Working out at the gym

Posted by Sharkey

Recently, when we were out in the Hamptons with Martha, we wanted to stop at the Southampton Gym and visit our friend, the Mascot called Charles. He is a bulldog, but an English bulldog and you know how tough they are. Franny and I don't think that English bulldogs are as refined as Frenchies, but it was fun to see Charles, just the same.

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We're getting hot now!

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  • You two are too much! Those DOG sweatshirts of yours are a hoot. C'mon, you two need to do a weekly 30 minute reality webisode. Please? More tweets from the two of you as well.

  • Good Morning F & S
    Working out at the gym! YUK I prefer running outdoors chasing squirrels and birds. So what's the case with Charle's tongue? Looks like it doesn't fit in his mouth. I must say us Frenchies are the best of show when it comes to bulldogs.

    Yesterday I went and had a complete grooming. As usual they did a great job at Jake's Dog House and the scarf they gave me matched my collar, I looked great. Then Mom picked me up and we went to visit the girls at the office. They all love me and make such a fuss over me. I let them know I was happy to see them also and started to pee when they were petting me. (only a few dribbles)

    Any outdoor plans for Earth Day?

  • I have to say that this Daily Wag is the highlight of my mornings. I have two pugs and I love them to death, so I look forward to the escapades of Francesca and Sharkey each day to make me smile!

  • Mrrrow. Mommie thinks Charles is a cute wittle boydoggie. I agwee wif you, are mrrruch more wefined than those Engwish bulldoggies. Charles is a big boy, isn't he?! could view him as your big bwother, kind of wike... It's always good to have a big bwother wike Charles to wook out for ya'! Mrrrow. =^..^=

  • Hi Kids,
    Well it cooled off here in sunny California and today it's only 81 so I get to play outside, you know us chows with all our fur 100 can do us in!
    Charles the bull dog looks very handsome, are you gals smitten with him by any chance? He looks very much a king of his treadmill castle!
    I don't DO exercise at my age I walk and smell the flowers and that's about it for me.
    Have a great day you two little divas!

    Mrs Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hi Ladies: Boy, Charles really is different looking, but I bet he is fun to run and play with. I like to workout in my fenced-in back yard. Hardly got to use it this winter. Too windy and cold. I like to go out to the yard and play Deal or No Deal. Mom crumples up a paper bag (the double kind that frozen food gets put in), stands across the yard and then she holds it up for me to see and says deal or (then she drops it)no deal and I try to run and get it before she can pick it up. Usually on the third try, I get it and tear it to shreds. My dad picks up after me and mom runs around chasing me in the yard trying to take it back. It's fun and then I go drink water from my dish. I'm a good girl though and don't tear anything up in the house. Did you get to run very far on the treadmill? Got to go and have a nap now. Love Gracyn

  • Hi Girl Friends, You two sure do lots of different activities every day. I would love to meet and play with Charles, but I would be sort of scared of all of that gym equipment. I'll bet it makes noise and that would scare me for sure. You probably think I'm kind of a scaredy cat, but before I moved in with my mom, I lived in a place where I was left outside all the time and noises and things scared me all the time. Now mom protects me from all of that, but I still get scared some times. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hi name is Meisha and I am an 8 y/o American Bulldog/American Pitbull Momma adopted me three years ago...My Momma loves me so much and I love her too (I don't know what the black and white thing is but Momma calls her Missy)...I am a special needs dog...I have a thyroid problem and Momma found out this past winter I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis...Momma makes sure I get medicines every single day so I can walk without hurting...(I feel like a puppy again!)...I am overweight...Momma tries very hard to keep me on a diet...but my doctor told Momma that I can't go for long walks because of my you know of any exercises I can do? Thank you Francesca and Sharkey....

    Meisha (and my Momma, Kim)

  • hey pups! looks like you had a light weight work out with Charles...but where'nt those coats warm? or you just wanted to show them off...very cute outfits!

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