's dog. I heard her say wouldn't it be nice if she could send a gift basket with dog treats.


  • Martha and all the other animal lovers,

    Please have a look at these photo's of our dearly departed maltese of 15 years ... "in spirit"

    Life's NOT Over ~ they're still with us and I hope that this will give lots of people much comfort.

    God Bless

  • Hi Girls! Wow-your uncle really spoils you two, so I know he must love you! The pet store is awesome, and you were both so well-behaved. We have seagulls flying overhead all the time, but we never bark, as our mom would reprimand us! She calls us her kids too! Party on ladies! XOXOXO from pugs Sadie, Missy and Truman in TX

  • Hi Girl Friends, Uncle Carlos sure is a great friend to both of you. How nice that he takes you to so many different places. I love seeing your pictures of the colorful birds. I haven't seen any of those kind, but I have seen lots of crows, blue jays, robins and other small birds. I guess I can't play with them, because when I get close they fly away. Can I come on the next trip with Uncle Carlos? Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo PS I forgot I will only be 5 next month.

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