A going away present for Irma

Posted by Francesca

Irma, one of our housekeepers, announced that she was leaving to have a baby. Sharkey and I wanted to do something nice for her as a going away present. Martha says it's always nice to bake something, but her ovens are much too big for us. Sharkey reminded me of a little stove Martha brought home one day so we got busy with our surprise gift for Irma. We are actually quite the little gourmets!

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Let's have a little look - I think it's done.

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  • F & S
    What a nice thing to do for Irma. Maybe when the baby is born she'll bring it over to play. I love to play with kids. I love when mom's nieces come over, they both love me. We play ball and run all over the house. Hide and seek is one of my favorite. They hide in the closets and I go look for them - lots of fun.

    Love your new oven - those knobs look like they'd be fun to chew.


  • How kind and thoughtful to bake for Irma before she goes on maternity leave. I like children, but have never seen a newborn. That stove is wonderful. Me and the girls could really have fun with that!

    Mom bakes the greatest liver cookies ever, she starts with fresh liver. She doesn't have a dog bone cookie cutter, just cuts them up and uses them as "bait" at dog shows or "treats". Her cookbook is on your Mom's "Dreamers and Doers", Canine Cuisine. The food is quite good.....but she feeds the Bull Terriers "raw". She does not feed cooked food to the big girls. I am not fed very much raw, hard for me to chew, raw chicken necks and such. But, I love those huge raw marrow bones.
    I take the BTs bones away and hide them and stockpile them for myself. They are such pushovers!
    I am tiny but mighty.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey,
    I think you 2 have the funniest blog ever!! You both are so cute and fuzzy. I'll bet you will miss Irma, and she will miss you as well. Keep these blog posts coming as you 2 just crack me up.
    WOOF WOOF!!!
    Bunny in N.J.

  • Wow you guys are awesome cooks!!!!
    And yes I would love some dog biscuits baked by Frenchies.
    Hey maybe you could bake some and sell them with the proceeds going to animal rescues, etc!!!!
    I'd get my Mom to get me some.
    Keep up the good work.
    Smushy smoochies from Mozie

  • hey pups, great photos! my goodness doggie ovens? well that was a nice thing to do...are there kitty ovens? do people bake things for kitties?
    Kitty & mommie delia

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Boy you two are so talented I’ll bet you can do almost anything. I sure would like for you to bake me some of those “cookies” too. I’m trained not to take anything from strangers, but I would take a cookie form you two. My vet thinks that I don’t like her because, in six years, I haven’t taken one treat form her. Do you hide your heads in Martha’s jacket like I hide my head in my daddy’s jacket when I go to the vet?
    Catch you later, Kirby

  • Yummy looking biscuit, did you make it pickles and ice cream flavor?

    When my mom was pregnant she ate everything in the house, and I was getting scared cause I thought she may find my secret stash of rawhides! (don't tell anyone, but I hid them in her lingerie basket....)

    Love you guys and reading about your adventures.


    Cutie Pie Cutie

  • Hello all: Oh boy, what a nice present to give to Irma. That puppy biscuit turned out pretty good too! I don't have any babies, but my toys are just fine. Sometimes they act up and I have to show them who the mom is. My mom bakes and cooks with her stove too. She won't let dad cook anything cause he doesn't really know how to cook. She baked come chocolate cookies the other night but would not let me have any. Mom said chocolate is very, very bad for pups. I like to eat Greenies for a snack. They are so chewy and tasty. Mom and dad buy me the best dry food cause it is better for my teeth. They know alot. Well, must go sunbathe now. Good luck Irma, Love Gracyn

  • F & S you two are so sweet and charming to make Irma a going away present. You can tell she just loved it and the two of you as well.

    Please pass along to Martha to put the instructions of how to make your oven online in the Crafts area. It could fall under 'Inexpensive crafts to make with stuff around the home and office.' I think it would make a great rainy day/bad weather day project for kids. Beautiful pups like yourselves would need to supervise the project of course. ; )

  • Mrrrow. Mommie has always said that it's the thought that counts! It was mrrrowy nice of you two to think of Irma and want to send her off with a memory or two! Hopefullwy you all had a wittle pawty to celebwate her new baby-on-the-way. The wittle doggie bone cake just wooked scwumptious! It was so very kind of you! You two are just pawsome! Prrr. =^..^=

  • I look forward to reading your blog every day! You two have a lot of fun! Are you going to cook dinner for Martha on Mother's Day? What's on the menu? A word of advice from an expert: Don't cook Filet of Finch or Canary Casserole (particularly if you use birds from nearby cages) because your Mother (Martha) will be upset. Don't ask me to explain why, because I don't get it. Have fun, you two! Tell Martha to have a Happy Mother's Day!

  • Me again. I just saw your "Tweet" on Twitter about being on The Jimmy Fallon Show Thursday night. Cool!!!!!! I retweeted it so that other people who don't follow you (Why aren't they?) are sure to see it.

    Please post photos, videos, links. Congrats you've really hit the big time!

  • Oh Sharkey, couldn't Martha have nabbed a cute pink diamond collar for you from the Cartier party? Just kidding. Both of you look stunning, I'm jealous. With my black fur, I'd look just as magnificent as both of you, even moreso because I'm a feline...we're just made for wearing exquisite jewels...purrrrrrrr. Nevertheless, have a splendid time on Jimmy tonight and don't forget your manners!

  • Hi Girl Friends, Arf, Arf! You girls sure do make yummy looking doggie biscuits! I sure would love to taste it. I hope Irma liked it. She looked pretty happy. You two certainly are gourmet bakers! What are you going to make next? Hope you will share your recipies so we can make some, too. Love, Dudleu Do Right xoxo

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