Negotiating our salary!

Posted by Francesca

Since Sharkey and I have been working so hard on our new blog, fourteen hours a day and no overtime, we thought we might ask for a bit of compensation - $$$$$$.  We decided to go see Martha's business manager, Heidi, down in her office in one of the stable buildings.  Sharkey was feeling a bit intimidated and I had to show her how business is conducted.  Take a lesson from me - you've got to be firm!!!

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Sharkey, stop being so timid. How are we going to negotiate with the business manager if you are hiding under a desk!

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  • You are so cute but you gotta be firm and tough it out. I would have asked for soup bones myself with lots of meat still on them!
    You gals got guts. I would be dancing the jig like a hot potato if I had to look Hedi in the eyes lol!
    You did your best and you are my role models.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Stand firm girls-you deserve to be compensated. After all there are your lovely clothes and treats to pay for.


  • Too cute! The sixth picture is just hilarious. And the request - ha! This was a great way to start the day.

  • I just love all the animals,good site here Martha Stewart. Me being from MN where it seems like everyone I know has a pet can and do appreciate a site such as this. I only have one dog a mini aussy, and a cat, and two pet roosters. Pampered pets is for sure where it is at. Inviting you to join my twitter at gmakkyla. Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

  • Well, girls, just goes to show you - you never know what you can get unless you ask. Our "people" are pretty well trained here. We get a treat upon our return from "taking care of business", so we must take care of business several times a day!! Trouble is terrified of thunder storms, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, bouncing balls - pretty much anything that makes a noise. I think he just fakes it sometimes to get more attention and treats! Big baby!

  • should have slipped Heidi a little catnip before you went in there.I know it just drives me crazy!!!-meowmeow-sarah lee kelly

  • Hi there Francesca and Sharkey: I think the two of you are very smart for making your compensation needs known. Two treats is not very much and if it were me, I would ask for 4 treats per day and a greenie right before bedtime, along with a back rub while I am eating my greenie. Think that is too much? I don't, for all the work that I do. It is a great responsibility looking out for mom and dad. They think they are looking out after me, but I really do all of the work. Well, have a great day ladies and don't forget to dance, dance, dance. Love Gracyn.

  • Good morning Francesca & Sharkey,

    You guys earned your raise ... you both work long hours.
    I look forward to many more "wags"!!

  • Good for you guys. Don't let The (Wo)Man hold you down. Don't settle for crappy treats, either. Get fresh baked treats like out. You can order your picture on the treat bags. It would be a good gift for Martha!

  • Good for you guys. Don't let The (Wo)Man hold you down. Don't settle for crappy treats, either. Get fresh baked treats like ours. You can order your picture on the treat bags. It would be a good gift for Martha!

  • Oh Sharkey you are way too cute!!!!never give up, be positive and all will come about...both of you are special and deserve an extra bone or two...kitty said she would give you her treats..meuw!

  • Way to go Sharkey,
    I think you did all the leg work and deserve more (under the table). Don't forget, the only way to get anything in life, is to ask for it (or go get it yourself)!!!
    Don't make Sharkey do all the hard stuff. You can negotiate your own deals.
    BTW - is Heidi's office above the stable? That stable is so beautiful. Tell you Mom she should do a whole show just on he stable alone!!!
    Love you 2 and your Momma,
    Bunny in New Jersey

  • Wish my negotiations went that well

  • Excellent job! Next time, ask for personal groomers, and bling bling charms for your collars, and oh yeah, extra kibble at the end of the week.

    Holly J. Hocks, the pug puppy from Michigan

  • That is just too darn funny. lol.

  • Sharkey needs to dog-up and live up to his name!

  • F & S
    I think you need to hire your own agent. Francesca I think you could have done much better than 2 treats a day. Do you have your own dressing room when you make guest appearances on the show? And what about vacation time???


  • Greetings from Florida! Love, love seeing and visiting your site! Francesca & Sharkey are busy and bold in their endeavors! Wishing a blessed and happy Easter holiday to everyone. Hope the "Easter Bunny" is good to you, great canine friends Francesca and Sharkey! xo

  • Reading your blog makes smile, I check it loyally every morning. It sure brightens up my mornings!

