A road trip with Uncle Carlos!

Posted by Sharkey

This past weekend when Martha went to Palm Springs, California, Uncle Carlos took us for a road trip up to Maine. He was helping Martha out by delivering some props to our home, Skylands. Francesca and I love, love, LOVE going places with Carlos. He makes it so much fun for us because he stops in so many great places where we get out and exercise. And Carlos says that he likes stopping so much because it keeps him alert.

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Oh boy! Here we are with Uncle Carlos, getting ready for our big road trip.

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  • I think you gals should talk your Mama into a summer road trip across the USA riding in a motor home. Think of the adventures you could have on the road together.

    I heard your Mama say today on television that not enough Americans travel across our beautiful country
    now is your chance to get in on the action. Carlos can drive you LOL!

    We can name the motor home bus summer tour" Babes Across America!" or The Bull Dog Express. Think of the places you can go and the filming photo options for great PR for season 5 and maybe your own show!(HA!)

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • What fun it is to travel! I love to go on road trips too but where we are in Maine there still is lots of snow and my Mom calls it "mud season". I don't like to get my paws muddy, so I am going to try to talk them into going south very soon.

  • Hi F&S,
    On close inspection of photo #4, I'm thinking you might be a little bit sleepy or a tad car sick but it's probably just my imagination. That was a really long car ride and there you are posing again like the good little posers you are! I just wish I could give you a hug! Your blog just makes me smile!

  • I look forward to you ventures every morning and then see this nice guy Carlos who schlep's you around with him... but hey, you're worth it, right?looks like you pups had fun! I like your coats...

  • Looks like a fun trip! New England is beautiful, and you two are lucky to be under the care of such a nice person. I am following you on "Twitter" too, although you rarely post...will you post on Twitter, now that you have a nice raise?

  • Mrrrow. Uncle Carlos is a mrrrowy good guy! You two have GOT to be spoiled, with all the wuv in the air around you!...let's see, there's Betsy, your Uncle Carlos, mommieMartha, pwob'ly Aunt Laura and your big sister Alexis, and all your adoring fans - you have to be downright exhausted when you lay your wittle heads on your pillwows at nighttime! It's prrrtty neat how you appear in each state...mommie says it's for posterity-n-all. (What's 'at?!!) Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi Girl Friends, Wow! You girls sure had a fun trip with Uncle Carlos. I'll bet this trip helped so you wouldn't miss your mommy while she was in Palm Springs. I sure love to go on trips with my mom even if it's only to Macys or Costco because I stay in the truck to protect it and I get treats. Yummmm! Wish we could travel together sometime. I know we would have a fun time. Let me know when you are ready. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • I wish you had stopped in to see me while in Maine! Next time, please do. We're right on the way and I'd love to share a lobster roll with you. (Well, maybe 'share' isn't the best word ... )

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