  • Such cute photos and a great story! I look forward to "The Daily Blog" and love it!

  • I think you 2 are barking up the wrong tree. Showing up at your bosses office naked may not get you the results you intended...just ask my mom....

  • Never mind going to Heidi...I am on my way to the Post Office with a jar of Aunt Jeni's Dog Treats. And not to worry once the jar is empty....I've put you on auto-delivery! Now be sure to keep the battery in your camera charged so you can keep taking those ever-so-telling photo shoots!
    Auntie Chimey

  • Don't roll over at the first offer girls! Take it to the mattresses and show those teeth! GRRRRR!

  • Francesca and Sharkey, don't worry cuties! It's Heidi that should be worried. You two are the STARS!!! Remember to highlight your fan base at the next negotiation. We're pleased to step forward as devoted fan-club president!

  • LOL That was too darn cute, thanks for the laugh!

  • Awww, Girls; you can come to our house anytime. My mom makes our treats for us and we get more than two a day just for being cute! Next time, make sure your mom brings you to Palm Springs with her; we'll have treats waiting for you!

    Max and Madison
    Yorkshire Terrorists

  • I keep asking for compensation for my own dog blogging. Hasn't happened yet, and with my "owner," it isn't going to happen anytime soon.

  • Martha you're to much, I love the Dogs looking so cute. Although opposites do attract. Thanks for sharing the pic's.

  • Dear Sharkey: You are the prettiest lady dog I've ever seen. If you were here in Kansas City I'd ask you on a date to the dog park. I'd even share my bone with you! I'll @ you soon on twitter!

    xoxoxoxo, Indy

  • Hey ladies,

    I'm on twitter and I am a very handsome PBGV (Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen). I'm calling out to both of you. Gimme a tweet sometime,

    Homer Heller

  • Sharkey,we have to see Heidi, today
    We have to negotiate additional pay.
    Dont be chicken,hiding is out,follow meee
    up the stairs we go,tally ho! we're freee
    Franny, Heidi's not happy,even with pretty please,
    Why me,anyhow,you've got the expertise?
    Heidi,please don't fire me,Franny made me do it!
    Before we got upstairs,I knew that we would rue it.
    Franny says,negotiate,I'll show you how,
    Pretty please Heidi,2 treats for now.
    Success is at hand,request approved.
    With my one ear back,I looked in the groove.
    Oh! Franny,sometimes your such a jerk
    Besides,who did all the ground work?

    What will these 2 little heartbreakers be up to next?
    keep smiling.

  • Mrrrow. Mommie DOES believe in the notion that you attract more bees with honey. What you're 'posed to do is say, "prrrtty prrrease? with sugar on top and cherry on top?!" That would've prob'ly closed the deal sooner for you. Mrrrow. I'm mrrrowy gwad that Heidi appwoved your pwoposal. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Ladies -I know how these negotiations can go on and on, blah blah blah. You must be exhausted. Why not take a much deserved spa day? Also, ask Mom to bring you out to California next time she is visiting. We have squirrels here too, and lots of cool lizards I think you will like. Meow and TTYL!

  • Work those puppy dog eyes Sharkey!
    You got it whatever you want, its yours.

  • I would have asked for FOUR treats a day! You guys are SO worth it!

  • Hi Girl Friends, I sure like the way you talked Heidi into giving you those bonus treats. I've been trying for days to get my mom to give me extra treats. Now what I have to do is be a good boy and ask her "pretty please" instead of scratching on the door or knocking over my dish. Thanks for your great idea. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • I love those poochies! Martha, I need a home for my shih tzu girl, can you help!?! She's a solid gold with a black mask, and very beautiful! Anybody, anybody?? Her name is Sandie and she's so sweet. I have six house dogs and my hubby is making me find homes for 4 of them... I'm so sad... She has good manners and a gorgeous face.

  • This is by far my FAVORITE post!! SOOO cute!!!

  • Martha yout dogs are so cute. Iam a big time animal lover.I worked at a few no kill shelters and had so much fun. I also have a dog named sweetpea. Shes a chuahha and she is such a sweet dog. The best dog I have ever owned. I have a cat named pebbles which she is a sweetheart too. I am also from N.J. I watch all of your shows. Thanks from Debbie in colo

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